Saturday, January 17, 2015

Packing Up and Heading Out

2711107_Quartzsite-aerial4503Actually, that shouldn’t be the title of this blog but it should be the title of the next blog I post since we’ll be getting ready to get on the road then.  At that time we will definitely be heading towards Quartzsite (I hope).  Now I know lots of folks are already there.  I also know the little town of Quartzsite (aka "Q") is packed.  We aren’t there yet but when we do get there I know the vendors will still be around in every nook and cranny and every empty lot they can set up their own little sales tent.  The Big Tent will be in full operation.  RV sales lots and sales people will be plentiful.  Isn’t that really what Quartzsite is all about?  Isn’t that what pulls in so many groups and so many people?

We first went to Quartzsite several years ago.  We’ve been there in beautiful warm weather and cold windy weather.  You just never know what to expect.  Our group started with a handful of folks and the following year or two grew to a couple handfuls more.  It was fun meeting everyone and catching up each year with our little group.   This year we’ll be missing some of the folks from our earlier years since they aren’t able to attend due to one thing or another.   We’re sad about that but we’re also happy some that weren’t able to attend last year will be joining us again.   In addition, we also have a bunch of newbies around.  It will definitely be a different gathering and our little group isn’t so little any more.  How do I feel about it ..... not so sure.

I am looking forward to meeting other bloggers too.  We know these folks by their travels but many we’ve not met in person.  In coming up with the idea of a Blogger-Fest, we had connived with George and Suzie with details.  However, family issues have pulled them away and they aren’t able to attend.  I’m sure they’ve already put next year’s Blogger-Fest on their calendar. 

This year we’ll be meeting at the end of  Plomosa Road.  Coordinates will soon follow as well as detailed directions but you’ll be able to tell you’re in the right place when you see all the yellow balloons.  

Back to the present though.  Terry’s brother was back on an airplane to Virginia Friday.  He’s no longer hanging around and assisting with his mother.  However, during the time he was here there were some great times with the siblings, aunt, uncle and mother.  There were a few meals out and lots of family history chatter.

Aunt, brother, uncle, Terry, mother                                                              sister
17Jan2015_2 17aJan2015_1

And, of course, my little calendar has had a few additions added to it as well as some erasures.  This is what it looks like at this moment in time for the next couple months.  Remember --  MY calendars are always subject to change.

Tentative calendar unless we head west.

Saturday was our stock-up day for groceries.  This meant we needed to make a trip to the local Winco Grocery store which is in Mesa.  I even put a list together of all the things we were out of and needed to stock up on.  It’s not that Quartzsite doesn’t have a grocery store.  They do.  In fact, they have two.  A few miles north in Parker there is even a Walmart and a few miles west in Blythe there is an Albertson.  I had a great big list but as normal I left the list back in the RV.  Regardless of the fact that I didn’t have our list, the cart was full.  Most of the items the cart were actually on list we had left behind but there were plenty other items we purchased that weren’t on that list.

While in Mesa we met with my brother and his wife at their favorite Chinese restaurant, China City Buffet.  He promised steamed clams and a Mongolian stir fry.  They had the clams but not the Mongolian stir fry.  However, we were hungry so it worked just fine for us.

Sunday is another day of great plans.  We’re spending the day with Terry’s aunt and uncle in Apache Junction watching the Seahawks play.  We made Uncle Jim put money where his mouth was as he dug into his wallet to bet against the Seahawks.  It’s not that we’ll be “rich” if we win the bet but an extra buck in the wallet is better than none at all.  Can you really imagine anyone betting against the Seahawks?  I'm sure our son certainly wouldn't be able to understand that!!

See you in Quartzsite.

‘Tis life on the road.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.


  1. Yup, Definitely see you in Q !!

  2. I see you are pretty busy. Too bad that we cannot make it this year, we would have loved to come to the Blogger Fest. Neat idea.

  3. Busy, busy, busy. Glad you two will be able to fit us in at the

  4. Looking forward to seeing you guys again in Q. I'm trying to figure out how to get some laundry done.

    1. There are a couple good laundromats in Q .. as you well know.

  5. You are very busy. We were so looking forward to Blogger Fest and meeting some fellow bloggers, but guess it was not meant to be for us. Hopefully another time would be awesome.

  6. Funny how annual gatherings go through so many evolutions - we have a high school reunion every year in Laughlin with the "roll call" looking different each year, but with the numbers always increasing. Bummer Mom had to have the surgery, but certainly nice to spend a little extra time with family.

    1. Each year that "roll call" certainly seems to change.

  7. I'll be at the meet up in spirit. Darn eye trouble. Of course it's better to get them fixed so I can find my way there in the future.

    Disney World in April? Are you driving or flying? Maybe we can make a visit with you then (if they eye surgery goes well).

    1. Disney - end of April or first part of May. I had thought we'd fly from Dallas but Terry mentioned driving. I guess we'll make that decision the middle of April depending on where we are. It'd be great to see you both!

  8. Is there such a thing as too big a crowd at Q? :)

  9. We haven't been to "Q". I've read about the experiences on tons of blogs. I know you will have a great time!
    Your calendar sure looks busy!


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