Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monterey’s Old Fishermans Wharf


There’s so much to see and do around this area.  Everyone else must feel the same way.  Just like many other coastal towns on beautiful weekends, it was packed.  Still we just had to venture out.  This time we visited Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf and the antique car show.  That place was hopping with gorgeous restored vehicles, a super entertaining band and lots of people.

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Next it was off to the wharf to try some fish and chips.


We visited with the local residents.


The view of the bay was spectacular.

We’re beginning to wonder if we actually had planned enough time around Monterey.  We’re only here a week and we’ve hardly begun to enjoy the area.  We haven’t been up to Santa Cruz yet.  There are so many things we haven't done yet.  We haven’t even had time to stop at the driving range. 

Monday we were out in Monterey Bay to see the dolphins and whales.  (More about that amazing adventure next time.)  Tuesday will be the Monterey Aquarium – it’s free for Veterans on Veterans Day.   Where is this week going?  It’s definitely moving way too fast.  We really love this area.  I think we love it most of all. 

Today is Veteran’s Day and thanks to each and everyone who have served.

GeraldSandel134 sailor Justin5 bobarmy1
These are a few of my family members who have served ---   father, husband, grandson and brother.


‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Lotsa to see and a do and not enough time, same some things to do for the next visit.

  2. I do love the wharf and the always-singing sea lions :-) We don't seek out car shows but always enjoy looking at all the shiny restored models when we come across one like that - so much work (and wax!) goes into those babies! The bay is beautiful - I'd sure want more than a week there too!!

  3. Amazing the resemblance between Terry and Justin, and not just their uniforms. Truly a family heritage of serving our country.

    Loved the picture of the puppy, I guess he was exhibiting his opinion of that car? :c)

  4. I'm sure enjoying your stay in the Monterey area. It's one of our favourite stops as there are so many beautiful and interesting places to visit. Can't wait to do it again.

  5. I love your header photo. So cool!

    I'll repeat a comment I left on another blog...I can smile, travel this country freely and enjoy my family and friends because the strength, courage and sacrifices of our Veterans. Thanks to all!

  6. Life certainly is good...our freedoms are due to the thousands of Veterans who sacrificed their time and family to serve for us...thank you to one and all!

  7. Love being along the water, however, the seals sure do stink:)

  8. Stunning pictures again ! Love seeing the antique cars.


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