Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Whales and Dolphins of Monterey

By now you know we really like being on the central California coast.  The weather has mostly been nice but we did have one day that we saw more gray skies than sunshine.  The fog rolled in and even brought us a few sprinkles of moisture.

On Monday we decided to do another whale watching tour.   The water was flat in the harbor but it certainly didn’t stay that way.  The sea lions were sunning as we leisurely moved past the opening.


We’ve done a few whale watching tours. We know that whales are unpredictable.  The captains of the boats know where they are feeding  so if you’re going on a tour, you’re bound to see a few whales.  However, being in the right position and ready when the whales surface or do their famous flips, isn’t always possible.  Tour boats are also required to stay about 100 yards from the whales.  Unless you have a good zoom and already focused on your camera, the chance of getting a super shot is not real good.  Besides that the water doesn’t always stay flat on the water.  Who knows when the next swell could come around.  It could be just about the time you’re getting ready to snap that perfect shot.whale
The most amazing part of our whale watching tour wasn’t the whales at all.  It was the frenzy caused by dolphins.  Boy, was it a frenzy.  We were all trying to get pictures of the dolphins but since the boat was bouncing, we were all bouncing as well.  We were also trying to capture the moment while shooting into the sun.  Oh well … it was still an amazing adventure.


Here’s a few second video of the frenzy.  There were hundreds of dolphins and we stayed with them for quite some time.

Way too soon it was time to head back in.  We had a couple welcoming committees waiting for our return.

DSC00879 DSC00887

That was it for Monday.  Tuesday was a work day.  We had laundry, cleaning and final grocery shopping to do.  Then, we decided to have Mexican food for dinner.  That was a mistake.  El Torito sits on the wharf close  by Cannery Row.  We like Mexican food and we like waterfront dining.  We thought we really lucked out because we got an amazing window seat.  Well, we did luck out with the seating but not so much with the food.


It’s been a long time since we’ve had absolutely awful Mexican food.  However, after eating at El Torito we really did.  Even with the view, we would never go back.

As one might suspect when we start making reservations, some of those reservations will probably be changed.  We did just that.  We’ve decided to add a little detour to our route.  Thus, cancelling reservations and making new ones was necessary.  Thursday we head towards Santa Barbara for a few days and from there where are we going?  Well, all I'm going to say is that it’s a small world after all.

‘Tis life on the road.

If you can dream it, you can do it.


  1. Your picture of the dolphins is just amazing. What a great experience that would be. Too bad about the food. A fabulous view definitely doesn't make up for lousy food.

  2. The dolphins sure are amazing to watch. Sure do hate paying for a terrible meal. Thats really too bad.
    Looks like you have a visit to the Mouse House Planned.

  3. I saw a dolphin feeding frenzy like that off Georges Banks in the Atlantic while on a patrol. The dolphins just appeared out of now where and covered the sea from horizon to horizon, there had to be thousands of them. After about 10 minutes they just disappeared without a trace. I've never seen anything like that, before, or since. Your video brought back a fond memory of nature's amazing wonders.

    Have fun with Mickey. Make sure to do the Indiana Jones ride, my all time favorite ride in Disneyland.

    1. When we saw them coming towards us, it looked like the whole ocean was white capped. We were with them about 10 minutes before we turned away. It was spectacular.

  4. Beautiful photos of the dolphins! I see a mouse in your future plans!

  5. An amazing excursion for sure. On the East Coast we have Humpback Whales and Finbacks plus the smaller Minkes. Like you say they are unpredictable but our 2 whal watch companies are good at finding them. This time of the year they have left to the south. They hang around from late June to late October.

  6. I would love to see those dolphins playing in the water. The photo of all of them is amazing. Good eye!

  7. Nice catch amid the frenzy! Their energy when in a big pod like that is awesome. Love the welcoming committees - water and air both covered :-) Our El Torito isn't good either - it's too bad they haven't maintained the quality they once had. Safe travels to the mouse house. I'll be curious to see how the crowds are this time of year.

  8. Great pictures of what I would consider a great day!

  9. awesome pictures of the dolphins!

  10. WOW ! Stunning pictures !!


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