Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Repairs, Wash and Another Thousand Trails Park


Today is “D” Day.  It’s the day that the Mobile RV tech is supposed to show up. We’re hoping he does and we’re hoping he knows his business.  Besides that we hope the fix is fast and cheap!  I’ll let you know about both of those issues before I post this blog.  Thus, the anticipation won’t last long.


Thursday we have another appointment scheduled.  That one is for a good wash and wax by Manny’s RV Wash.  It seems that is almost always on our calendar when we move into this area.  After all the wind and dust we’ve had recently, a good wash job is not just wanted.  It’s needed.

We always like hanging around this area.  Over the last few years we’ve done most of the tourist stuff.  That’s a good thing for Terry because he doesn’t have to be pulled around everywhere.  Oh … we have a few things we’ll be doing for sure but at least he doesn’t have to worry about two or three things a day.

There’s a little Coco’s Restaurant right down the road.  We’ve always liked going there in the past but it was mainly for their cobb salad.  This time we tried their prime rib special.  I’m not sure how many times we have to order items like that to realize that you only order steaks or prime ribs from steak restaurants.  Maybe one day we’ll get _psttn_1it.  We did bring home a doggie bag filled with the prime rib.  The little dog next door gobbled it up!

After leaving the Morgan Hill Thousand Trails park and being so disgusted with it, we were hoping that this Thousand Trails park had also not gone into disrepair.  We were pleased to discover that it was just the opposite.  Matter of fact, it’s even nicer than it was before.  The company has been doing a lot of upgrades here and the upgrades certainly show!

We even discovered the “pet” roadrunners still roam through the park.

And, what was the culprit that caused us so much mechanical stress?  Well, this is it.  The thing was cracked and arcing …. or something like that.  It’s a battery isolator switch (??) that needed to be replaced.  Funny ... we checked one of those but didn't realize we had two that needed checking.

_psttn2_2 _psttn2_1

Was it fast and cheap like we hoped?  You bet it was ... $215 later we were dancing a jig because it wasn't triple that!  Now that the task of starting the engine has been taken care of, we figure it’s probably time to think about replacing the windshield.  We’ll make that phone call after our wash and wax job.  It's one thing at a time.

Tis life on the road.

It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.


  1. Sure glad to hear that you now have that mechanical problem behind you.

    That RV Park sure does look gorgeous ! Replacing the windshield ???

    1. We figure now that the step is fixed and the engine is also fixed, it's probably time to fix the windshield and get rid of the top crack in it.

  2. I'm sure that is a big relief. It could have been a lot worse.

  3. That was a good affordable fix. Now the windshield. We have had our driver's side windshield replaced twice bth times needed done, glad we have the $100. deductible.

  4. Great news on the battery problem fix. We've always had good luck with mobile RV techs - for some reason they seem to be both better and diagnosing and fixing problems and way less costly than regular RV places.

    I've driven by that Thousand Trails RV park a thousand times but never gone in - glad to hear it's as nice on the inside as it looks from the outside.

  5. Glad that fix was easy and relatively cheap. That's a new one on me, never saw one of those switches go bad, either on an RV (or a boat, they use them, too). I've filed that in my brain for something to check if a problem like that ever arises. Hopefully I will be able to remember it... :c)

  6. Ah, glad you are all fixed up.

    That park looks amazing.

  7. That park looks really beautiful. Glad this one was a keeper.

    Finally, you can now travel with peace of mind.

  8. When you have the windshield fixed, the coach washed and waxed, and that battery problem solved, you are going to be mighty happy people. It is a good thing that the battery problem was fairly inexpensive.

  9. Good news on the repair. I always like that. The rig is going to be running and looking so good we won't recognize you.


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