Friday, January 23, 2015


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Where would I begin on the last few days.  We’ve been so, so busy.  Tuesday we pulled out from the Tempe Elks leaving our RV spot in the safe hands of the host.  After all we prepaid for it just to be sure it would still be there for us when we return from Quartzsite and the annual RV gathering.  The trip was uneventful which is what we always hope for.

Plenty of food everywhere.

Quartzsite was just as we expected it to be.  It was packed, packed, packed.  Of course, timing is everything.  This is Big Tent week and more people pull into town during the event.  Next week there will be less people.  Now wh23Jan2015_a7y do we always pick the busiest week of the year to come here?  I’m guessing that’s not a smart thing to do but that’s what we always manage to do.

We decided to tackle the crowds at the Big Tent on Thursday.  After all, with more people arriving every day, we thought that the crowds might be less.  They weren’t.  It was packed but you still have to go.  Now it’s a been there, done that thing for this year and we don’t have to do it again! 


Interested in completely remodeled 1974 Winnebago?


There are always a few interesting things to check out.  You could even end up with a new pet – a sugar glider but it’s best to get two.


No trip to Quartzsite is complete without a stop at the bakery.  They make the best rhubarb pies.  However, there were none on the shelves.  That didn’t mean we didn’t find a couple other pies to buy.

23Jan2015_a22Our group is growing every year.  However, with a few thousand acres around Quartzsite, we’ve had no problem finding a place for everyone to park.  Some RVs come in facing forward and others facing sideways.  Everyone goes and does exactly where they want.  That’s the way we like it.

23Jan2015_a23 23Jan2015_a25

There were construction projects!
23Jan2015_a28 23Jan2015_a12


We have a white board that events are marked on.  Wednesday was Margarita / Mexican night.  Margaritas were served along with quesadillas and numerous side dishes. 

Thank you, hosts!

23Jan2015_a13 23Jan2015_a14

It was quite an event right down to the toasting from the hosts, Escapees wagon piñata and scrambling for the goodies from that piñata.   What a fun event!!

23Jan2015_a17 23Jan2015_a18

Of course, no night is complete without the traditional campfire.


The following morning we had a beautiful sunrise and more activities on the white board.



We began with morning mimosas.  It’ll be followed today with a swap meet and roasting hot dogs.

I probably have a hundred more photos and lots more to say but don’t have time to say it all or even show it all.  Besides I'm already past my self-imposed number of pictures on this blog.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Sorry to miss it. Looks like you guys are having fun.

  2. Great blog girlfriend. Looking forward to lots more fun.

  3. Sniff, sniff. We're sad we're missing it! :c(

  4. glad you are all having such a great time!
    Cheers to you!! Would love to see more pictures! :)

  5. We too are so sad that we are missing out on all the fun times...LOVE all your photos and stories, you do keep us posted!

  6. So the piñata is awesome - most of us could just take off our glasses and not need a blindfold! Looks like a grand time with lots to keep you hopping. Can't wait to see the pics of today's blogfest, although it will probably make me even more sad to miss it :-(

  7. Holy Crap ! You guys are going all out over there this year !!

  8. yep we are glad the class-less group embraced us this year... good to get to meet the lot of them...

  9. Great pictures ...Love the mimosas!

  10. Jeri, warm thanks to you, Sandie & George & Suzie (missed meeting them) for a fun afternoon at Blogger-Fest! It was wonderful meeting you & all the other bloggers I love. We're already looking forward to Blogger-Fest 2016! Safe travels & thanks again!

  11. we've had a great time this week. Glad everyone enjoyed Mexican night :)
    Now we need some R and R after all this craziness!


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