Sunday, May 18, 2014

RV Parks - No Availability

Remember what I wrote on my previous blog?  I wrote that I was thinking about fall and winter travel plans.  I also mentioned that I planned on actually making reservations for this fall. Making reservations is kind of foreign to me normally.   However, after our spring adventure I’m thinking reservations are much easier to make than to cancel.  I also have beach destinations in mind and we all know how popular those can be.  This is what I found.


I discovered that at three locations (Monterey, Seal Beach and Coronado) reservations were not possible.     Many folks make reservations and cancel them so I’m going to think they might do that..  Maybe there still is a chance.

Everything wasn’t bad as we did have some luck on Saturday with our Horse Trading.  Remember a recent blog I posted?  It’s here.  Well, within an hour and a half on Saturday, this is what happened.


Now we just need to come up with a small pickup to haul behind the motorhome this fall.  We could haul our Jeep Liberty again but we probably won’t.  I’ve also discovered pickups aren’t quite as easy to haul as a Jeep.  Aargh!  Our options are limited and we didn’t foresee that. We need to do a lot more research and a little more planning.

I’m guessing Terry will be pushing to check out a few little pickups over the next few days.  If I had my choice, we’d be sitting at the cabin and I’d have that smoker smoking many different kinds of yummy meats.  However, we do have plans to meet friends at the coast and we’re both lookingigloo forward to that but   ……………..  will it be this week or will it be the following week?  I guess it depends on how anxious Terry is to find that small little pickup.  .

Then, I discovered this at Wal-Mart.  It’s a portable ice maker.  Instead of getting the icemaker in our refrigerator fixed, I wanted one of these and we've been looking.   I really like my ice.

photo (11)

We spent Thursday night at our cabin.  It was the first night since last fall.  It’s so quiet there and so peaceful.  Our only visitors were a couple feral cats and a couple deer.  Our grocery bill will definitely be going up.  We feed the cats and the deer.  The deer tend to be more friendly than the feral cats.  They’ll eat out of our hands but the cats won’t.


Lee has a neighbor who feeds quite a few feral cats.  She also feeds the local raccoons.  She feeds the raccoons so they will leave her cats alone.   Here are three of them we saw this morning!

‘Tis life on the road.

“Always, Always have a plan”


  1. Replies
    1. We don't but it looked like she was feeding them bread.

  2. Good luck with getting a reservation at those popular spots.
    And finding your new set of wheels.

  3. Well, congrats on all the "For Sold" signs. Looks like the economy is picking up in your part of the country.

    I am not so sure feeding raccoons is a good idea. They carry too many diseases. Please watch Duchess closely.

    1. She only feeds in the morning. Thank goodness.

  4. The pesky raccoons kept killing our chickens....and eggs. Dirty animals as they get into attics and leave thank you dung all over the place. We went to watch a supervised burning of an old house in the country and the raccoons came streaming out of there. Yuck.

  5. WOW - all three rigs SOLD. That's fantastic !!

    1. It doesn't always work that way. What did we do before Craigslist?

  6. I hope you didn't let the Jaguar hood ornament go with the Jeep. It will look just lovely on your new ice maker!

    Bummer on Fiddler's Cove! We wanted to try that out next winter. Maybe by that time they'll be an opening, I only need one. Looks like they did a great job on the renovation.

    1. Fiddler's Cove was not available for when we were looking. We definitely kept the Jag ornament. Somethings are just more important than other things!

  7. It is always a great relief when something(s) you're ready to be rid of is/are gone! And quick is even better!! The improving economy is good for sales but bad for reservations I'm afraid :-(. Good to know folks are able to get out and enjoy the road - they should just go somewhere I don't want to be that week!

  8. Congrats on the sale of your vehicles. It's usually a lot easier to buy one than sell one!

    I like the idea of that icemaker. I looked at one at Walmart last year, it may even have been the same one - shoulda bough it. Didn't. Next time.

    Our favourite park in the Monterey area is Marina Dunes RV Park. It's a great location across from the beach and is central to everything. We've stayed there 3 times now and will definitely return.

  9. Looks like you did great on the sale stuff:) Raccoons would get a hot reception around me. They have a pretty high rate of rabies.

  10. I like it when you all make reservations then cancel them. That lets those of us who don't make reservations find a place. :)

    When things sell quickly I always wonder if I underpriced them. Of course, making them go away is better than over pricing them.

  11. You sure know how to get things done! All three vehicles...I am impressed!
    The deer is so cute.
    Hope someone cancels out...the parks you are interested in sure looked nice! Good luck!


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