Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Somewhere Down in Texas and More Ribs

We’ve had some beautiful days and we’ve definitely had some days that haven’t been so beautiful.  After all, this is Texas and this is springtime.  Sunday we were on our way to the airport to drop Terry off for his trip back to Portland.  Boy, are we getting tired of this.  Of course, the only airport with available seats was Intercontinental – the farthest one away.

The weather was nasty.  It was raining and visibility was pretty poor.  Besides that we weren’t exactly sure where we were going.  Mr. Garmin was in charge and he’s been known to make all kinds of mistakes lately.  We hoped traffic would be light but, of course, this is Houston and traffic is rarely light.  Mr. Garmin directed us to the 59, to the 610, to the Hardy Toll and finally we made the airport.  We decided to ignore the GPS on the way back and stayed on the 59.  That was so much easier.  I’m thinking Mr. Garmin needs to go back to get reprogrammed. 

apr08_9Monday was another day and thank goodness it was a beautiful day.  First off Sandi raided the book shelf at the Elks.  She had never heard of a free book exchange before and at first felt guilty taking books she didn’t pay for.  However, after I dropped some off, she soon got the hang of it.

Airport food was fantastic!

We were again on our way to the airport but this time it was the smaller one south of the city – Houston Hobby.  This one was a snap since we entered the Sam Houston Tollway a short distance from where we were parked.  There was little traffic but I’m sure it’s because of the tolls.   It took $7.00 in tolls to and from the airport. 

Once Sandi was checked in at the airport we stopped for one more taste of Texas ribs.  We had noticed a Pappa’s BBQ around the area and they also had one at the airport.  It was night and day difference over the ribs we had the other day at Dave Miller’s.  Nummy ….

With both Sandi and Terry gone I had a couple days to myself …. clean,  laundry, grocery shop and get ready to hit the road on Thursday.  We have an appointment on that day at Camping World. Our glass shower doors not longer slide.  Sandi discovered it wasn’t an easy thing to slide the doors back and forth so now they don't.  We're also having problems with our front door latch..  It doesn’t seem to line up where it’s supposed to.  If it's not one thing, it’s something else lately.

Terry's mother's 86th birthday is on the 10th of April.  Terry thought it would be nice to take her out to dinner on his way back from Portland.   She lives in Phoenix so he made a stop there on his way back to Houston.  She was excited that he was going to do that.

This morning he'll hop another flight and be back in Houston just in time to get ready to get on the road again.  We have some things to do.  One thing is to put the kayaks back on the Jeep.  I will tell you something though and that is we won't be bringing them south with us next fall.  We've been out of luck most places we've been with the kayaks.  We get lots of use out of them in Washington and that's where they'll stay.  For now they need to be loaded so we can be on our way.  Where is it we're heading ... a bit more of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon and finally, Washington for the summer.  

‘Tis life on the road.

"Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen."  ~  Mark Twain


  1. Crap....I wish you would have told us what airport you were flying out of. Paul could have emailed you some easy directions. No tolls involved. Oh well, live and learn.

    If you have time, go visit the Hong Kong Mall. Very interesting indeed.

  2. Those ribs look delicious !! You guys sure are going to miss having Sandi around though. What a treat for both sides to be able to spend such a wonderful time together.

    I'm not surprised about your decision re the kayaks - you have lots of opportunities in the Summer to enjoy them and during the Winter months when you are South in Arizona you can go off roading. Best of both worlds.

  3. The last few days there, get stuff done then.... on the road.

  4. So is Terry done with his appointments for a few months? We still have several to go before we can head out. One of the issues with the kayaks is that in the winter months you are on the move all the time. If you stayed one place near water for a couple of months you could use them. And I know the drought out here has really been tough on folks with kayaks and canoes. But they are so much fun for you in the summer time. Travel safe.

  5. I always wondered why you brought the kayaks south with you. They don't handle well on desert sand, do they?

    Those ribs looked really good. I'm starting to get a little worried that we're going to shortly see a nationwide rib shortage, thanks to you! :cD

  6. Making a stopover in Phoenix for Terry to take his mother to dinner is just mind boggling for me. But I have not been on any airplane for years so your flight hopping is out of my realm of experience anyway.

  7. You are going to so alone for a couple of days. But getting back on the road is great. We won't be doing that for 5 months!

  8. With all the flying you guys do I'm guessing there's some kind of a deal going on here, right? I probably missed that somewhere along the way but with all the flights you're on it would get very, very expensive, no?

    Great looking ribs! I'm sure Sandie had a great time visiting.

  9. I hope Terry is all done with appointments for awhile. Good luck at camping world!
    I know Sandie had a great time with you. Nice memories!


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