Saturday, November 1, 2014

Final Preparations to Roll

riverviewNow  that  we’ve  actually moved into an RV park in town, we feel squeezed.  It’s a nice park on the river but we have close neighbors.  Actually, that’s not quite true since both sides of us have empty RV slots.   Thank goodness for that or we’d really feel squeezed in.  We’re back to regulations too. 

A view of fall from our front window.

We can’t walk Duchess to the pet business area on the trail in front of the RV.  We have to walk her on the road behind the RVs.  On top of that we have to be sure that she doesn’t do her business before we get to the end of the row.  We’ve tried to explain this nonsense to Duchess but there are times she just can’t wait.  With a looming threat of a fine if she tinkles on the grass or in a flower bed, we keep our fingers crossed that she’ll cooperate.  She hasn’t been listening thobuck1ugh and we’re just lucky we haven’t been caught.  .Alas, no more going outside with her in my pajamas either.  I have to get fully dressed for the early morning outings.  After all, we do have civilized neighbors here.  That’s so totally unlike the feral cats, raccoons and deer we’ve been hanging around.

Fall seems to bring out more bucks than does. 

As time gets closer and closer to our departure, I’ve become a weather watcher.  I started with the ten day outlook.  It’s interesting how often the forecast is changed.  You can never count on weather folks to be accurate.  A couple days ago I was so thrilled to see a break in the clouds for us forecast for next week.  However, since then, it has changed from sunny, to cloudy to showers to rain and back to showers.  Either way, at least so far there hasn’t been any ice or snow in the prediction. 

There are always a few chores to finish up as we get ready to head south.  Our little summer recreational place has been closed up for the winter.  We’ve had the little pickup in the shop to have a neutral system install and computer flashed.  However, that didn’t work but everything else is road ready.  Oh well … next need to come new tires on our Jeep Liberty.  Even though we only seem to drive it about 2,000 miles a year, those back tires need to be replaced.  Medicine and appointments for Terry are behind for now.  Duchess’ medicine needed to be refilled, groceries 0026oct_2shopped for and some items pre-cooked for the freezer. 

We did have time for  pizza night with family – most of the family at least.  Sandi was at soccer practice and Justin … well, he was out to sea probably somewhere in the Atlantic. 


Next, came Sandi’s last soccer game and our last attendance at the Kalama High School athletic field.  We were all there again … minus Justin.  Three of our grandkids had attended Kalama High School and we’ve watched many football and soccer games for Justin, Jordan and Sandi.  Now that’s over.  It was senior soccer night and the seniors on the soccer team were honored as were their parents. 


Tammi and I made a trip to Fabric Depot in Portland on Friday. Actually Terry went with us knowing where we were going.  You would think he would know by now not to accompany us to a fabric shop.  Thank goodness for a TV and soda room.

Fabric Depot is what I call a great fabric shop!  It’s the biggest one I’ve ever been to and love going there.  In the past I’ve also found it a very dangerous place to visit.  I normally walk away with bags of fabric that I have no idea what I’m going to do with.  This time was no exception either.  (PS - Terry was very thankful when it was time to leave.)

Almost …. we’re almost on the road again.

Thought for the day:  Most hard-boiled people are half-baked.


  1. Soon you will be moving again in search of warmer weather.

  2. Your fall colours photo looking out your front window is fantastic - what a beautiful view.

    I can second your opinion that the Fabric Store in Portland is a dangerous place to visit - I've waited outside that store a few times to see Paulette walk out with bags of fabric.

  3. What a restrictive RV park. You'd think they'd be thrilled to see you out walking Duchess in your pajamas. :cD

    Nice that the fabric store had a husband holding area. I wish more stores would have that kind of place. I'm not a shopper, but Marti just loves retail therapy.

  4. Gorgeous header photo.

    You mean to tell me that their are civilized people in your RV park? No PJ pants....that is very it?

  5. Beautiful Fall pic! Did Duchess sign the rule-sheet when you checked in? I'm sure it was inconsiderate campers who made the strict rules necessary, still it's quite the challenge for a dog to "just hold it" when you're taking the potty walk :-) Hope you can wrap up the last few items and find a dry get-away day soon!

  6. I really enjoy watching the bucks get all excited about the rut. In the old days, I would be warming up the bow to give them a surprise. Now I just like to watch:)

  7. The view is stunning no doubt about it. But all those restrictions and rules would send me running.

  8. My god, the deer at your little place are so fat and healthy. Something to do with you ;)

  9. The header photo looks like a is very pretty Jeri! I hat all those doggie rules!

  10. Love the header pic.

    I left so suddenly this year I did not set out with a freezer full of precooked foods. I've been trying to figure out how I can get Dave to cook some and send them to me. :)


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