Saturday, January 18, 2014

Still at Quartzsite

It’s kind of hard to make time to post a blog when you’re so busy.   We’ve been pretty busy.  It’s not that we’ve done a lot but then again, we have.  Our little group in Quartzsite has grown to about 15 rigs or maybe it’s a few more.  We’ll have a few leaving soon but we’ll also have a few more joining in.  It’s a constant change around here.

Repairing a 5er that got a little high centered

We did add a new event to our daily routine.  Not everyone joins in this event because it’s a morning pajama party.  Between 7:30 and 8:00 in the morning we’ve been meeting at the campfire.  Pajamas are welcome.  The only requirement is if you don’t wear pajamas, you must wear something!  The morning coffee ring lasts for a couple hours before everyone goes on their way. Even though we've added a morning campfire, it doesn't mean we have discontinued our evening campfire. We're having two.  We know that quite a few in our group can’t quite make it out at that hour.  

jan18_6We’ve also had a couple more evenings were the moon appeared to be full.  Thus, a little more howling at the moon and probably annoying the neighbors … but none of those are close.   I guess this is where the RV crowd in Quartzsite gets the rowdy name attached to it. 

Sassy on Da Road (Denise)  – stopped by to visit.

jan18_8We’ve certainly had all kinds of folks decide to pull in. They come from just about everywhere and in just about everything.  It’s definitely a class-less group.  Our group usually gathers once a year and we’re proud to call them our RV family because they’re a pretty great group.

We couldn’t figure out what the boys were looking at.

We’ve done our share of things to entertain ourselves.  Even Julie got out her rake and raked the rocks.  It was my duty to watch.  I’ve learned to watch well especially when someone else decides to work at a project.  The end result was a nice pathway to her 5er from the campfire.

jan18_10 jan18_2

The Big Tent opened on Saturday.  We figured we’d check it out.  Needless to say, it was packed.  That still won’t detour most folks.  Everyone around Quartzsite will probably make their way to it and end up purchasing something. Come Monday part of the crowd will clear out but when the weekend rolls around again, it’ll be just as packed as it was this weekend.

We made a return trip to Silly Al’s.  We are happy to report the pizza we had was fantastic this time. 


Paul and Sue figured out how to entertain themselves.  Looks like doing a lot of nothing ... but isn't that what we're supposed to do?

Sisters on the Fly travel as a group in very decorated RVs.  A few of us “girls” went searching for them.  We had the GPS coordinates but the only place those coordinates took us was deeper into the desert.  That may be another trip on another day and hopefully with better results.

The best outing of the day was the one we took to the local Laundromat.  We both headed down there not to do laundry but to take a 20-minute shower.  Boondocking in the desert means you’ve got to conserve water.  Long showers aren’t permitted.  Well, they aren’t unless you do what we did.  I have a feeling we’ll be doing that again real soon.

‘Tis life on the road.

Anyone driving slower than you is an idiot  and anyone going faster than you is a maniac.


  1. Love that last picture - Doing a whole lot of nothing indeed! As they's a tough job...
    Great header picture.

  2. How we can we not have a lots of fun here, great weather friends and lots to see and do.
    And even time to do nothing is awesome.
    Glad Silly Al's was a success this time.

  3. Nice job, Julie.

    Two campfires...double the pleasure of the desert!

  4. I imagine a nice, long, hot shower would feel pretty darned good after a few dusty, hot desert days.

  5. I never had a shower at the laundromat but lots do in Quartzsite. Might save your hair too.

  6. Q is a great place to stay busy and do nothing all at the same time:)

  7. Two campfires a day? No wonder Q is a desert, trees didn't stand a chance! ;c)

  8. What a great idea....a pajama campfire. Hope you have the coffee pouring! And add in a few breakfast s'mores...yummy!

    Glad your having fun ....


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