Thursday, May 15, 2014

Planning is Half the Fun

Sometimes I think planning the travel is actually way more than half the fun.  Sometimes its most of the fun.  In the past when we were doing trips by air instead of RV, the research and anticipation was almost as much fun as the trip.  

March17_7_thumb[4]It certainly took way more effort than just packing a bag and hopping on a plane.  That kind of planning sometimes took a few months and in a week or so, it would be over.  We’ve not dedicated that much planning to where we’re going to be in the RV months ahead of time.  Well, we’ve not done that until now.

Monterey is one of our favorite places along with Pismo Beach and San Diego.

After having many stressful days trying to find places to stay during this spring in Texas, we’ve decided we don’t want that to happen again.  With that said you know we’re sitting here and already planning our summer and fall.  Well, we’re talking and thinking about it at least.  We’re going to do things quite different this year.  We’re actually going to make reservations EARLY (shock, shock!).  Other folks make reservations well in advance.  Why can’t we?  After all, boondocking in the rain, ice and cold, is not fun at all.  To top that off there are just some places we really like to stay and around the beach is one of them.  The problem is other people like the beach too.


Duchess loves the soft sand at the beach

We know if we make reservations, they’ll be in a constant changing mode.  We don’t want lots of reservations but just a few backups in case we get stuck without a place to stay.  After all,  I do like research and it gives my mind something to do.  We’re thinking about where we want to be and if reservations are really necessary.


Travel in the north during the summer is very different than travel in the south during the winter.  During the winter we’re in competition with other snowbirds.  During the summer we not only compete for a nice place with other snowbirds but also with vacationing families.  There are some places we love to stay and other places not so much.  It’s the popular places that other folks also love to stay that we need to make the reservations. 

Some of the more popular places are at the beach and especially during the special events.  A couple things we’d like to visit this summer  include Seaside’s Sandcastle competition and Long Beach’s International Kite Festival.  We’ve been to  both in the past and they are amazing.  This year we want an RV site during the events.  Our annual family reunion is being changed from Port Angeles to Ocean Park.  Reservations have already been made for that too.


Summer is just around the corner and research is definitely underway.  Reservations are being made but if something else comes up, we can always cancel.

There are probably other festivities and maybe we can even find a clam chowder competition.  Seafood is just about my favorite food so hopefully this summer I’ll be able to pig out on a lot of it.


‘Tis life on the road.

Wisdom doesn’t always come with age.  Sometimes age just shows up on its own.


  1. Awesome header photo.

    Oh my gosh, that crab sandwich looks delightful!

    We make reservations but only when we know we will be in that area on that exact date. Other wise, we look at the map the day before and decide where to stop. We always make reservations over holidays!

  2. Hoping I can get the reservations I need for summer.

  3. Hoping I can get the reservations I need for summer.

  4. Hoping I can get the reservations I need for summer.

  5. Ah, Seaside! We used to take the train from Minnesota and stay Sunday though Thursday at the Seaside Beach Club. Maybe we should do that agin this summer? We were there for the July 4th fireworks one year and they were pretty fabulous.

  6. Hi Jeri and Terry... always fun to read about your activities. Yes, many different styles and the ways we live continue to evolve. Something for everyone. And, so many different ways to stay in touch since we have blogs, forums, Facebook, e-mail, etc. Can only imagine what it was like years ago without the internet and all the good sources for making those plans you wrote about... not to mention the boondocking and dump station sites that are so helpful when just winging it. Well, take care and we look forward to seeing you both down the road! D & T

  7. We are not even sure where we are going most of the summer, maybe think about the winter in a while
    Just keep having fun.

  8. I can understand your reservations about making reservations, but sometimes there's no other way. I hesitate to make reservations so far in advance because most places require a deposit payment of one night's stay and if I have to cancel, I get dinged some or all of the deposit. With the way our plans have changed so often, I try to "wing" it as much as I can.

    If I can lock in a destination in something other than Jello, then I go for it. Glad there is no need for reservations for Q in January. :c)

  9. We make reservations only very rarely, but have also been stuck a few times. Since we only plan our trips in a general way, reservations usually do not work for us. We plan on being on the road most of the next three or four months but only know that one of the directions we want to go in west:(

  10. We too learned a tough lesson regarding reservations this past year, but we like traveling without them but we may have to tweak our ways just a bit as well.

    Love the Monterey area...

  11. Planning is a lot of fun as you say. We like to make reservations whenever we can as it just takes away any uncertainty from our travel day - and, we don't like unpleasant surprises.

  12. Yes, you do like your research and planning !! LOL


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