Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Botanical Garden and California Here We Come


With our day pretty well planned for us, I snuck away while Terry and his mom decided to rest from our morning activities.  I figured this was a great time to view the Phoenix Botanical Gardens.  It’s always been one of my favorite places to visit and especially at this time of year it had to be gorgeous.  I was beat and really wanted a nap too but I knew I had one little window and that was while they were resting. It was hot and it was packed but not too hot or too packed to enjoy it and that I most definitely planned to do.


20apr_19 20apr_18
20apr_21 20apr_20

On display at the botanical gardens were works by Dale Chihuly with his Chihuly glass objects.  These were stunning pieces of glass art placed into the landscaping.  His work has been on exhibit around the world and currently are in over 200 museums.   His pieces were amazing!

20apr_24 20apr_25
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After taking a few hundred pictures, I made it back just as Terry and his mom were ready to go again.  Yeeks!  I was beat.  However,  first thing I was supposed to do was look at her computer.  She had been having a problem with one of her programs on the new Apple she had.  I know nothing about an Apple except what’s on my iPhone so she was pretty much out of luck.  I told her 20apr_33to just use the new Toshiba laptop she had instead.

Everyone was hungry again and another plan slowly materialized.  This time it was the Olive Garden.  It was close and we’d been there before. The food was good but we hit another hitch as the service was not so much.  Our salad and appetizer arrived at the same time.  With the salad still sitting on the table and appetizer not quite finished, here came the main course.  What gives with service lately?

Time flew and soon it was time to say goodbye.  Age changes all of us.  Terry can see the difference in his mom.  He’s thinking maybe this winter we need to finally settle in around this area.  It definitely wouldn’t be my choice but I think he probably is right and that’s what we should do.  The problem is going to be finding a place we like.  Where?? That’s a problem for another day though.

The next day was to start early.  We figured since it was Easter the freeways around Phoenix would be nearly empty at 6:30 in the morning.  I guess that goes to show you we know nothing about the traffic in that city.    The only thing we could figure is that all the people on the road were either the preachers trying to get to church on time or it was the Easter bunnies on 20apr_35their way to deliver their eggs.

The plan was to hook up the Jeep to the motorhome on the other side of Phoenix.  That was the plan but that didn’t happen.  Just before we stopped for that hookup the motorhome had a glitch.  It  lost all power …. all power including steering and brakes. There was nothing – nada!  We were lucky we weren’t hooked up.  The motorhome wouldn’t even turn over for a bit but eventually it did and we carefully made it just outside of Parker when the little “red” battery light started blinking.  

We figured it had to be the battery but when does a battery stop when you’re moving?  We’ve never had that happen before.  We were happy  Napa was open on Easter Sunday.   Terry changed out the battery and when it still wouldn’t start changed out the cables … still wouldn't start.  However, we do have a battery booster and with a push of that button we were rolling 20apr_8again!   We were hoping that was all there was to it. 

Yucca Valley Elks

The road was like a roller coaster —  up and down and up and down.  Terry swears that hills don’t have a side that goes down.  He thinks all sides go up.  It was hot and we were ready to stop.  We finally pulled into the Yucca Valley Elks.  We were the only ones there and we were happy.  There was no grumpy host and only great folks sitting out on the patio.  Duchess was ready to call it quits for the day too.

20apr_5 20apr_6

__20apr_1Maybe I’m getting used to this earlier time now.  I woke up at 5:45 instead of 4:00 AM on Monday.  Even Terry beat me up and that NEVER happens.  We had another day of travel before a two night rest.  This time our destination was the Elks at Bakersfield.  After all Ed and Linda were planning on arriving Tuesday and figured they needed a welcoming committee.


The motorhome purred even though we were still a little apprehensive but it was another day without anymore glitches.  We’re pretty confident now it was just the battery.  Whee  … that could have been a close one had that happened going down Tehachapi so we were lucky we had the warning when we did.

Bakersfield Elks

Again, there’s not much to say about the terrain in the Mohave Dessert.  It’s very different than the Arizona deserts and we were certainly happy to leave it behind us and happier yet to finally pull into the Bakersfield Elks.  They have four sites here and for our first night we’re the only one __20apr_8in any of those sites. The folks at this lodge again were terrific.  

BBQ Wagon in the Elks parking lot – Dinner!

Again I apologize for all the pictures. I know when you’re in a bad area using an aircard lots of pictures may bog your blog down.  At times I’ve not been able to read a blog at all because of that.  Here’s hoping I can upload this blog now and you can read it.

‘Tis life on the road.

Yes, Officer, I did see the speed limit sign. I just didn't see you.


  1. That's good that you got your coach going again. Hope that fixes the problem.

  2. Whoa! That was really scary, losing all power in your MH. Thank goodness the new battery solved the problem. Now what are you going to do to get your heart rates down? ;c)

    Great pictures of the beautiful desert flowers. Slightly different from the Sahara Desert. :c)

  3. Was great to see you guys again. See ya later down the road. PS we are moving over to the spot you left.

  4. Great pics of the Botanical Gardens and your drive through the desert. It's scary when something fails like that but nice when the fix isn't too expensive and seems to work.

  5. Man, that would have been so scary. Sure am happy the battery took care of it. Also nice that you didn't have a grump at the Elks.

  6. Whew! That was scary. Hope it doesn't happen again. Do you go somewhere to get it checked out?
    I really like the cacti photos. I have never seen so many flowering cacti in one spot. Thanks for taking us
    on a tour through the botanical garden.

  7. So glad you are getting closer. I can feel you now.

  8. Loved the pics of the desert in bloom. So pretty.

    But YIKES !! All power lost while Terry was still driving it !!?? I don't think I would have survived the fright I would have gotten !!

  9. I do hope your battery issues are all fixed and you don't have anymore problems! The glass sculptures are beautiful. And don't you just love the saguaro blooms?

    Safe travels!

  10. The botanical garden photos are beautiful. Oh, to lose power and feel so helpless. Not a good thing. Would you remain in your motorhome in Phoenix?

  11. Love the botanical gardens in Phoenix--your photos are gorgeous! How many nights a year would you say you stay at Elks' Lodges? We're going to be anytimers & wonder if joining a lodge would be worth the money.


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