Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wind, Rain, the Alamo and Riverwalk

I’m sure glad Sandi was excited about seeing some Texas storms again because that’s exactly what we got on Wednesday.  It stormed all day.  Well, at least it stormed most of it.  She wasn’t sure how she felt about the rocking RV though when the winds hit.  We told her 30 mph gusts weren’t bad.  It’s when those gusts are 60 mph that you really experience a rocking sensation.   It wasn’t just the mighty wind that hung around most of the day.  We had thunder and plenty of rain.

I had an idea on something we could do even if the weather outside was nasty.  I figured we’d take the bus to the center of San Antonio.  That way we could visit the Alamo, not have to walk too far and still have something to do.  Sometimes my ideas work and sometimes they don’t work out very well.  This one didn’t.  Terry calls it my “shortcuts”.   Instead of taking a city bus we ended up on a shuttle bus.  It looked like a regular bus stop so why wouldn’t it have been??    All it did was take us on a tour of Fort Sam Houston.  It’s not that we saw a lot either.  The windows were all steamed up and visibility was pretty rotten so we didn’t even get to see much..  Google said this was the right bus number …. but Google was WRONG!    Nearly an hour later we got off just where we had parked the Jeep.  We knew better than try to get off at another stop because we never would have been able to find where we’d parked. Needless to say, we didn’t make the Alamo on Wednesday.
We did need to eat rain or shine.   There aren’t any Cracker Barrels in Washington and Sandi was thrilled with the idea of visiting one close by.  Normally we love Cracker Barrels.  We didn’t love this one.  The restaurant was nearly empty,  service was extremely slow and the food not so good either.  Salad came on top of our meal, food tasted like it had sat in the kitchen all day.  It was pretty bad and we ended up leaving most of  it still on our plates.  That’s really a switch for Cracker Barrel because we normally LOVE them. However, this one definitely was not up to par with the others.  Glad it wasn’t our first stop or we might not make a return trip to any _duch_1other location.  .

First thing we needed to do on Thursday was make sure Duchess kept her appointment with the vet at PetSmart.  Getting old sucks and especially if you’re a dog and can’t tell others if anything is wrong.  Well, Duchess is an old dog and she doesn’t have the get up and go she used to have … kind of like the rest of us.  The doctor prescribed medicine for osteoarthritis.  He wanted us to bring her back in a week.  Well, that part isn’t possible since we’ll be down the road a bit by then but we’re sure we’ll find another PetSmart wherever we end up.  Hopefully, the medicine will give her some relief.

We wanted the weatherman to be right for a change and he was.  The morning started off with low clouds and rain but by noon you could tell blue skies and sunshine was on the way.  Temperature predicted was to be in the low 80’s!  That’s exactly what we wanted.  After we dropped Duchess back at the RV we were off to the Alamo and the Riverwalk.

Sandi at the Alamo with everyone else in San Antonio
Here we go on the Riverwalk
Beautiful bridges
No shortage of people here.
Lots of restaurants along the Riverwalk and we had to choose just one for lunch!
Check out Mama Duck and her babies -- Is that Papa in back?
This boat is a river water cleaner --- interesting!
~ ~ ~

Some of you wanted to know what I decided about those Baggallini bags on my previous post …… remember I bought three and figured I’d decide back at the RV and just return the one(s) I didn’t want. 

_purse_12 _purse_13 _purse_10
_purse_4 _purse_8 _purse_3

There were many more in blue, gray, brown, coral, black and green. It was hard to decide.   These are some of the pictures I sent to Tammi asking which ones she wanted. Okay, so I bought three for me but I still need to return one or two --- maybe tomorrow.  I think I’m going to keep two.

‘Tis life on the road.

“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.” – John Wayne


  1. We had snow when we were there and there weren't very many people at the Alamo or on the Riverwalk. Not sure which is worse - cold and no people or warm and lots of people. Sure hope this medicine helps Duchess. It really is tough to get old. I've never seen a river cleaner before. I'm not a purse person but I would probably have picked that first kind of gray one.

  2. It sleeted and snowed when we were there too! We did manage to go to the Alamo and River walk.....your post sure stirs up old memories of our time there!
    I hope the medicine helps Duchess!
    I like the black bag...

  3. I love the Riverwalk. We haven't been three in three years. I know they have built on. Hopefully, we hit that area next year on our way back from AZ.

    What the heck is that look on Terry's face when he and Sandi are sitting the boat. I say, "If looks could kill." lol

    Those bags come in all sorts of styles. My #1 pick is Maroon (bottom middle) one and my second is the Orange (top right) one. Very cute.

  4. Love the Riverwalk pictures. I'm not a 'touristy' kinda person but that is definitely something I would enjoy.

  5. When we were there last the river was dry...they were doing some sort of cleaning of it so we just walked the Walk and had lunch...we were with friends so we ended up having a great time!

    Hope the meds help Duchess.

  6. We've never been down around that part of Texas but we've all heard of the Alamo since early childhood. It's looking a little more rustic than some other photos I have seen of it. Sure is tough when our pets are aging. It's a difficult & sad time.for all. Too bad about that Cracker Barrel. When traveling Cracker Barrel is always one of our favorite spots. We overnight at them sometimes & usually have either supper or breakfast. Cracker Barrel really needs to step in & change the management at that one..........

  7. We had been to the Alamo and Riverwalk a few times and really enjoyed the area and the history lesson too.

  8. Looks like the Alamo still packs in the tourists. I'd love to do that Riverwalk some day.

  9. Google wrong? I find that hard to believe... ;c)

    If you wait a few more days, you won't have to return any of those purses. Ask me how I can predict this.

  10. You are so funny with your shopping. Good for you.

    Rain sucks!!!!

  11. We have been in San Antone and we love the city. There is so much to see and the history there could keep me busy for a long time.


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