Monday, July 7, 2014

Whales and More Whales

We didn’t start getting ready to move early on Sunday.  We figured check-out time would be around noon at the park we were at.  We also assumed check-in time would be close to noon at the __06Jula_002 park we were going to.  Since our move was about ten miles north, there was absolutely no sense in hurrying.  There were many things good about moving and that included  the water, the beach, the view and proximity to the town.

View from our window

By 12:30 we were in our new site, set up and enjoying that view.  Duchess loves walking in the sand on the beach so that was the first plan of action.  The next thing I did was walk around our new RV park and checked out the view and the marina.

I decided to walk over to the other side of the marina and see if there were actually any whale watching trips open and operating at Pacific Express.  They only go out with a minimum of 15 people scheduled.  I wanted to check out their schedule and  availability.

__07bJula_001 20140706_143422

I checked it out alright and we were on the next outing at 2:30 that afternoon.  Obviously, we had to run.  I wasn’t really prepared since I hadn’t actually planned on checking it out for a day or two.  My GoPro camera wasn’t even charged.  Neither was my Samsung phone but I had two batteries partially charged for my camera so away we went.

aa4I have been on a couple whale watching adventures in the past …. other than the kayak one a couple weeks ago.  One whale watching trip was out of Victoria, Canada and the other from Gloucester, MA.  Those boats were packed and crowded.  This boat was a pleasant surprise.  It was the nicest and most comfortable one of all. The cabin was large plus there was certainly plenty deck space to hang around outside when we arrived close to the whale pods.  The boat headed to the Haro Strait by San Juan Island.  That’s where the whales were and that’s where we were going.  It was a fast boat and we were there in no time.

Saying that those were the only times I had seen whales would not be quite right. When we lived in Port Angeles my dad used to fish in the Strait of Juan de Fuca often.  We kept our eyes open for whales as the transients moved through the area fairly often.  We saw lots of them coming through but we didn’t want to see them then.  They were big and could tip the boat plus the salmon didn’t bite when the whales were around. Of course, that was a different time.

This time we saw them berth, we saw them mating (so the captain said) and we saw them peeking at us. We enjoyed the show they put on.

cd1 bd1


I didn’t get a lot of good shots.  Either I wasn’t ready when they did their fantastic water moves or I was shooting into the sun.  We did enjoy the trip.

aa5 bd2

We certainly enjoyed the trip.  Now if the wind goes away, we’ll be able to get the kayaks in the water.  We’ll be here for a few more days.  Since we have no reservations, we’re not sure which direction we’re going to head.  We could go west or we could go south.  There will be more water someplace else.

‘Tis life on the road.

When life gives you lemons, squeeze them in people’s eyes.


  1. Wow! That was a GOOD whale watching trip. Glad you lucked into it.

  2. Now that is the way to get the most out of moving day!

  3. How fun!! Seeing whales in on my bucket list but who knows when it will happen. Thanks for sharing all your pictures. I love it.

  4. Oh how cool. What a wonderful treat to see so many at one time. Congratulations!

  5. Wish we could have seen some. But maybe next time.

  6. I thought your pics of the whales were terrific. You sure hit the whale jackpot on that trip.

  7. Whales are such amazing creatures, very cool you got to see them. Even if you had to run and go off have charged (your camera batteries, that is!). ;c)

  8. Don't they make unusual sounds? It's always a thrill to see them and I can't believe how many were together.

  9. Now that was an awesome trip, you hit the jackpot for whale watching.
    Excellent photos.

  10. Sometimes those unplanned adventures yield the best results! An uncrowded and comfortable boat,and a large pod of whales sounds pretty perfect to me! I love that you don't know where you'll be next :-).

  11. Get kayaking here. Plus we need a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen to us rant.

  12. I need to see Orcas!! So jealous! We've seen plenty of humpbacks- in fact, we saw some bubble net feeding- that will be in my blog in a day or so. SO cool. But I still want to see killer whales, and will try again on the way south. Are they really common in that area?

  13. Wow, great photos! Love the boat not being crowded.

  14. hope I have your correct phone...would appreciate the info on where you were staying, as we are headed to the Oregon Coast or there abouts in September.Guess I don't have a current # but an outlook email address!!! Will try to contact you!!!! Looks like you guys are really enjoying life! That's what it's all about.


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