Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More of San Antonio -- Botanical Garden, BBQ and Sandi

Texas weather sure does change.  One day you might see gorgeous sunshine and the next a “norther” could come rolling through bringing clouds, wind and rain.  The only thing we really can guarantee is that the rain in Texas isn’t like the rain in Washington State.    It drops a bucket load or two and moves right on out just about as fast as it moves in.  We’ve had rain, ice, hail and recently thunder and lightening.  I’m glad it’s moved on out  but that storm gone another one is fast approaching.

Early morning brings out the birds. 

We had plans on Monday.  I know … it seems I always have plans to do something or other.  This day we were going to start by visiting the Botanical Garden.  We both like botanical gardens.  We also know by experience sometimes _-March25_16during the year it’s better to visit them locally than other times.  We love visiting the ones in Arizona in late spring.  Everything is in bloom.  However, it’s not late spring and this is Texas not Arizona.  Monday we visited the San Antonio Botanical Garden.  It’s a beautiful garden but I’m guessing in another month it might be much more beautiful.   We were just a little early in the season.  We were also a little early in the season when we visited the Wildseed Farm outside of Fredericksburg.  For some reason our timing has certainly been off this year on many things.

After the gardens we were on our way to Half Price Books.  Bob (from Travel Bug) had mentioned reading the book Texas by James Michener.  It wasn’t a recent book so I figured the only place to find it was in a used book store.  We love book stores and easily killed an hour or two going through the books there.  It was also a success.  They had the book.


We had also intended to take a little drive to check out some of the blue bonnets that had been sighted north of town.  However, with the thunder, lightening and a downpour on us, we changed our minds.

_-March25_24 _-March25_22

These little sheds, playhouses (cabins or whatever you want to call them) were at the Botanical Garden.

On the way back to the motorhome Terry needed one more stop at Wal-Mart to get a prescription refilled. It was a great stop because a TJ Maxx was right behind it. I think it’s much more interesting visiting a TJ Maxx than a Wal-Mart.  Terry went his way and I went mine.  I’m into Baggallini bags, thanks to my daughter and have rarely found those bags at any TJ Maxx stores but this time I hit a jackpot! 


They had several in different sizes, styles and colors.  I couldn’t make up my mind so I bought three!  However, the intent was to make the decision of the one (or two) I wanted and return what I didn’t.  Okay, I'll keep the black one but should I keep the coral one?  What about the green one I bought?  Hmmm .. I still have to decide.

Yes!  Those are little yellow plastic ducks in the water.

We discovered another store in San Antonio that we had previously visited at their Dallas location,  Sam Moon.  What a fun store that is.  There’s a whole district in Dallas with Sam Moon type stores – import stores.  This one was a real treat with just about everything.  Our guess is _-_(March25a_1that many of the items sold at the Mesa Marketplace and the Yuma Marketplace are probably purchased through stores similar to Sam Moon.

Baggage Art at San Antonio airport. 

Tuesday finally rolled around and our granddaughter, Sandi, arrived.  It’s spring break in the state of Washington and she’s going to spend almost two weeks with us … wherever our RV takes us. 

Weather does not look like it’s going to be fully cooperating for the next few days. Sandi’s comment about the impending thunderstorms …. “finally a Texas thunder storm!!!  How I have missed them.”   Well, she just might see one or two while here.

First of all we had to take her to a Texas barbecue place.  Where did we go?  We went back to Big Bib BBQ so she could have good Texas brisket and experience wonderful southern hospitality.  We knew it had been about two years since she had enjoyed brisket and she wasn’t disappointed.  Again, it was a fantastic place and this time we even had a new twist to their service.  Terry had to walk outside to take a call from his doctor.  The staff insisted they bring him a new plate of hot food when he returned.  It wasn’t just reheated … it was a whole new plate of fresh food.  What a staff!   Five stars ***** at Yelp just isn’t enough.   I blogged about it HERE


Well, Terry found out he has to get back on another plane to Portland. The other doctor wants to see him before he can refill a prescription. He's not a happy camper about that one. Figuring how we're going to do that now is another problem!  Thank goodness all good plans are made to be broken.

‘Tis life on the road.

“Everyone has baggage, maybe we should help each other carry it.”


  1. Nice to have your granddaughter visit with you for a while, have too much fun.
    Hope all goes well with Terry.

  2. enjoy your visit with your granddaughter!! hopefully the weather will improve!!

  3. What a bummer that Terry has to return to Portland. Sandi sure looks happy ...what a nice treat for you to have her visit. Hope the weather cooperates.

    I love the gardens!

  4. So sorry about Terry having to get back to Portland but hopefully it won't be so bad flying this time. Enjoy your time with Sandi. Hopefully the weather won't keep you cooped up too much.

  5. Ah ha! So now you know where your lost suitcase ended up. Always wondered where lost suitcases ended up. :c)

    Bummer about Terry's doctor. Doesn't the doctor understand how he is going to increase Terry's carbon footprint?

  6. That doctor - unbelievable. What if you had to pay for that flight?

    The picture of Sandi is adorable. (cept for the hat)

  7. Sandi is one sweet looking granddaughter. That hat is just won't last long, as teens go. I can't believe that Doctor! What a bummer for Terry.

  8. Oh wow....I didn't know there was a Botanical Garden there. We want to get back to SA again. That will be on my bucket list to see.

    Sorry to hear the news about Terry and the doctor. What does this guy think he can do...just drop everything and fly back. How inconsiderate!

    Enjoy your visit with Sandi. Also, let us know what you decided about the purses...You have left me in suspense.

  9. I sure hope Terry's trip is less complicated this time. Too bad Terry could not have seen the other doctor while he was already there.

    I wonder how many of those Baggallini bags will become gifts because you couldn't decide which to keep before you move on. :)

  10. Happy to hear you found "Texas."

    Sad the botanic garden wasn't in full bloom yet. Maybe it will be when I go twice in the next couple of weeks.

    Cute granddaughter. Glad she liked the BBQ too. The service at The Big Bib is outstanding! A whole new plate of hot food?! Nice.

    Can't Terry see a doc in San Antonio? There's lots of hospitals, labs and doctors here.

  11. So great that you're gonna spend all that time with your granddaughter.

    But Terry......who ? Jeeze, He's spent so much time on airplanes lately I can hardly remember who he is ??

  12. Sorry to hear Terry has to go back to Portland. Don't doctors know we have things we want to do.
    Granddaughter's are great, we have 4 and love spending time with them.

  13. Like the others I'm sorry to hear Terry has to fly back to Portland.

    Great pic of your granddaughter but I'd rather she found a new hat too!!


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