Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Williamsburg - Jamestown and Hello Portland

We were just as busy on Sunday as we were on Saturday.  This time we driving north instead of south.  The good thing is that I wasn’t driving.  Justin was.   Our first stop was the Jamestown Settlement.  Terry and I had visited here a couple times in the past including last November but Justin wasn’t with us either time.    

Justin  didn’t find much similar to the ship that brought all the newcomers to Jamestown years ago with the ship he is currently stationed on.  I guess he didn’t realize just how luxurious his ship really is.


It took a while to walk through the Jamestown Settlement.  We checked it all out  including the old Indian village, the ship and the old fort.

It was all interesting.  What a fun way to spend the day.

We were hungry and Justin was rather anxious to go on over to Williamsburg and eat at his favorite place in this area, Shield’s Tavern.  It’s one of the oldest taverns in the town.  He also likes the fact that he can claim Mr. and Mrs. Shields as ancestors.  They owned the tavern in 1705 and he'd love to lay claim to it.  Who could blame him for wanting to eat there again and again?

Not everything works out as planned though and we weren’t lucky enough to eat Shields.  

The day we were there just happened to be the day they were closed.  Oh .. oh… Justin definitely was not a happy camper.   King’s Arm Tavern was only a short walk away and that’s where we ate instead. 

We love spending time with Justin.  He’s not the young boy he used to be.  It’s interesting to see how he’s grown and matured. (And, he has grown!)

After walking around Williamsburg for a while it was time to head back to the hotel.  Monday was a work day for Justin.  It rained and rained that day.  The roads were flooded and we decided being outside was not something we were going to be doing a lot of.  After all, we still had to make flight plans for getting back to the west coast.  Our original plans called for a few hour stop over in South Dakota to get Terry’s driver's license renewed.  That didn’t work out as planned either.  Friends clued us in that we were lacking what we need for that renewal. So, an extension it was and we’ll have to figure another trip to get that taken care of real soon.

Once the travel plans were set we still had one more plan on our calendar for that day and with Justin.  The Texas Roadhouse is one of our favorite steak houses.  We drove by one in town and knew we had to take Justin there.   With all the rain and flooded streets, I was pretty pleased when Justin offered to drive.  The roads were a mess and traffic was every place.   As usual, the steaks w ere big, perfect and delicious.

Tuesday morning Terry was  up  first but we were both up before our alarm went off.  It was just before 4:00 AM EST when we crawled out of bed.   We weren’t looking forward to our drive to the airport.  We knew it would be terrible.  It was.   The streets were flooded, the drains were clogged and it was very difficult to see.  The rain was still falling, the wind was howling and visibility was awful.   We crawled along the eight miles to the airport and were really happy when we finally were able to pull into the Hertz  rental car return lane.  We were early.  We were so early in fact that the shuttle to the airport hadn’t started running yet.   Thank goodness it was a short walk but it still didn’t keep us from getting drenched on our walk to the terminal.

Luck was on our side on the flight from Norfolk to Dallas.  There were two empty first class seats on that plane.  It didn’t take us long to crawl into those.  We  knew the flight from Dallas would be packed and even though we’ d make that flight, we figured it’d be in the back. However, the good thing is we made all our flights just as planned.  We even arrived back in Portland early enough in  the day to get a few things taken care.  Needless to say, Duchess was also pretty happy to see us too.

Hello Portland.

So this has to have been the most difficult blog to post in forever.  I kept getting error code 500 trying to upload it from Live Writer!   New computer -- new problems but I haven't told you about the new computer yet!

‘Tis life on the road.

It is better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times. - Asian Proverb


  1. Great to see you both enjoying time with Justin again. That steak smothered with mushrooms and onions at the Texas Roadhouse sure looked fantastic!

    Error code 500's are annoying as they are server-side halts and could be caused by a lot of different things. Hopefully, it was just a server timeout issue which will be o.k. once you're on a faster connection.

  2. Trying to get around Jamestown and Williamsburg is difficult in good weather. Can't imagine it with pouring down rain. I do not like Norfolk airport. Flew out of it one time, flight was cheaper than from Richmond however by the time I paid gas and long term parking it was more so never did it again.

  3. What a real treat to spend time with Justin! I love Williamsburg...always wanted to visit there at Christmas.

  4. Those huts look like they are made from brown paper bags. :)

    Glad you had a good, even if not perfect, visit with Justin.

  5. So sorry about the restaurant being closed. I know Justin had to be disappointed but you did a good job finding a back up.

    A plane arriving early...will miracles ever cease?

  6. Nice to spend more quality time with Justin. have fun.

  7. Yup, I guess the tour of that little Jamestown ship made Justin glad he's on such a modern ship, with all the goodies that it has. Wonderful that you've been able to spend a great time with him.

    I'm thinking you must be adrenalin junkies with the way you find these great airline trips at the last minute, such excitemet. Two seats in first class? How do you do it? Lesser mortals want to know... ;c)

  8. What a wonderful visit with Justin - even with the dicey weather :-) Glad you're returned safely to the west coast.

  9. Huh my Live Writer isn't working either.

    We did not do much of the east coast but you have given us lots of ideas now. Thanks.

  10. Great tour. Been awhile since we have been in that area.


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