Thursday, January 29, 2015

It’s a Wrap ! - - Phoenix's Superbowl Frenzy

28Jan__1It’s over!  That’s right.  Our visit to Quartzsite is over.   We had intended to pull out at the crack of dawn Tuesday.  However, it didn’t quite work that way.  It was very foggy!!  Now how often does it get foggy in Quartzsite?  Rarely!  

We drug our feet about leaving quite that early hoping the fog would lift.  We didn't realize then we were just in a pocket of fog and two miles down the road it would be gone.  Finally, we said “so long” to the group of folks already congregating outside and moved slowly on out.

We didn’t leave early because we had a long drive.  We left early because we figured we had an awful lot to do28Jan__2 cleaning up once we arrived at our destination.  Dry camping in Quartzsite isn’t like dry camping at a Wal-mart where the pavement is concrete and the dust contained.  Dry camping in Quartzsite means you’ve got a ton of dust to clean out and loads of campfire scented clothes to wash.  Plus, we felt we also needed to check on Terry’s mom and see how she was doing.


Our first stop was the Beacon Truck Wash at exit 138 in Phoenix.  We had stopped here before and felt it was definitely worth the bucks to get the dust off the motorhome.  However, this time they really did a crappy job.  It looks like they sprayed off the bottom of the RV and then the top letting the dirt wash down the sides.  Ugh!  We won’t stop there again.

On down the road we went and right through Phoenix.  We normally take the I-17 south bypass to skip the downtown area and heavy traffic of Phoenix.  About five miles later we were back on the I-10.  Our full-hookup site  was waiting for us.  We were certainly glad to be able to plug into electricity and hook up to fresh water and a sewer.  Nothing makes you appreciate those little amenities more than sitting out in the desert without them.


Next on our agenda?  Well, we’re in the Phoenix area and The Superbowl is going to be played in the Glendale suburb this weekend. With 12 major Superbowl parties around, there’s definitely a superbowl frenzy going on here.  First off we wanted to visit downtown Phoenix for Superbowl Central.   We knew we couldn’t do it all in one day and we certainly weren’t interested in fighting the crowds on Saturday.

Opening day for the Superbowl activities in downtown Phoenix was Wednesday.  We were going but we weren’t going to drive in that mess.  About 10:00 we drove down to the center of Tempe and parked in one of the 24 hour parking lots which just happened to be right across from the Light Rail.  Twenty-two minutes later we were getting off the tram and in the center of Superbowl Central. 

28Jan_1 28Jan_2
Even the Light Rail was in Superbowl mood.


Activities were just starting to gear up and every police officer around must have been on duty.  I’ve never seen so many all in one place.  Hopefully, they won’t be needed for this event.

28Jan_4 28Jan_3
As you can see, we got to visit with a few team members!


That was Day One of our visiting Superbowl activities in the Phoenix area.  Day Two will no doubt be a trip to Glendale, the location where the actual game is played.  Then, we have Scottsdale.  They are hosting  their own Superbowl Fanfest.  We can’t miss that either.   We are here and that’s just what we plan to do.  After all, who knows when we’ll ever again be in a location where the Superbowl is being played at the time of the game and when SEATTLE SEAHAWKS are playing! 

I do have to mention we saw many more folks wearing Seahawk shirts than Patriot shirts.  There were even some wearing garb from the Colts, the Broncos and even the Packers.  Maybe they didn’t realize their teams had already lost.


‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Love your little blue and green S E A H A W K S. Have fun.

  2. I just know you are going to have too much fun.

  3. We'll be watching the Seahawks from the comfort of our little truck house . Go Seahawks.

  4. Very smart riding the Light Rail. Looks like the festivities are in full swing. Enjoy Glendale. Hope you find that perfect shirt.

  5. This pouring rain is certainly putting a damper on all the activities. Just glad we got home and the Bungalow parked before the rain came. I really don't think we will be doing any Superbowl activities so thanks for all the great pictures.

  6. No Super Bowl for me - don't like the Sport ! But I sure wish I had been able to spend more time with you while you were in Q - oh well another time hopefully.

    1. It definitely has been a busy year so far and to think, it's hardly started. Hopefully, we'll see you before you head north.

  7. Welllll, I thought you were exhausted and needed to rest up. hahaha Now you're running all over the place partying and sightseeing. You both have unlimited energy! Love the photo of you guys with the "team" members. :)

    1. I refuse to tell you how early I went to bed the last couple of nights!

  8. we took the same light rail down during the first day of activities as well, surprised we didn't see each other in the mass of humanity that was there...

  9. Enjoy it and celebrate now since once Sunday is over you as a Seattle fan will NOT have much to celebrate...Go New England Patriots!

  10. What fun!! As huge NFL fans we would love all that craziness :-) And although we are definitely rooting for the Seahawks, one of us would be in a Cowboys jersey and one (the smart one) would be in Steelers garb. Visiting every NFL stadium is on our bucket list (when we're in the area, not as a routing strategy). Have a great time!

  11. Did you check the pressure on that giant football to see if it was fully inflated? I guess you have fallen into that category known as "Rabid Fan"... :cD

  12. I love it...if I had my way I would be right in the middle of it all. Love watching the people...I do hope to be there next November when the Nascar race comes to Phoenix.


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