Saturday, March 1, 2014

Freezing Rain Predicted in Kerrville ?


The old saying about weather in Texas is if you don’t like it, hang around because it’ll change.  That certainly has been true for us.  It’s been up and down. Since our moving day was supposed to be Wednesday, we were checking the forecast the night before.  The forecast wasn’t pretty.  Not only were strong winds predicted but also freezing rain we noticed from Junction to Kerrville.  Our travel was only about 50 miles south.  However, freezing rain isn’t something we wanted to be on the road with.  We went to bed Tuesday night not even sure if we’d be moving down the road in the morning.  By morning the forecast had changed.  At least it had changed for our area but not for other areas of Texas.  No longer was the freezing rain expected and the winds weren’t even supposed to be much over 20 mph.  All that worry instantly went away and we prepared for our short travel south.

March1_4We have  stayed at the Johnson Creek RV Resort in Ingram, Texas before.  It’s a wonderful park right on the river and in a pecan orchard.  In the evening you can see all the wildlife wander through the park.  Herds of deer use this area as a path to the river.  The club house is an old house that’s been converted.  We booked four nights but at $40 a night, that was way past what we normally want to spend.  However, sometimes we just bite the bullet or so they say.

March1_8 March1_6

We both LOVE this area of Texas.  We’ve been here many, many times.  My father was born here and raised between Kerrville and Leakey.  We’ve had many family reunions on my uncle’s ranch which isMarch1_7 now owned by a cousin.  The ranch used to spread across the river but the other side of it was sold. 

We have been busy.  First the tiles went up in the bathroom.  I’ll never do those little tiles again.  It certainly takes work getting all that grout in every little crevice but for a first time tile project, I think I did a great job.  (Picture in next blog ... maybe.)

We met my cousin at Mamacita’s Mexican restaurant for dinner one night.  WOW!  We liked it so much Terry and I went back the very next night.  I must say it’s the best Mexican we’ve ever had.  We would give five stars to the food and to the servers.

March1_1 March1_10


I don’t particularly care for dipping the chips in salsa.  Thus, we usually order a bean dip.  However, at this restaurant they have a specialty.  It’s green!  I couldn’t leave the leftover dip.  I had to take it with us.  It’s made with sour cream, guacamole and cilantro …. delicious!!

March1_9The headquarters for James Avery Jewelers are located in the hills outside of the Kerrville area.  My aunt always visited this place when she made a trip from Austin for the reunions.  Many times we went with her.  Thus, I figured it was part of the ritual of being in this area and drug Terry along on Thursday.  It just so happened that this was the day the craft center was closed for inventory!!  Needless to say, I wasn’t a happy camper and my wallet stayed in my purse.

March1_2Then, of course, I had to visit one of the local cemeteries where my grandparents and great grandparents were buried.  It’s not that it was a first trip to the cemetery either.  Every time we’re in town, I like to take more pictures and pay my respects. 

March1_3Terry’s used to that.  However, he didn’t go with me when I stopped by the Kerrville Genealogy Museum.  He was smart.  He figured I’d be there for hours.  so, he opted to stay back at the motorhome and entertain Duchess.

Today is Saturday and we're heading to the little town of Leakey.  Leakey is about 50 miles from Kerrville. The Historical Museum is only opened on Fridays and Saturday beginning March 1 through December.  My dad lived with grandparents on their farm in Leakey.  It’s another trip back to my roots but it's on the backroads and we'll certainly enjoy the drive ... again.  We’ve been there, done that but there’s certainly nothing wrong in my book of doing it over and over again.

I have yet to start covering the cushions.  However, that will eventually have to be done but we need a little more free time to do that.  As I've said, we've been busy.

‘Tis life on the road.

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.


  1. Good to stay still if the weather threatens, better safe than sorry, we doing the same here in Desert Hot Springs
    Always busy, you guys are and having too much fun.

  2. Cold but safe, stay that way.

    We really need to do Texas. Is this considered Hill Country?

    1. It is but there's a big area that's considered Hill Country.

  3. It's so cool you go back to your roots...what a fun experience it must be to revisit.
    The green dip sounds yummy!

  4. All I saw was "$40 a night" !! OUCH !!

    But now I'm curious ?? Did I miss a post ? Where 'da hell are you heading ??

    1. You are asking if I know where we're heading? You know better than that. Of course not. We move tomorrow and so far have no idea where.

  5. We too love the hill country, but hey...we really don't need freezing rain again and I'm sure you won't appreciate either. At 40 bucks a night that park would not be our choice. You should consider "Boondockers welcome" as they have several members in the hill country. It saves you money AND makes you new friends. And some times it comes with a full hook-up too.

  6. $40 a night?!! That's one big bullet you bit. Hope you turned on every light and electrical device in your MH to get your monies worth. ;c)

  7. We love that area also. Been there several times but never to Leakey. How did that happen?
    Texas is having the strangest winter ever. Everyone here in Houston says it is never this cold and rainy. Better here than Ohio!!!

  8. Finally got a chance to check out your post... good to be in touch. Be well, and we will hope our paths do cross again before long!


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