Monday, April 21, 2014

Making Tracks Across Arizona

Thursday I mentioned we pulled into Voyager RV Resort just south of Tucson.  Since we were just going to be overnight we were lucky enough to land a pull-thru spot.   Once in our site we wandered the short distance to the on-site restaurant.  We had eaten there a few times before.  The food is fine but the service hasn't always been the best.  As an example, this time our sandwiches came early but the fries that went with them came with the bill.  Next to the restaurant was a hair salon.  Terry definitely needed a hair cut and this was certainly convenient.  The stylist also did a great job!

He did manage a haircut before leaving the park.

Friday morning we pulled out of Tucson and were on our way to Phoenix.  Where do all the trucks come from?  There were certainly a bunch on this stretch of the road.

Our planned stop for fuel was in Eloy which is just south of Casa Grande.  At that location there is Denney's and Terry was ready for biscuits and gravy. We struggled with a place to park the RV but were out of luck so  … what the heck … and went on.

Next stop – Tempe Elks.  We have stayed at this Elks many times in the past few years. When we first started staying it was interesting how 40' RVs jockeyed themselves into 32' sites. We were even asked once to remove bikes off our back bike rack so one could snuggle his bumper up to our bumper!    Now that would be way too close for comfort! Sometimes vehicles were even over the roadway.  With only one way in and out, we usually avoided parking in the back RV section.


The good thing was that they had several sites next to the building.  Normally, we just pulled into one of those sites, set up and went inside to pay and never had a problem.  Well, things have changed.  They have a new host on duty and we couldn't do that without asking first.

Terry couldn't figure out where his mom was but finally located her at the casino.  She hadn’t expected us until the next day but was ready for lunch and asked that we join her there … so we  did.  We figured surely she’d be ready to leave after lunch ....  Nope.  She wasn’t.  While Terry mother-sat, I found my own little machine.  You know how it goes.  I had to be entertained too.  

Next thing I knew I hit a $206 jackpot.  Great!  Now I was playing on their money.  I hit another $206 jackpot and the next jackpot I hit was  $996!!  Yippee!!  That was fun. It's certainly more fun to win than lose.  There was one more $206 jackpot before Terry finally said "enough".  I’m sure they put my lucky slot machine out of order until they de-luckied it  - (I know that's not a word)!

I had sent a note to Jim and Sandie prior to our arrival trying to arrange a get together. It just didn't work because we weren't on our time schedule. 20apr_39  Even Saturday was already planned for us.  However, I had to squeeze a Winco stop in and was sure Sandie wouldn't be interested in meeting me there at 7:00 AM. After all, that was the only time I could plan ahead for.  I had to get my Winco fix and replenish dog treats from there for Duchess.

With that behind we were ready to start on the chores Terry’s mom had lined up for us.  First it was off to Lowe’s for all the things she needed for projects.   Next on the list was a stop at Fry’s for groceries. After groceries were put away, it was time to eat.  We normally love the Elephant Bar in Chandler.  We’ve been there many times and had great meals but our luck there seems to have run out.  We sat next to 4 adults and 3 very screaming children.  The service was great but my favorite Pacific Cove Crab and Shrimp salad was definitely not the same as before. Several ingredients were missing and others replaced or reduced.   
No egg, no avocado, more limp lettuce and less crab. Normally I took leftovers home but not this time.  These are my salads over the last 3 trips.  See … there is a reason to take pictures of your food!

We weren’t through with errands but afterwards Terry and his mom were ready for a little nap.  I was too but had to prioritize --- a nap or a visit to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens ???  The gardens won.   I headed to the botanical gardens and tried my best to make it a quick trip.  It was hot and it was packed but I sure enjoyed it.  That was Saturday …. I'm way behind but it's hard to keep current writing or even reading when you're on the road  (to be continued).

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. We have learned to be a bit pushy if we get really bad service in a restaurant. Really silly to serve the fries with the bill:((

    1. If you're paying big bucks for a meal, you are definitely right. We've certainly had more than our share of bad service recently.

  2. You make me not so sad that my Mom is now in memory care so no longer makes demands on me.

    I would have asked to have those fries removed from my bill. Unfortunately our most recent fries were part of a takeout order so when we discovered they were still partially frozen we had no recourse.

    1. Partially frozen fries? What is wrong with managers today? It's their fault. Our only recourse is to adjust the tip accordingly and we do.

  3. Really like your pastel header photo. Good stuff, that is one great photo. Seeing that photo of your rig in the background makes me think it may be of similar size & year as the 36' Triple E Commander we bought last week. Solid bottom paint with uplifting swirls is very similar. Color looks about the same too.

    1. I'll have to go back and look at yours again but think yours is bigger.

  4. Gorgeous new header pic !! I hear it's HOT HOT HOT now in AZ - get out of there quick !

    Congrats on the BIG win. I would have cashed out at the first $206 jackpot being the big gambler that I am.

  5. Wow...what a big winner. If we stay there next winter, I hope you will tell me which machine to play!

    Terry's mom looks great.

    What the heck is with the Elk's guy? We have never run into anyone like that. He needs to get a life!

  6. Sure sorry we missed you but totally understand family obligations. I am just so excited for you with all your jackpots. That is fun, fun, fun. I think somebody needs to have a talk with the Elks club about their host.

    1. And, just think you could have been there and won too ... except we didn't know we would be "stuck" there that afternoon.

  7. Wow, congratulations on your big casino win. I love it when that happens!

  8. That is some pretty decent winnings with those slots.
    We tend to stay away from restaurants, as much as possible. Just for those above reasons. Too bad that these things happen.

  9. At least they didn't serve the fries after the bill...

    Can you send me some of that casino luck? I sure could use a good dose of it. Maybe if I played more that one quarter per casino visit I'd do better? ;c)

    Ah yes, the self important campground host. Hope you had a chance to fill out a comment card to that Elks club.

  10. I think I might have hung around that slot machine as long as it stayed hot! Wow - you had great luck.

  11. Cool that you had good luck at the slot machines! Makes for a fun time :)


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