Friday, April 18, 2014

"By the Time I Get to Phoenix"

If you’re thinking about coming up with a song title for a blog, there are plenty abut Texas, Arizona and California.  However, if you need one for a few other states, they are a little harder to find.  This one suited this blog just fine because I figured by the time I finally posted it we’d probably be getting close to Phoenix.


I left off on the blog I posted Tuesday as we were getting ready to pull out from Balmorhea, Texas and conquer the Guadalupe Mountains.  The winds were forecasted to be fairly calm that day.  The trip was a piece of cake.  We sailed through El Paso without a hitch and crossed over that Texas – New Mexico border thrilled that we were one state closer than we were in the morning.


Our planned stop for two nights was the LoW-HI RV park in Deming.  It’s a nice little park south of town.  The park itself accepts Passport America, has lots of desert plants and is the current home of IYQ – our friend, Lee.  We didn’t waste any time checking out his new shop.  He’s not quite17apr_5 finished putting it together but what he has finished is enough to make every RV’er jealous.  

Lee had a special place he wanted to show us so off we went.  He took us to the Adobe Deli.  It’s a place locals hang out.  You’d never be able to find it if you didn’t know where it was.  It’s an old school house out in the middle of no-where.  We loved it!! 


The food was fantastic, the ambiance fascinating and the company even better. 

17apr_8 17apr_6

The next day another set of friends showed up at the same park, Julie and Mike.  Actually, we knew they were coming so we already had another meal planned. 



Lee came up with another great place to eat.  It was Forghedaboudit Pizza..  Everything about this place topped the charts too.  The pizza was fantastic, the staff amazing and the company, special. 

Too soon it was time to think about heading a little farther west. It was time to say our goodbyes for now.  We knew we’d see each other again when wintertime rolled around and the cold weather returned to the northern states. 


__ 17apr_2

First we wanted to get some of the grime off of our motorhome.  We had noticed a car wash that welcomed RVs on our way through Deming.  Lee took us to check it out.  That was our first destination Thursday morning.  We wanted to wash the road dirt off as much as we could.

 17apr_3  17apr_4


Once on the road we had our share of road construction. Where did all these funds come from?  You can see this was a New Mexico project as it ended at the Arizona border.  Thank goodness for that.  We got tired of driving mostly on the shoulder for a zillion miles.
__ 17apr_1

Our final destination that day was the Voyager RV park just south of Tucson.  We had stayed there on our way to Texas.  This time we were hoping we rated a pull-thru site.  We were only going to be there overnight on our trek northwest.   That pull thru worked out perfectly too.  That meant no unhooking for us.

_ 17apr_2

With all the beautiful Texas wildflowers we got to see along the road, I was hoping I’d get to see a little of Arizona in bloom. 

_ 17apr_1

Hopefully we’ll be seeing lots more of the desert plants blooming before we move on into California.

_ 17apr_3 _ 17apr_4

Thinking of California and with more winds forecast through Tehachapi on Tuesday, we’re still undecided if it’ll be a trip over the Grapevine or down Tehachapi. The decision will have to be made by Sunday as that’s when we’ll be heading someplace west after spending one full day with Terry’s mom.  Maybe by Sunday we’ll know if the wind forecast has increased or even gone away.

‘Tis life on the road.

"Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be."


  1. You are making pretty good progress, and enjoying things along the way.
    Travel safe and have fun.

  2. Love your header photo!
    We have never been that late down in this area and I have missed to see the cacti in bloom. Just beautiful.

  3. Good friends, good food, safe travels! Perfect!

  4. Sure hope the wind decides to let you travel on. Lee's shop is definitely looking good.

    1. We'd come out to see your new little home except we're just "flying" through this time. I guess that's kind of a lie. We figure we'll be in later today and go to dinner with his mom. Then, tomorrow we'll probably go to breakfast and either the casino or the botanical gardens before another dinner. We're guessing she's going to want the casino. However, if you have nothing fun to do, come and stick a few pennies in the slots with us. At this point I have no idea what casino she's going to want to go to. We'll know later today but in no hurry to head north quite yet.

      Lee's shop definitely is a nice place for him and he's certainly enjoying putting everything together.

  5. About time someone showed us Lee's shop. Great you get to see the desert in bloom.

    Doug had to stop reading, got too jealous.

    Our time will come.

  6. Do you have to know someone or be a member of Loners on Wheels to stay here? Looks like a great place.

    Thanks for the heads on the Adobe Deli and Forghedaboudit Pizza. Lee is the guy to go to when visiting Deming that is for sure.

    I love the desert in bloom. Hope we see it next spring!

    1. nope, anyone can stay there. they even let US stay there!

    2. It's a Passport America park and we really liked it!

  7. We are moving out of here on Tuesday and moving to the Elks in Bakersfield. Are you moving fast back up to Washington or going slow. We will be at Yosemite Lakes on the 29th of April.

    1. We aren't going that fast but plan on traveling through Bakersfield on Tuesday also. Terry flies to Norfolk on the 30th so we're moving to Sacramento for his flight out of there. I'll email you.

  8. We always miss the majority of Cactus blooms as well. We have never seen the South-West in the late Spring, Summer, or early Fall. We would love to see what our property looks like in the summertime but being Snow Birds our traveling time is limited. You guys kinda travel like we do, no real hard & fast rules or destinations. You just go wherever & whenever it feels good to go........

  9. we enjoyed the Adobe Deli with Lee when we were there. fun place!

  10. Ha! I got to see Lee's shop and I didn't have to drive through West Texas to do it. Although that means I did miss the good food and great company.

  11. We had a great time in the HI-lo park in Deming about four years ago. We got there just in time for the social hour:)

  12. Cactus blooms? Never seen any, if fact all I know about cactus is not to sit on one. :cO

  13. The desert has been especially pretty this year...hope you saw the saguaro blooms!
    Safe travels...

    1. We've seen a few just starting to bud out. Hopefully, we'll see more before we pull out.

  14. Bill and I have plans to eat at the Adobe on next week. We've never been before.

  15. Another great update on your travels. I sure like that little workshop in that RV park - what a great idea.

    You're just zipping through those southwestern states - on to California!


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