Wednesday, February 26, 2014

South Llano River State Park–Junction, Texas

When we pulled into Junction, Texas we had no plans to do much.  Well, we had to eat, do laundry and  walk the dog.  We had no plans to do much more than that for a day or two.  That’s kind of what we did … nothing’.


North Llano River at our RV park.  Fishing and kayaking are popular activities.

We did venture out to the local NAPA in hopes of finding a new headlight. We didn’t need just the bulb.  We needed the whole thing. Not only did they have the headlight in stock, the sales person installed it. …. good old Texas hospitality.  The cost $11.96.


This is Junction’s deer horn tree.


While we were out we decided to head an additional 5 miles down the road to the South Llano River State Park.  The weather wasn’t warm.  The sun wasn’t shining but we still wanted to check out the park.  This property was owned by a rancher and when the rancher died, he donated the house and the property to the Texas State Park system.  it’s a beautiful park with lots of trails, plenty of local wildlife including turkeys and deer.  Even an armadillo and javelin can occasionally be seen here. 


Several “blinds” are set up to watch the birds and any other form of wildlife that might venture into the area.

During the late spring and summer the South Llano River is loaded with kayaks and canoes.  This time it was just too chilly for that.

26feb_3 26feb_4

Since we were pretty deep in Texas our mouths were starting to water for good Texas brisket.  We’ve run into places all over the country advertising Texas brisket but have yet to find real Texas brisket out of Texas.   How can they call it Texas brisket if the cow was never in Texas and the meat was cooked elsewhere?  We were ready for the real stuff and we certainly weren’t disappointed at Cooper’s B-B-Q.

Next 26feb_7on our “worry” list is our travel to the Kerrville area.  High winds, t-storms and even a smattering of ice has been predicted.  The winds we can live with since they aren’t supposed to be too bad but the weather forecast is also calling for freezing rain and we don’t like that even a little bit.   We didn’t have to deal with those things when we were in Arizona.  I’m guessing summer isn’t here yet.  Oh well …. the forecast has improved from the weather warnings given last night.  Maybe it'll just continue to get better in the next few hours. We'll keep watching it for sure.  As for now, it's cold out and the wind is howling but we’re snuggled in and as warm as a bug in a rug.


A brisket and rib plate from Cooper’s.

‘Tis life on the road.

A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths.


  1. Good deal on the headlight, and the brisket looks yummy!
    Maybe warm up soon.

  2. We at Cooper’s B-B-Q. Yummmmy!

    This winter has been brutal in Texas. Everyone here in Houston keeps telling us that this is the worst winter they can remember. Figures...but if we went to Mission, they too say that the weather is cold.

  3. Cooper's BBQ looked like an interesting place. I guess I'll have to see if I can check the next time I buy a steak and figure out where the cow was born and lived to make sure it's a genuine Kansas-fed, legitimate steak. I never thought of that before.

  4. We are actually going to get some rain this week-end and everybody is so excited about it. As long as it only lasts a day or two I'll be okay. lol Can't believe you got the light changed out for that price. That is definitely a deal. That brisket looks fantastic.

  5. I don't want to be anywhere where it's COLD !! Soon enough I'll have to but I'll sure be waiting until the very last minute !!

  6. We had a turkey in the tree outside our balcony the other day. And we often get deer moving through the area. We don't even have to go anywhere to watch wildlife. And to think we almost rented an apartment that overlooks the parking lot instead of this one by the swamp. So glad we go this one instead.

  7. Now, why in the world did you venture into cold Texas when we have just been there and frozen our butts of?

  8. That first picture is just how I think of small Texas towns:)

  9. The brisket looks delicious. You're right about it has to be cooked in Texas.


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