Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Saving Your Blog to Your Computer

I know there are several bloggers who download their blogs and have them printed in books.  I’ve never done that.  2williams-clarkbookI’m guessing it’s partly because a lot of the blogs I post are absolute nonsense.  Then, there’s the question of what would I do with a book of nonsense.   Besides those “little” issues, I’m just too dang cheap to pay to have a book printed when I can really do it myself.  I’m not saying I would never have a book printed because I did.  About ten years ago I had a genealogy book bound and professionally printed.  I figure if I could do that, I could probably do something as simple as downloading my blog otherand converting it to a PDF file without paying much to have it done. 

There is an easy way to download your blog to your computer.   You can do it whether you use WordPress or Blogger.  Directions for downloading from either server is available HERE.    If you use Blogger to post your blogs, you’ll want to do the following.  

First of all download your blog to your computer.   Start with signing in to your own blogger home page.  Go to Settings and then to Other as illustrated on the left.

At the top of the next page you will see an option to Export Blog. export

The next screen will actually start the download.

The file is an *.xml file and will be downloaded to the folder you have designated as your download folder.  Or, you can slide it with your mouse from your browser to the desktop.

Now that you have the file on your desktop, go to BlogBooker.com.   This is a free tool to convert your XML file into a format you can read such as a Word document file or a PDF file.   I said the program is free but if you use it, it would be nice to make a small donation to the creators of this magnificent tool.  We’d sure hate to see it go away.

On their website are complete instructions on how to download your blog to your computer for converting to that readable file.

After selecting BLOGGER, the next screen will ask for location of the xml file you just downloaded and the name of your blog.

Pretty easy, isn’t it and that’s the hard part.  You’ll be able to choose whether you prefer a Word Document or a PDF file.  The word document is sorted and prepared by year and is a low resolution document unless you’ve already made that donation.  


The good thing about downloading in a word document format is that you can edit it and have it look just the way you want it to.  Once on your computer you can print it and make your own book.

There are lots of tips online about converting a blog or journal to a PDF file or even into an eBook.  With a little Google search, it’s amazing what you can find on the internet.

‘Tis life on the road.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


  1. What am I not understanding? I post directly from Blogspot. Oh Jeri, my mentor.

  2. I download our blog regularly. Never know when the Internet might be hacked and all is lost.

  3. Very nice tip! Pretty cool for my great great grandkids to read about what kind of trouble I regularly got myself into. ;c)

    You must be related to Rick with all this computer geek stuff...

  4. Thanks for the reminder its been a couple years since I did that.

  5. I was just getting ready to re-post my blogspot blog to Wordpress (my back-up). I followed your link and directions and am downloading the "book" as we speak. LOL It's about 2/3 done, I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks. Who knows, maybe someday I'll edit it down and print it out into a book. I still have all my book-binding things from when I had my business. (I knew there was reason I saved them. I donated so I'd have higher res photos. This would be a good thing to do once a year. Thanks - I really appreciate knowing about this. :)

  6. that is interesting! i was just thinking about finding a way to back up my blog.... i went ahead and did it, and also donated for the hi res pics, but my PDF files say it was low res. So I wrote to them to see how to get the hi res now that I donated. ya know, if i printed out my entire blog, it would take 7,381 pages??????

    1. 7,381 pages? You might want to tweak it. What do you think? :)

  7. What a great tip Jeri. All Joe wanted for Christmas was our blog, sooooo, I had the whole thing printed and bound for him! Probably won't do it again!

  8. Thanks so much for the information!

  9. Great information. I naturally had no clue :-)


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