Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Summer is Over

We’ve visited many different places on the West coast over the last five months.  Overall, it’s been a gorgeous summer.  Weather has been fantastic.  It’s been warm and it’s been beautiful.  This is definitely the place to spend the summer.  Temperatures rarely push past 90 … but it did for the normal expected week or so.  We played around the coast, walked in the sand and enjoyed the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.  Now, summer is over and fall is here. The middle of October usually marks a big weather change in this area.  The constant fair weather days are behind and the clouds have moved in.  The intermittent days of showers and sunshine are here.  Even though the rain is what keeps this section of the country so beautiful, we hope not to be around when the weather cools and some of that moisture starts to freeze.   So, on we go …   Summer is over and showers are here. It’s definitely almost time to hit the road.  That’s what we’re preparing to do just like so many others we know.

deerActually, Terry is vacationing.   I’m not so sure he would call it a vacation but he was back on that big bird yesterday and on his way to Phoenix.  He’ll be spending most of this week with his mother.  Duchess and I are back at the home front with the task of completing a few other chores …. or  doing whatever we want to do.

We have set a departure date but just like everything else, it’s written in chalk.  Terry’s still busy with doctors and right now has one scheduled on the 29th.  We’re thinking there may be another one to follow.  It’s not that he hadn’t tried to get this appointment months ago.  He had.  Schedules don’t always work as we hope.  I’m guessing we’ll know a little more about our departure after that appointment.  For right now we still have our chalked in departure date on the calendar right after the 29th.  We will see what happens and if it needs to be moved back.

The deer visit each day.  There seem to be more and more of them wanting a handout.  Our food supply is running low.  The feral cats start coming around in the morning and seem to plan their visit at mealtime.  We occasionally have little raccoons peak out on us but they don’t get handouts.
That’s my update.

‘Tis life on the road.

“If you don’t know exactly where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?”


  1. Yup wet and rainy here too. We have 2 more nights here before we hit the road wandering south then west.
    Hope Terry's appointments go well and you can hit the road as scheduled.

  2. But the winter trip planning is so much fun, you almost don't miss summer being over. ;c)

  3. Really looking forward to seeing you guys again this Winter.

  4. Ya, you're right - I think summer is over and the rainy season is coming. It's definitely time to think about nice, warm, sunny climes down south.

    Sure hope all your medical stuff works out o.k. and you're cleared to go at the end of this month.

    I should have known one of you would be on a plane going somewhere!!

  5. Well, we're over halfway to our winter destination, I think. Saw fresh snow on the mountains above Mountain Home, Idaho this morning. That was a sign to get further south. We're moving down to Alamo, NV area tomorrow and may hang out there for a few days as the forecast is for great weather. We're in Wells, NV tonight and it isn't very warm. Good luck on your departure date.

  6. Hope Terry's appointment goes well and he is having a nice visit with mom.


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