Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Transporting Kayaks … San Juan Island Kayaking

10Jun_2Tuesday was a very productive day.  We didn’t really get ambitious until about noon though.  Then, we worked on trying to figure out a plan for hauling our kayaks. First, we had to connect our new goalpost hitch.

Next we drove around to the back where we had built the racks and stored the kayaks. 


Remember this from the other day?

10Jun_3We loaded one kayak in the bed and up over the goalpost.

Hmm … could we haul them like this?

Then, we placed a blanket over the cab to see how a rack there would work.

Hmm … might need a roof rack to be a little farther back on the cab.
Maybe ??

What did we decide?  Not a thing.  We figured we might try again another day.


In the meantime we had a visiting Mama-to-be deer.  She didn’t want to get too far from the feeder.  Well, she didn’t until a couple bucks and another doe showed up.  Then, she had to move.  For a moment we thought she was going to be dropping Bambi right there and then.  Her one year old fawn was hanging around pretty close but ran away when we got close. 

With all that work behind us (not), we had one more task for the day.  We figured we needed a vacation so we decided to book one. 


This one was booking a kayaking trip on the San Juan Islands.  First we needed to get in touch with Michael and Sandi ... Duchess needed a sitter. After that we needed to make the booking but it wasn’t just for the kayak tour.  It was also for ferry reservations and a HOTEL!  That’s right.  The motorhome isn’t going on this outing.

The islands have about 80 resident whales and are home to many Bald Eagles.  The Bald Eagles usually hang around until about mid-July when the young are able to head north.  So, next week …. that’s what we’re going to do.  Kayaking close to the whale sanctuary is not only on my bucket list but visiting the islands has often been listed as one of the top places to visit by many travel sources including National Geographic.


We’ve never done tandem kayaking but it will be fun to try.  Actually, this trip is just a scouting trip … we may do another one or two down the road. 

‘Tis life on the road.

Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs.


  1. We were thinking about just riding the ferry around the san juans. We wrte told you could do that. Let us know where you are going to stay.

  2. Replies
    1. They say they have never lost a kayaker as bait. We're hoping they are right!

  3. The kayak's in those photos looked pretty darned close to those Killer Whales - one swat of a tail fin and they'd be in the drink. Would still be pretty exciting though!

  4. WOW...what fun y'all are going to have. Be careful with those Killer Whales. Tell Terry not to try anything funny!

  5. Now that looks like a really exciting kayak tour, have too much fun!

  6. You are going to have a fantastic time. I want to see pictures of whales but maybe not that close.

  7. With the angle of the shot, they may not be as close at it looks......but I would want someone to take my picture that way! Looks very exciting no matter the distance, just to be in the water with them at eye level would take my breath away :-).

    1. You are right. There is a minimum distance kayakers have to stay away from the path of the whales. I think it's an angle shot too.


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