Friday, December 12, 2014

South Dakota Driver’s License Renewals

_sd1_1Many RVers license their vehicles and obtain South Dakota Driver’s Licenses.  It’s a very popular state along with Texas and Florida.  Only one piece of documentation was required when we got our first license issued from South Dakota.  It was  our current driver’s license from another state. 

Requirements have changed for most states.  You need to prove you’re a “documented” American.  There are a couple states that don’t require additional documentation now with Washington being one of them.  However, the rumor is that even that will soon change.

Remember in October we renewed Terry’s license?  We had actually intended to renew mine also since South Dakota will let you renew your driver’s license 180 days before the expiration and with a temporary extension permit, 30 days after the expiration.   It didn’t quite work out.  Most of my documentation – mail to our South Dakota address  and hotel receipt – was in his name.  Oops …  it needed to be in mine.  Thus, we just renewed his license.

The middle of November I applied for a 30 day extension and received one with an expiration date of December 31.  I knew we had to go before flights started filling up with holiday travelers.  _sd1_4Now was the time.

Chicago airport decorated for the holidays

Our  little trek on Wednesday had a purpose.  It was to renew that license.   This is what I took with me and this time it was in MY name and not Terry’s? 

Birth Certificate Social Security Card Insurance Statement
Drivers License Affidavit of Residency Bank Statements
Hotel Receipt
Wedding Certificate

We pulled out Wednesday morning before the crack of light and pulled into our hotel parking lot after the crack of dark.   We had originally planned on a flight from Phoenix through Dallas to Sioux Falls but the flight was full so we took a detour.  We ended up going Phoenix – Dallas – Chicago – Sioux Falls. 


It was cold, cold, cold in Chicago and in Sioux Falls.  We even saw old SNOW on the ground.   

The renewal location is close to the airport and shares the parking lot with a nice Sleep Inn  Hotel.  It was so much easier and closer than where we stayed the last time we had to do this. Thursday morning the mission was accomplished and in less than 15 minutes we were heading back to the airport. 

This time we were able to get on a flight straight from Chicago to Phoenix.  We only had a 45 minute connection time in Chicago and our flight from Sioux Falls was late arriving.  Ever have to run through the Chicago airport?   Those gates can be a long ways apart but the most important thing is that we made it just in time to board.


Arriving back in Arizona we were once again warm again.  We were also starved.  I didn’t want to cook or look for a restaurant.  We went inside the Elks lounge just to check if they were serving dinner.  They weren't but they knew we hadn’t wanted to miss the big stroganoff feed the night before  but would be gone.  What did they do?  They saved some for us!!  Does that tell you anything about this Elks?


Today is D-Day in my camera dilemma.   First, there was the one I cancelled and then I ordered a  second one.  lumixAfter a couple days I received a message that the ordered was canceled due to a technical error.  What in the world is a technical error?  I figured it meant they had already sold the last one in stock!   I needed to order another one.  My American Express was now sitting with three pending charges for three cameras.  I’m holding my breath that nothing else goes wrong and it will be delivered TODAY in perfect condition.  My fingers are crossed that I’m through ordering for a while.

I sure didn’t have much to take pictures of for this blog!!!  Perhaps, that will change.  Our next little trek will be to Portland for Christmas.  January we'll have to come up with a fun destination ... someplace.

‘Tis life on the road.

There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why.


  1. Glad you are getting things straightened put
    January the most fun place I can think of is Quartzsite.

  2. 'Tis life on an airplane.... :cD

    I have a gold star on my SD driver's license which means I can renew by mail. Too bad I'm "moving" to FL next Feb.

  3. You two sure do get around!

    I know exactly how you feel running through Chicago airport. I have done it several times. It seems like most people are running through that airport.

  4. All this prove your name and residency stuff is making life challenging for many of us. Glad you got yours all straightened out. Sorry you had to go north in winter to do it.

  5. You guys are definitely the travelers...planes, trains, cars and RV's...OMG!

  6. Even with a little rush through the airport, sounds like you got what you needed and got back home without much trouble. Always nice to have everything current! Sounds like your camera dilemma is a bit more taxing, sure hope you end up with one camera and one charge :-)

  7. Enjoy Christmas in Portland. !! Safe travels


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