Thursday, July 31, 2014

Northwest Travels - La Push, Washington

We had already visited LA Push and Rialto Beach a few days before but I wanted to go back.  The beach was beautiful and this time it looked like the sun might be shining a little more than last time.  With laundry behind us we made the short trek back to LA Push, First Beach and the home of Jacob Black from the Twilight series.  This area is definitely where one can experience many different ocean views and varying coastlines.

I must have taken a thousand pictures.

The beach was sandy, rocky and had lots of logs that had drifted to shore.

La Push also had a marina that was mainly filled with fishing boats.

These crab nets gave us a hint that crab might also be something these boats go after.

There are two ocean front RV parks at First Beach.  Some are back-in -27jul_004sites and other sites were pull-thrus.  What they do have in common is awesome views of the sea stacks and rolling waves.  The walk to the sandy beach is a short 30 second walk from the ocean front RV sites.  Now that’s close.  We had to stay here.  We just had to stay here and when we discovered they had availability in one of those awesome oceanfront sites, we put our money where our mouth was.  That was the good.

The not so good was our phones had no cell service in this town.  Since we have a different carrier for our Wi-Fi, we just crossed our fingers that we’d be able to get internet here.  Now that tells you how much we wanted to stay.

Next stop was lunch.  There is only one restaurant in La Push.  It is the River’s Edge Restaurant and we were ready for lunch.  The restaurant sits on the edge of the water.  We were totally entertained with the views of the water and the birds.  If I were to rate this on Trip Advisor or Yelp, I would have given the location a 5 star rating for location.  DSC00824_5_6_tonemappedHowever, I’ve learned to wait until we’ve left an area before I actually rate these places.  My first impression may not be my second impression.  This time our waitress was super efficient and my crab and shrimp salad fantastic.  However, Terry had ordered the Philly Cheese sandwich.  To begin with they forgot to add the cheese.  Everything went downhill from there for him including the dry and overcooked meat.  Needless to saw, he asked for a to-go bag and thought Duchess might like the meat.   Oh well …. like I said.  They are the only restaurant in town.

This is a Kingfisher.  I had never seen one before. --->

 Carole was our neighbor at the Forks Elks.  We talked, shared Taco Tuesday and even played a little bingo together at the lodge.  She won.  I didn't.  She was going northeast and we were going south.

Wednesday morning we were on our way back to La Push, again.  This time we were moving lock, stock and barrel. That meant the RV was going with us.  About 30 minutes later we were all set up in an ocean view site.  It was time to test out the internet.  Our fingers were crossed.  Guess what?  We may not have had cell service on our phones but we had good Wi-Fi.   That meant we could at least send text messages via our computer and others could send emails to us via a text message.  Yippee!


The next few days we did everything beachie ….   we took several walks along the beach, picked up rocks and watched the waves roll in.  With all the beautiful rocks we found, we now need to find someone willing to polish and cut those rocks.  Duchess loves the beach and when no one and no other dogs were around we let her off leash.  She’s not fond of the water but certainly fond of the sand.  Once she didn’t see the surf coming and she got caught in it, fell down and couldn’t get up.  Oh oh …. not fun for her or me trying to help her.


This gent was pretty pleased with what he was going to be cooking over the fire on the beach …. a nice salmon.

La Push was great.   We had great weather and great views.    Sunday we moved on out of there and down the road to Ocean Shores.  

‘Tis life on the road.

You know my name but not my story.  You know what I’ve done but not what I’ve been through.


  1. Looks like an awesome campground, too bad about the restaurant meal.

  2. You just keep hitting the jackpot with each move.

    That salmon looks amazing. Did you get a little taste?

  3. Does this mean you'll never be coming back to Q??? :cO

  4. Love the pics - especially the marina :-). What a treat to find an available waterfront site this time of year! Glad Duchess got some beach time (bummer about her spill though :-( ). Safe travels.

  5. Wow, you sure do know the sites. The salad looks amazing. Poor old Duchess!

  6. I was already missing the ocean before you guys got there. You make me miss it even more. I'm glad you all are soaking it in though.

  7. All I can say is "wow" - what beautiful photos, just spectacular.

  8. What a beautiful post Jeri....those beach photos sure make me want to be there too!


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