Monday, March 24, 2014

Continued Eating Across Texas – More Friends

My last post was on Thursday.  I left off when Terry was on his way to Seattle after rolling over since 6 AM that morning from flight to flight at the Portland airport.  It was spring break and there wasn’t download (2)one empty seat.  He figured Seattle might be a better bet since there were more options  out of there than Portland.  Also, there were better sleeping options at the Seattle airport than the Portland airport since that terminal was open behind security all night and the Portland one was not.   Sleeping at an airport is no fun but we’ve done that plenty of times.  When you’re on standby, it doesn’t make sense to check into a hotel for a couple hours and not continue to roll over.  If you did, you’d probably go to the bottom of the standby list. So, off he went on Alaska Airlines and we were actually lucky on that one too.  I bought the last ticket on that airline and thatdownload was just before two other flights to Seattle were cancelled.  Thus, there were lots of standby passengers for the later flight and thank goodness he wasn’t one of them.  He had a confirmed ticket this time.

The saga continued …. he didn’t make the first three morning flights.  No more of that we thought.  Instead of hanging around and hoping for a flight to Dallas, AA_new_773_liveryhe jumped on board the next Southwest flight to Sacramento.  From there it was a piece of cake getting to Dallas and on to San Antonio on American arriving on Friday at 9:30 PM where I had his limousine (the Jeep) waiting at the curb. 

With flights behind him, he just needed a little rest …. or, maybe I should say a lot of rest to catch up on the sleep he lost.  He was ready to go though when I told him we had plans for a late lunch with great friends, Lyn and Ed and Tina and Jeff. 

 First to show up right behind us was Ed and Lyn. 

We had been with Lyn and Ed in Arizona and with Tina and Jeff in Wimberley.   However, It had been a couple years since the others had been together.   We all had lots to talk about and that we did.  We chatted for hours until we finally decided to surrender our table to other guests.  Great fun!  Great folks! We met at the Mamacita’s in San Antonio.    I blogged about the one in Kerrville here but this one was a little different.   We had a great visit with super people.


Sunday we had another late lunch scheduled.  This time it was with fellow bloggers, Susan and Bob from Travel Bug

We had never met before except through each other’s blog but we immediately clicked as we had lots in common – RVs, Travel, Texas, Portland, History, Birds, Plants, Cameras.  Needless to say, we chatted for hours too.  Susan had suggested we meet at The Big Bib BBQ.  Oh my … what a place and they’re hiring!  I wonder if I could work for their food!!

Guess what Bob ordered?

I don’t think we’ve ever been to a restaurant with friendlier staff even when we ate at the culinary institute.  We were even offered free samples of all their food so we could taste before we ordered.  When have you ever had that given to you?  Food was just as amazing as the service.   I did have to Yelp them with five stars …. it’s definitely as good as it gets.


One of the benefits of meeting with folks who have been around an area for a while, is that they have great ideas on what to do and where to go next.  One of the ideas I jumped on was the need to visit the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. I’m also on the hunt for James Michener’s book, Texas.  I’ve heard it’s a must read.

I love being in this part of Texas.  Texans are so proud of their heritage.  Being born a Texan is a big thing in these parts.  I may not have been born here but maybe I can get citizenship rights (or, is it bragging rights) because my father was, my grandchildren were and we lived in the Dallas area for many years.  Does that count?

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in this spot over a week now.  Only a few more nights left here and then we’ll be moving down the road again.  Where?  We don’t know yet.  It depends on the weather.

‘Tis life on the road.

If a man's from Texas, he'll tell you. If he's not, why embarrass him by asking?


  1. Just having too much fun there food and friends, enjoy and don't head too far north yet.

  2. So glad to know Terry is home.
    We only spent a few days in San Antonio because it was so cold. Sounds like we need to return. I love gardens and can't wait to see your pictures!

    It's so cool to meet up with old friends and to make new ones!

  3. some rv across America and others 'eat their way' across..nice to do a mix of both!

  4. Just a quick note to let you know I was hear before we hit the road in a few minutes on day 2 of our trip home.

  5. There is just nothing like good friends and good food. Well, maybe good weather for your travels. So be safe.

  6. I just started following your blog, and look forward to observing your adventures. It looks like you're having a grand time with friends. :) How wonderful!

    If you don't mind me asking, in what RV park do you stay while your in San Antonio? Do you like it? Are there trees?

    We live north of Dallas and go down that way sometimes. We often stay in New Braunfels so we can go to San Antonio and Gruene. We've talked about going to San Antonio sometime when the Christmas lights are up, and we might actually want to stay in San Antonio so that's why I'm asking.

    Have a gorgeous day!

    1. Hi Donna,
      In response to your question about RV parks in San Antonio...
      We have been at Travelers World RV Park 3-1/2 miles south of downtown for 1-1/2 years. I workamp in the office here.

      If you're looking for a park convenient to downtown, Traveler's World is it. We are on the city bus line which runs every 1/2 hour throughout the day into downtown. The park is very well managed and kept clean and in good repair by our managers and staff. There are lots of trees in the park. Some sites are large and some sites are close together. It's a small price to pay for the convenience of the location and bus service. The park is an oasis in a poorer area of town, but that just makes it a well-kept secret. We are also very close to the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park.

      If you plan to come in December, be sure to make reservations by May or June. We have lots of Winter Texans and snowbirds who come back every year, so winter is our busiest season.

      The San Antonio KOA is also treed and has bus service to downtown, but it is a little farther out.

      Hope that helps.

    2. Susan definitely knows the RV parks around here. I'd check out what she posted above! Thanks, Susan!

  7. I have never heard of a restaurant giving free samples. That would be awesome!

    So glad to read that Terry has finally arrived. What a long ordeal that was.

    The Elks now has an opening. We did leave this morning and on Wednesday or Thursday are neighbor is leaving. Campground is nothing to brag about but the people are terrific!

  8. Our daughter was born in Texas. She lived there three months. Does that make her a Texan?

    Glad Terry finally made it home. You keep on entertaining yourself, though, and let him sleep now.

    1. According to Texans she definitely qualifies!

  9. Let us know how much is blooming now at the botanic gardens. May have to head over there soon. We've got loud thunder here. Hopefully you didn't get rained on while you were there.

    We enjoyed meeting you. It was a pleasure we hope to repeat.

    1. There wasn't much blooming. I think it's several weeks early. The thunder did hold off until we were gone but then it started and we decided to do the bluebonnets another day. We certainly enjoyed both of you.

  10. I need to get your prowess at getting airline flights. I'm in awe at your ability! I consider myself lucky if I can get a parking spot at an airport, let alone an actual flight... ;c)

  11. I was beginning to wonder "Terry ...who ??" LOL

  12. Well, it got hot in Q today! And here I was telling you that we were to have mild temps this week.

  13. Texas is on our plan for Novermber 2014! We will need reminding of this Big Bib Barbeque!

  14. Sounds like you are eating your way across Texas. Was nice to meet up with you guys again.


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