Friday, April 25, 2014


It was definitely warm when we arrived in Bakersfield on Monday.  Our air conditioner got a good work-out.  21apr_1_thumb5We were thankful it cooled down a bit and by Tuesday morning the front that was passing through was already cooling those temperatures down more.

“come and get us”

A little after 12:00 I received a text message letting us know that friends, Linda and Ed, had arrived.  They were on the other side of the building and wanted us to come and get them.  They arrived earlier than we thought they would.  Their idea was to get through Tehachapi before the strongest winds were forecast to whip through there.  However, from the sounds of it they felt more than their share of side gusts.  The winds can get pretty bad through Tehachapi and it’s especially tough for an RV at times.


We were told that the lodge has had numerous bikes stolen off the back of RVs parked in the RV area.  Obviously, we didn’t like hearing that so we got out the chains and locks and secured our bikes and kayaks.  Then, it was off to the Golden Corral for dinner.  With all the rotten luck we’ve had recently with getting good service at restaurants, here we had great service.  That’s mainly because we were serving ourselves.  We also had great company to share a meal with.

With a few hugs, we said our goodbyes after dinner.  We love spending time with them and we know we’ll be seeing each other again in a few weeks but a little farther north.


Speed bumps to keep trucks from rolling at the rest area parking lot – hadn’t seen that before!

We didn’t sleep well that night worrying about  the bikes and kayaks even though they were locked so when daylight came we were ready to get back on the road.  We hate traveling on Hwy 99 so it was over to the I5 and straight north for about 200 miles. 

The wind beat us all the way.  Those 200 miles felt more like 400.  It seems on this trip the good travel days have not been often enough.   We’ve had almost two months of it and we’re really burned out.

Finally we reached our destination where we would be for a few days.  We were glad to get off the road and out of the wind.  There were no full hookup sites left or so we thought.  However, right after we got set up, the host pulled into our site and 23apr_2told us there was a cancellation on one and wanted to know if we wanted it.  Needless to say, it didn’t take us long to put our mark on that site!  We were there and set up in record time.   Then we did just about nuthin’ for the rest of the day. 

Our first RV site – nice and big

We have a great site now and with a perfect price --- $0. We’ll be here a few days and then a little farther north.


If you look in the middle and to the far left of the picture, you’ll see our new site with kayaks on the Jeep. 

If it warms up and the winds die down, maybe those kayaks will end up in the river … maybe.  The problem is that the weather forecast is not for warmer weather or for much calmer winds ...  burn-out!

‘Tis life on the road.

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from any direction.


  1. You have definitely had more than your share of wind this year. We really haven't had as much wind as we usually do but a cold front from CA is coming through tonight so it will be windy this afternoon. Enjoy doing nuthin'. You deserve it.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about high winds causing stress and burn-out. Nice to see you have a great spot to take it easy and rest for a bit.

  3. The wind is due to pass through here tomorrow. Sustained winds of 35 m.p.h. with gusts up to 55 m.p.h. I'm going to rent some movies and just "hunker down."

    Gee, and I thought only Southern New Mexico was "wind city." :-(

    1. Stay put and enjoy your day. Those winds are too high to be on the road in any vehicle!

  4. We didn't sleep well that night either. However, we moved over to where you were and it is a little quieter. But we leave everything locked even when we are here. We found the trash and have the combination for the lock and the dump and water is over by the taco truck. The don't open until 11 so if we need we can use it before then . See ya soon.

    1. You got a combination? That was more than we got! Hope everything is going well and we'll definitely see you down the road!

  5. It's a challenging time of year to travel. Be safe out there.

  6. Sure hope you do take a few days to rest and do NUTTIN' !! You've been going flat out for months now.

    I've never seen those speed bumps at the rest areas either ??

  7. Doing nuttin' is fine by me! Traveling in high winds has a way of zapping all your energy. No fun!

    Enjoy your time there!

  8. I did the Hwy99 once. Didn't like it either. Looks like you're going home now, whatever "Home" is for you.

  9. Awesome header photo.

    That wind can kill the gas mileage for sure!

  10. Ah, the comment box was missing. We are cold here, blow us some of that heat please!

  11. All that wind must be coming from all the hot air in DC! ;c)

  12. you drove right past us! But I was in Boston at the time.....


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