Thursday, February 13, 2014

Good-bye Parker – Hello Chandler, Arizona

First of all, our granddaughter, Sandi,  turns 17 on Valentine's Day so 

We’ve been to Parker, Arizona many times over the last few years.  We only really started enjoying the little town when we discovered the Emerald Cove RV Resort across the river on the California side.  To begin with we were a little stubborn about staying at the park when friends did.  That was onlDSC09117y because folks had posted there was no ATT cell signal.  I’m not sure if a new tower went up or they were just wrong because once we visited, we discovered it had good Verizon and ATT coverage.

  Looking south from Parker Dam

This park is part of the Colorado River Adventure parks.  It’s a membership park.  We aren’t members of the CRA parks but we are members of Thousand Trails.  The parks have a reciprocity arrangement between membership parks through Coast-to-Coast  and through Resort Parks International (RPI).  This park belongs to both of those.


Some membership parks offer nothing more than a free place to park with hookups.  Many of the parks aren’t in locations we would ever want to use but there are some we really like.  This is one of those.  It has three swimming pools, two hot tubs, plenty of activities if one desires to join in but most of all, it has the gorgeous Colorado River.  

This Colorado River was just a few steps from our site.  The park offers a couple other amenities including breakfast every morning, a clubhouse and a bar and grill but the river was the main attraction for us ….. plus 
hookups.  Coming in from boondocking at Quartzsite, we really appreciated those hookups.

feb9b_2We don't always get to play.  Sometimes we have other issues.  We spent most of Monday trying to figure out why our stupid GFI kept popping.  We thought we had it fixed previously but the fix lasted about 30 minutes.  On Monday we decided to clean out each and every outlet connected to that GFI.  Then, one by one the outlets were tested.  The last one we cleaned out was the outside outlet.  We blew the dust out and cleaned the connectors.  Then, we waited and waited.  After several house we remembered our ice maker hadn’t been plugged back in.  We plugged it in and 30 minutes later our GFI popped.  We tested and retested.  Sure enough we figured we had found the culprit but still decided to have an RV repairman check it out for us.  That we did. Monty from Wind River RV checked everything for us. 

We just about did it all while we were there.  Well, we did all we wanted to and what we had time to do.  We enjoyed the karaoke, the camaraderie of friends, the hot tub, bingo,  the pool, mini-golf and of course, kayaking on the river.  Before long it was time to pack up and head down that road again.  With Terry’s brother visiting his mother,  we needed to backtrack a bit.


Bikes were loaded on the motorhome and the kayaks on the Jeep.  Our time was up and we were ready to roll. Where did we move?  Well, we moved into the Wild Horse Casino just south of Phoenix. and we’re boondocking again but only for a couple nights.  We’re in a very packed lot with a few RVs and many, many more trucks.  

We did get a chance to meet Terry's brother and mother for dinner at the Cracker Barrel --- love their catfish dinners.  Even as I'm writing this the trucks just keep coming in. I have a feeling this will be a very noisy night.  We probably should have gone to the Lone Butte Casino.  Why is hindsight always 20/20?  It's only two nights and then we're off to the Voyager in Tucson!

‘Tis life on the road!

Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.


  1. You sure did pack a lot of stuff in during your stay there. What's up with this obsession with hook-ups !!?? YOU GOT SOLAR !!!

  2. We've boondocked near Bouse several times & got to like Parker when we would come in for groceries etc. Lake Havasu not so much but we did like Parker......................

  3. We always go through Gila Bend and avoid Phoenix. It's much faster than taking I 10 the whole way. Harrah's casino would be much quieter. There is also a boondocking area outside of Casa Grande. .

    1. You're right that isthe best way and would have worked if we were just going to Tucson. We need to be around Tempe for a couple of days and didn't want to drive back and forth.

  4. With the recent ice storm, we had full hook ups with no power. Glad we had our generator. Ran it for over 24 hours, snug and warm. Power came back on this evening. Now we have full hook ups with power. Love that electricity stuff. :c)

    But there's no pools or hot tubs here... :c(

  5. Looks like you enjoyed your riverside camping with full hookups. now moving on down the road.

  6. Pass along our happy birthday wish to Sandi.

    You first photo is so lovely!

  7. I really loved boondocking but boy do I like those hookups.

  8. No argument from me for sure on liking hook-ups best - after all, that's precisely why we bought a 5'er instead of a tent.

    The Colorado River River park sure looked like a nice spot. I love sites by any river!

  9. I'm taking note....might be a stop for us!

  10. We are hanging out in Benson, Arizona for a few weeks, the weather is not agreeable for our adventure east so we will hang here until it looks as if the freezing tundra is over...

  11. Happy Birthday Sandi.

    We are going to be wasting! for a while.


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