Saturday, February 1, 2014

Good-Bye Quartzsite

The weather we had in Quartzsite this January 2014 was by far the best weather of any other time we had visited Quartzsite.  The sun was out nearly every day.  It dripped one night but didn’t rain.  The winds were almost non-existent.  Well, they were mostly non-existent until Thursday.  Over all, it was a great year in the desert with our group of RVing friends.


After our kayaking trip, the kayaks were put away.  Here’s how Freddy loads his kayaks!

Sunrise on the desert

As we got closer to the time we had planned on moving on, we still __Jan31_8had a few more things to do.  One of those was a trip to Parker with Freddy, Delcie and Janice.  We had a couple things we wanted to check out.  One of those was the Empire Landing BLM on the California side of the river.  We drove to Parker with our first stop being the Roadrunner Bar and Grill for lunch.  The Lavins met the five of us there at the floating dock of the restaurant.  We ate, we talked, watched the fish and fed the ducks.  Another great time with friends.

__Jan31_5 __Jan31_6


Then, we headed north and cut across on the Parker Dam.  On this route one can often see many wild burros.  These are just a couple of the ones we saw.  Some cars stop to feed them.  We just took a few pictures and kept on going.

The Empire Landing BLM is right on the gorgeous Colorado River!  Most of the time when we think of BLM parking, we think of no hookups.  This BLM has taken it one step farther.  At this BLM you have a choice.  You can either take a site with no hookups or you can pull into one with electricity and water.  There’s even an on-site dump.  It’s even better than that.  This location accepts the “old age card” so discounts are available.


Right down the road from the Empire Landing BLM is another campground.  This one has no hookups and still sits on the Colorado River.  The extra plus is the fee is $5 per night but with the discount card, you can stay for $2.50. We drove through the campground and discovered it was a pretty popular place as it was packed full.

Wednesday we had a “Last Supper” at Silly Al’s.  There weren’t a lot of us left but we still enjoyed getting together for our last Quartzsite meal and great pizza.  I didn’t take a picture but Sue did.  For now you have to pretend it’s here and we’re sitting at the table eating pizza.  I’ll post it down the road perhaps.


One by one the RVs in our group have been pulling out and heading in all directions.  The last big movement started on Wednesday and continued through Friday morning.  


Check out the load on Ed and Lyn’s rig! 

Thus, only one RV was left where our large group had parked.


We moved down the road too.  We had been dry camping for about 19 days.  We were definitely ready to move into a park.  It’s not that we missed the electricity so much.  It’s conserving the water we aren’t fond of doing.  Our freezer was near empty, dust had accumulated and my roots were showing … it was time to go!  We have a lot of dust to clean out but probably will wait for a day or two while we get used to all the amenities before we tackle that big job.  More on that later! 

As I said before the weather has been gorgeous and the winds almost non-existent.  They were non-existent until about Thursday and now it seems they may just decide to make up for being still for so long.

‘Tis life on the road.

Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead.


  1. Oh yeah, we have the same wind. We are at Ogilby Road now and enjoying the solitude.

  2. What a wonderful time y'all had. Glad the weather cooperated! Hope to get that way next year.

  3. That's funny about your roots showing! I would definitely miss my long hot showers!
    I'm sure you have made lots of fond memories to carry you through till next year......

  4. Yes, It definitely was a GREAT January !! Guess I won't see you again now until next year. sob sob

  5. So I see that if you spend too much time in one place, you grow roots! :cD

  6. Did not see you guys go this time. enjoy your new places. We have been dry camping now since Jan3rd leaving Feb 6th. yep we ready for a campground for a few day too.
    Have too much fun and hope to see you on down the road again soon.

  7. It's certainly been one of the great January's we've ever experienced in the southwest. Just terrific weather.

    It'll sure be nice to not have to worry so much about using water.

  8. I agree - this was the best weather I've seen at Quartzsite so far, it was a great season! I love the patience joke at the end. So true! :)

  9. Hey, I sent you that picture, young lady! Haha. Man, I love Silly Al's. Glad there is only one of them. See you in a few days!

  10. Oh - big time envy on the hook ups !

  11. We certainly enjoyed our time there with you and all the others! See you down the road!!!


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