Thursday, January 1, 2015

Snow in Arizona

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Yes, that’s right.  It snowed overnight in Arizona.  The winter storm that hit California also moved across the desert and into Arizona.  Many of the “hills” around Yuma, Tucson and Phoenix were dusted with white snow.  Even the Superstitions were covered this morning.  It’s not that people haven’t seen snow before but when it occurs in Arizona it makes people go crazy.  

Terry and I were actually included in the frenzy of traffic that headed out to take a look.  When I say frenzy of traffic, there was definitely a frenzy.  Cars were stopped everywhere with people out taking pictures.  In order to avoid some of the main traffic we discovered a little used road.  We weren’t the only ones who found it.  A few gingerly moved off the pavement and onto the muddy road.  At one point we were wondering if this secret route would really lead to another main road or if we’d have to turn around.  We were in luck as we were dropped off just west of Goldfield and into another mess of snow lookers.

Goldfield is a pretty popular place.  The museum lot and movie studio area was closed but it didn’t mean people weren’t walking around and snapping pictures anyway.


We also made a stop at the Mining Camp Restaurant


After a few dozen more snow pictures we decided to go on to Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flat.  Ever notice how utility poles are always in the way of the best shots?

Newyear_8 Newyear_9


We hadn’t been there in a few years and what better time to take a ride.  After all, we were almost there anyway.  Again, we weren’t the only ones on the road.  Maybe all those folks who were out checking on the snow decided to do the same thing we were doing.  I think we met most of them at Tortilla Flat.  The place was packed!

The day went from a very cloudy day to mainly blue skies and back again to a rather dark cloud cover.  I hope we’ve enough snow this year.  We’re ready for the warm weather to return and certainly don’t want to see it snow again.  

Are you tired of seeing snow pictures yet?

Now most of you may laugh at the amount of snow we've been taking pictures of but you’ve got to remember this is the desert.  It NEVER (or rarely) snows in the deserts of Arizona.


I wanted to post a picture of Tina and Jeff.  Since I really didn’t write a blog after our arrival back from Christmas.  I almost forgot to post this one.  They’re getting ready to pull out and head to Yuma.  However, we plan on seeing them again in Quartzsite.  And, other than the snow pictures I haven't even been taking many pictures.  We have been busy though.  We met Jim, Sandie and Paul for breakfast at Cracker Barrel on New Year's Eve.  Then we were entertained by Terry's mom plus his aunt and uncle.  His mom is going back in for some outpatient surgery tomorrow so we helped entertain her at the casino yesterday.   It was not a good day.


I know this is a little late but we're thinking about attending the Escapade this year in Tucson.  We've never been to an Escapade so thought we'd add it to our "maybe" list.  Anyone else we know going?

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‘Tis life on the road.

Opportunity does not knock.  It presents itself when you beat down the door.


  1. I remember riding to Tortilla Flats my first year here. Gorgeous area !

    Nothing gorgeous about SNOW though. We didn't get any here in Yuma but it was damn cold enough for it.

    I've got BOTH heaters going again tonight !!

  2. Now we have no power. The power is out for a huge area and we don't know why yet. But it's out from Tomahawk to Meridian and Broadway to McDowell. I am so hibernating!!!

  3. Your pictures are amazing Jeri. I especially like the one of the wagon in the snow at Goldfield.

    Not all of it is your new camera, you know. You have a lot of talent.

  4. Awesome header photo.

    I hate utility poles. They are as ugly as billboards!

    We have never attended any rallies. If you go, we will be interested to hear how you like it.

  5. We did see the snow up in the mountains here in DHS but did not need to go driving anywhere, so just a couple pictures of it in the distance was good enough for us.

  6. Like your snow photos. The desert is extra beautiful with a dusting of snow. We didn't see anything west of Yuma here but we have seen snow in the desert a few times while ranch sitting near McNeal Arizona years ago & we've had snow in Congress a few times while there. We've been through the Tortilla Flats area along the Apache Trail but no snow at the time. All the best in 2015 folks.

  7. Wow, those snow pictures sure make me cold, glad you enjoyed it!

  8. The blacksmith and prospectors mill shots are magical! Easy to see why so many didn't want to miss it :-) The old wood power poles aren't so bad - it's those huge metal towers cutting across the landscape that are so ugly. Of course I do use all that power that they carry so there's that :-))

  9. Pretty amazing indeed. Beautiful pictures too. If you to see more winter pics see my latest blog posting We've got enough of that white stuff.

  10. its funny, I remember having the exact same thought about power lines when taking pictures of Canyon Lake.


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