Thursday, April 10, 2014

We Left Houston Behind

10apr_7Just as planned Terry made it back to Houston on Wednesday.  We loaded the kayaks and got ready to hit the road the next day.  We were anxious to leave Houston in our dust.  We really like staying at many Elks.  This Elks was no exception.  If you have to be in Houston, this is a great place to park your RV.  It was actually the best part of our time in the Houston area.

Columbus Thousand Trails

Terry had an apartment in Atlanta for a while and he commuted back and forth to the Dallas area were we lived.  We used to say Atlanta was our least favorite city.  Atlanta just slid into second place.   What can I say?  Houston just isn’t our cup of tea for many reasons and it’s not just the traffic, freeways and toll roads that drop into each other.  There’s a lot more to it.

Our Katy Camping World appointment was at 10:00.  We discovered just because the appointment was at 10:00 didn’t mean the appointment was really at 10:00.  They actually had no idea when it would be our turn.  So, after waiting about 45 minutes, Terry told them we were leaving at 11:00.  Amazing ….. it was our turn.  However, not so amazing.  They said they couldn’t fix our door and our best bet was to have Monaco replace it.  If Camping World did it, they would upcharge 40%.  We’re thinking they just didn’t want to bother.  Terry tinkered with it once we were parked and got the lock to match.  He needs a few more of the right washers and he thinks it'll be fine.  

 10apr_1 10apr_4
It was only another 50 miles down to the Thousand Trails park in Columbus.  The wind was really blowing.  We’ve certainly seem to have had more than our share of wind over the last few weeks.  However, it was a short drive and we saw lots of beautiful wild flowers along the way.  The Thousand Trails park wasn’t far off our route.  It was a perfect place to stay and a great park.  Besides that, the price is right ---- free.  It’s only a one night stay before we hit the road again. 

10apr_1I had a ton of laundry to do.  Sometimes you meet the nicest people in the laundry rooms and I did just that.  I met a lady from Washington who ended up living in Dallas and now is a full-timer traveling back and forth to Washington during the summer.  We marveled at all the things we have in common including her name, Terry.  Hopefully, I’ll get to see her again down the road.  After all, we’re both heading in the same direction even though our timing is off.

My new camera has arrived.  Yippee!    I’ve been comparing my old (Sony HX9V) and new (Sony HX50V) cameras.  Since it’s an upgrade from my previous camera, many of the features are the same.  I loved my HX9V and that's why I stuck with the same line of cameras.  This one has a number of new features in addition to the 30x optical zoom.

One new feature is the WI-Fi.   You download an app and connect your smartphone to the camera as if it’s a hotspot.  I gave it a try at the Camping World and took a few pictures.   The phone can also control other features including the self-timer, zoom and flash.  Once the picture is taken it then saves it on your camera's SD card plus also on your phone.  Pretty neat, huh?. 

Check out the example below:  My computer desktop is the target for the camera.  What the camera sees is displayed on the iPhone.

We’re off to Llano in the morning.

‘Tis life on the road.

Wear short sleeves! Support your right to bare arms!


  1. I really have no desire to visit any city but between you and Peter I really don't want to visit either Chicago or Houston. We spent the night in the Katy Camping World parking lot. I am just not impressed with their service or their knowledge of RV's. Love your new camera. Too many options for me but it's right up your alley. Have fun with it.

  2. We kind of gave up on Camping World years ago for service, too bad.
    Big cities? not for us we country folk.

  3. We're not too fond of Camping World service either, but sometimes it's the only choice. They did a good job last year on replacing our awning motor, but then claimed the controller was bad, it wasn't. Somehow the tech had pushed a button on the controller (by accident?) to turn off the auto high wind closing feature. I turned the button on and all was back to normal.

    That's why we're heading to the Winnebago Factory service center in Forest City, Iowa next month to have some issues done on our Journey. After all, who can fix your RV better than the people that built it? :c)

  4. Outstanding header photo.

    Oh so sad to hear you don't like Houston. We probably do because of Carrie.

    We loved the Llano area. I bet it is going to be lovely this time of year. We stayed at the South Llano River State Park. Where will you be?

  5. We had problems with our door for a long time. Every so often, we have to loosen the screws and lift it and then retighten them. Holds for a while. Winnebago in Forrest city never fixed it right. Ever since our accident going through Nashville last year, I get really nervous going through big cities.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE your header. Wild lupines I believe. Wow, a camera that can be a phone.

  7. Big cities certainly don't do it for me either !

  8. Paul and I are in the process of becoming Elks.,.wish us luck!


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