Thursday, March 13, 2014

Queen of Road Trip Changes

We have changed our departure date from Johnson City several times.  First we changed it when we couldn’t find an RV park in Austin that wasn’t already full.  Then we decided to put it off one mwalmart1ore day because our favorite little weatherman was predicting wind gusts of 40 to 50 mph.  It’s not that we had a place to go because we didn’t.  We were just going to work our way a little south from one Wal-Mart to another until we arrived in San Antonio where we had reservations starting on the 15th.  That was the earliest we could get them around here ANYWHERE.  We’ve cut our travel for the 58 miles to our next spot down to two days.   As of now it means  43 miles the first day, 12 miles the next and finally the last day our travel would only be 3 miles.  That certainly is three rough travel days.

We’ve been referring to OVERNIGHTRVPARKING.COM for places to stay.  The overnight stops are about the only places we’ve found this week with availability and that’s because no reservations are needed.     Since it rewards members by extending their membership due date when they send in updates, most of the site's information is pretty current.  I originally joined in October with a one year membershisatmap2p but my membership has now been extended by about 10 weeks.  If I keep sending in reports of places we discover and stop, I may never have to pay another renewal fee.  It’s a great site!

This is an example of the map and each peg has a detailed explanation of the location, contact and directions.

We’ve been taking little day trips from our park.  Actually Johnson City is in a great location with lots to see and do within about a 30 mile radius.  Wednesday we went back to Fredericksburg.  It’s sure a fun little town with lots to see, do and BUY.   We wandered through their unique shops but enough is enough.  We didn’t need any shopping bags when we left town.  It’s not that we didn’t buy anything.  We did but the items we bought were small enough we didn’t need bags.

IMG_6496 IMG_6494

It won’t be long until all the wildflowers including the bluebonnets will start making their appearance.  I love the bluebonnets.  Photographing kids and dogs in fields of the wildflowers is a popular event around here.  We’ve done that before and I certainly hope we’ll be able to see lots of them in the near future. 

How long has it been since we crossed the Texas stateline?  It seems like an awful long time ago.  Since that time we’ve had very few really warm days.  We’ve had rain, hail, ice and cold.  Those aren’t weather conditions we had planned for.  We’ve also struggled with finding places to stay in the areas we had hoped to be.  Needless to say, it hasn’t been without a lot of stress.  Thank goodness we make our plans in chalk because we’ve just erased ALL of them.    We stupidly lcolterseft nice weather and easy parking on the 23rd of February when we crossed over into Texas.  What were we thinking?

Well. we were thinking we would scuttle across country.  We figured our kids wouldn’t miss us much this summer.  They keep pretty busy with their work and activities.  We do tend to get a little bored just sitting around in Washington.  We had a great idea ….. but the weather and our timing hasn’t really cooperated.   We have a few things left to do in Texas but we’re going to start circling around soon. It’ll be a while before we cross that border again since it’s a big state and we just have to visit the Dallas area first.  We lived there for many years and during that time we discovered a lot of great places to eat!  We’d sure like to give them the taste test again. Catfish & Company and Colter’s Bar-B-Q are just two of the places we’d like to return to.


It’s probably best we don’t share what we’re thinking now because there’s a good chance even those plans will be changed.  Well …… maybe I’ll share one little thing.  Justin called and invited Terry to take a cruise on his ship next month.  It’s only a day cruise but “Papa” was excited and we know that would be lots of fun for both of the “boys”.  If it works out, that's what he plans to do.

We figure if we want to go someplace, maybe we’ll just fly there!

‘Tis life on the road.

Women who behave rarely make history …..


  1. WOW...what an opportunity for Terry. You better get there for sure...RV or airplane, just get there.

  2. Catfish!!!! love catfish,, soo we get some.
    A cruise, now that sounds like fun, travel safe.

  3. I've never had Catfish in my entire life. I just can't get past the looks of those ugly fish.

    Going for a day cruise with a grandson would be a dream come true - what fun. Sure hope it works out.

  4. I love overnightrvparking website and use it all the time. I just renewed mine.

  5. Great for Terry. Very exciting.

    Yes is my first resource now. It's so good. I sure hope Sandy keeps up her membership ;) or I will have to buy my own.

    Of course, our plans for next year have COMPLETELY changed. We will start with Bagley, Minnesota!

  6. Sure hope you have some wonderful weather in San Antonio. That website gets used every time we are on the road. I have my fingers crossed that Terry gets to go out with Justin for the day. What wonderful memories that would create.

  7. I don't think of SXSW as being an RVing event but I do wonder if it has had something to do with your troubles finding places.

    Yes, Terry's day cruise with Justin is a MUST DO! I hope it turns out to be fabulous!

  8. Jeri, I haven't been warm since I left Yuma !! Boy, Am I in for a very rude awakening at I head further East and then North ! YUCK !

  9. Make sure Terry doesn't stowaway on Justin's ship. It will be fun for Terry, but I'd be it'll be hard for him to leave once the cruise is over. He might want to reenlist... :cD

  10. I agree with leaving the warm weather too soon. We just left two days ago and finding it very cold in New Mexico. We very much enjoyed the Yuma weather. I was saying the same thing, "maybe we left too soon." haha We are heading to Texas in a few days. Hope it is warmer.

  11. Thanks for the link. I had never heard of that site.

  12. Me too...thanks for the over night link. If we cant make lots of changes, we might as well be working....that's just one reason we love this lifestyle and retirement. Changes and changes in plans are fun!
    Hope the cruise works out!

  13. That overnight like is going to be mighty helpful. Love your limited released jello plans.


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