Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wal-Mart Hopping in San Antonio

Our idea of a perfect place to stay is rarely at the local Wal-Mart.  However, with that said (or written) it can certainly be a perfect place to stay if no other option is available.  During spring break in Texas, the Wal-Marts around San Antonio have most definitely been a perfect place to stay for us – well, kinda.  By looking at the little pegs I posted on my last blog from, there are lots of Wal-Marts in the area to choose from. 

One good thing is many times you have a huge site at Wal-Mart!

Whoever said staying at Wal-Mart is free camping sure is stupid.  They have no idea what they are talking about and probably have never stayed there.  We have discovered staying at a Wal-mart is much more expensive than any other RV park we’ve ever stayed at. They definitely keep the lights on and the doors open.  Our first Wal-Mart we walked away with a few bags and a receipt totaling $169!  Has anyone else ever paid that much for one night of dry camping?

As I mentioned we had lots of Wal-Marts to choose from around the San Antonio area.  I’m guessing if you had a desire to, you could spend a month going from Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart here.  Some of them will even allow RVers to stay two nights instead of just the one.  We much prefer Wal-Mart to roadside parks or even truck stops but one night is definitely enough.  This time we needed two nights to pass the time until our res_March15_4ervations started so we Wal-Mart hopped.  Our second night we stayed at a Wal-Mart a little over a mile from the RV park we would be going to.  This Wal-Mart had a deep sloped lot so we had almost decided to not go there but it was close and the distance won out.

Most Wal-Marts have specific places where RVs can park.  The locations are sometimes perfect and other times not so perfect.  Such was the case Saturday morning when we heard a bang and the RV rocked.  It was a shopping cart that was carelessly left in the upper lot and not put back where it should have been.  We were lucky as the cart smacked our Blue Ox hitch and not the RV or the Jeep  –  another lesson learned.

There was plenty of sunshine on the two days we were at the Wal-Marts. Our solar panels did what they were supposed to do and our batteries kept pretty well charged.  The cloud bank and rain held off until after we moved out of Wal-Mart and into a huge RV site with full hooks!  Yippee!

At our first Wal-Mart we discovered we were losing water out of our fresh water tank and had to cap it off.  Thank goodness we hadn’t had a longer drive from Johnson City or we would have lost all of our much needed water instead of just most of it.  Also, thank goodness we could pick up a few gallons of fresh water at Wal-Mart to get us by until we moved into the RV park.  At least at the park we knew we'd be able to fill our tank and then worry about getting the valve fixed later!  

I thought Marsha should consider new boots to wear to the rodeo in Houston so I sent her a picture of a few she might want to consider.  Even Paul might want a new pair. We found these in Fredericksburg. Interested $$$$

I know some folks like the big parks with all the activities.  Some folks like the little parks and there are those who prefer boondocking.  We've done it all.  What we like least of all is being so close to our neighbor that we can peak into each other's windows --- been there, done that too.  What we like best are small parks with big spaces.  This time that's exactly what we got.  At $120 a week, it is definitely a deal!  Terry says he's never moving.
Big site and no close neighbors
Once we were settled in it was time to fix that water valve.  First one of the fellas behind us came over to help but didn’t have the right tools.  Next the host came over to help.  He had a big pipe wrench and was able to take the old valve off.  After a quick trip to Lowe’s, we are now able to connect our water hose to the RV and have fresh water! That’s a perfect example of how RVers come to the aid of others.

Helper #1
Helper #2

Since we're going to be in one place for the next two weeks the kayaks are coming off the Jeep. With the kayaks on top it has been easy to spot our vehicle in a parking lot.  Hope we don't lose it now but we're tired of driving around with kayaks loaded on top.

‘Tis life on the road.

The elderly don't drive that badly; they're just the only ones with time to do the speed limit.


  1. Happy Days - nice park with full hookups. Definitely a plus but also thank goodness for Walmarts. They have definitely been life savers - even if they are expensive. It's like parking at a Cracker Barrel. Definitely not a cheap camp site.Have fun.

    1. We have yet to stay at a Cracker Barrel. I guess we need to put that on our must-stop list.

  2. Twelve days and then full hook-ups for six months.

  3. I think Walmarts are the perfect place to stay when I'm going from Point A to Point B - like I am now.

    I had a 'shopping cart' incident once there though. I was in the store and the winds suddenly came up. When I got back to my rig there were FOUR shopping carts against my rig - and yes FOUR dents !!

    I noticed in both of your Walmart pics the jeeps was unhooked. Do you always do that ?

    I decided to take I-20 once past Van Horn. I was going to stay on I-10 in which case I would have been in San Antonio in a couple of days.

    1. Do we always unhook? . The total distance for the three travel days was about 50 miles. We didn't hook up at all. We did more running around in the Jeep than sitting in the motorhome for those 3 days.

  4. It always cost us an arm and a leg when we park at Walmart. Bella doesn't like it much. Many times there is no where for her to walk around and smell the roses.

    Thanks for thinking of us with the boots. I love those boots, but I think the price might keep us from jumping on that deal.

    Your site looks super. So glad you found some place to park it for awhile. The price is definitely right!

    1. Both these Wal-Marts had great grassy areas but they don't always have that.

  5. Yep, old Sam Walton knew what he was doing when he invited RVers to stay. We use WM a lot when we travel and are very thankful for the ability to use them. Plus we always need a little something, so it's handy to stop there. You should try a Cracker Barrel if you get the chance, cheaper than WM because you can only eat so much food...

    We stayed at Lackland AFB FamCamp when we were in San Antonio, nice FHU sites and way cheaper than WM.

    Enjoy your new CG, that is a wonderful price for a week, much cheaper than a "free' night at Walmart! :cD

  6. Can't say much as we've never stayed at a Walmart.

  7. I like Cracker Barrel best for overnight stays when traveling but I've stayed at my share of Walmarts. I've learned they are much cheaper if you phone them to ask permission to stay rather than go inside to ask. :)

  8. Also have never stayed in a Walmart, but there is always the first time:)


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