Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Travel Time–Utah to Virginia

Where does one begin when the vacation ends and life gets back to normal?  In this case it was time to catch up on some blogging both reading and writing.  I discovered this morning that our internet hadn’t improved.  I tried to read a few blogs.  That I could do.  However, leaving a comment was difficult.

10sept_1Next, the plan was to catch up on my own blog.  There’s a lot of writing and picture viewing to get that accomplished.   I'm just starting where I left off almost a week ago.

Researchers at Work

On Thursday I was back to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  There’s always so much to do and so many history books to read there.  It’s very easy to stay entertained.  Tammi headed back to the airport earlier than I did but I wasn't worried.  I knew taxis were all over the city.  She was going to Portland and I was going to Virginia.  She was also going early and I was planning on shutting down the library and catching the midnight flight.  I discovered a tram station about a block from the library so instead of paying $20 for the taxi I decided to take the tram at $1.25.  That's a much better10sept_2 deal.  It worked perfectly and I arrived with plenty of time to spare.

The flight from Salt Lake City to Charlotte was another uneventful flight.  We all like those.  The problem was I had expected to sleep but just couldn’t get comfortable.  I had no problem sleeping on the red eye from Honolulu to Phoenix a month ago but not this time.  All I could blame it on was the pitch of the seat.  Airlines don’t all use the same configuration for that pitch.  Some are much more comfortable than others.  Of course, I’d rather be in first class but that didn’t happen either.

Terry had planned on flying on the red eye from Portland to Charlotte.  We figured we connect in Charlotte but his plane was delayed.  Thus, our planned connection didn’t happen until we got to Norfolk.  It worked out okay and gave me time to get the rental car.  The wait for his flight was only about a half an hour after that.

The weather looked gorgeous outside the air conditioned windows.  We were a little fooled as it was hot and it was humid.  We had stayed at the Navy Lodge the last time we were in Norfolk so that’s where the GPS was taking us this time.  We figured a little nap and we’d be fit as fiddle when Justin arrived later in the day.  He arrived much sooner than expected and the nap didn’t happen.  It was Friday and Justin had the next two days off.  Let play time begin!

In addition to lots of visiting it also seemed that this trip was all about food.  We made a quick trip to his apartment and then it was time to decide on what we wanted to eat. 

10sept_5  10sept_4
Justin’s apartment
 The neighbor’s Navy mascot.


Justin had a favorite restaurant that he frequented often and that’s where he wanted us to go.  I have to admit the wings at Wild Wing Café were wonderful!    I was also supposed to be sure to let his dad know that this place was better than his dad’s favorite, Wild Buffalo Wings. 


The lemon pepper wings were awesome.

We didn’t get the nap we had planned on but we did get plenty of talking and catching up done.  We also knew that we needed an extra bed when we reserved our room because we’d have bunkmate for the next few nights.  Obviously, we were very pleased with that.


He had just purchased a new toy.  It was a phone with a windows operating system --  a pretty cool toy, for sure.

……………….   to be continued.

‘Tis life on the road.

I see my path but I don’t know where it leads.  Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.


  1. Wow, what a great time with Justin. Looking forward to reading more about your escapades. Don't forget the seafood!

  2. That family history library is a amazing place, I could have spent a lot more time there!

  3. Gorgeous header photo. Good job.

    Looks like a great start to the weekend. Justin looks great.

  4. You definitely made it to Virginia before we did. We're still trying to get there. Great times with Justin - so worth the effort.

  5. I'm sure you wouldn't be the first to be at the library when they are ready to close.

    Enjoy your time together.

  6. I'm sure they don't serve wings that good on Navy ships. Nice that you're spending time with Justin and feeding him well. He needs the energy with all he does on his ship. :c)

  7. It's great that you have this time with Justin - I imagine there will be lots of conversation and eating, with naps being put on hold for the duration :-) Enjoy!

  8. I really think its an awesome thing to see such a close connection between you, his grandparents, and Justin even as he has grown and joined the military. I'ts a relationship example I hope to emulate with my grandson.

  9. So nice that you got to enjoy some quality time with Justin.


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