Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moving On

The vigil with my brother was over within a few hours of my last blog on January 2nd..  Arrangements still needed to be made.  Without a spouse or children present that task fell mostly to me.  I was very thankful my children were there to help. 

The funeral was over on Tuesday.  However, that doesn’t  mean I’m able to head  to Arizona right away. The day after my brother died we had a member of my niece’s family also depart.  His service is scheduled for Friday. The plan is to hang around until then.  

The good thing is that with all the snow and ice all over the country, there hasn't been much here.  We've had a few mornings with icy roads but no snow.  I've been lucky with that for sure.  I'm certainly looking forward to getting back to warm weather and no ice though.

Terry’s aunt and uncle arrived at their snowbird location in Apache Junction.  His aunt is an avid genealogy researcher just like his mother and, of course, just like me.  Thus, she’s begging for a little time together before we head out of the Phoenix area.  She’s interested in learning more about the DNA process.  I'm giving her one day ..... written in INK on my calendar ... one day only.  So,  I'm happy to report that we’re thinking our arrival in “Q” may be around the 13th.  That’s what we’re hoping and our fingers are crossed that our plans aren’t jinxed.

Soon, I’ll be back to normal blogging --  reading and commenting – honest.

'Tis life on the road.

“When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching -- they are your family. ”   Jim Butcher


  1. I'm sure you are very anxious to get back to your life. On the ground for a while.

  2. Goodluck with the plans, we hope to be at the Q on the 12th north f all goes well.

  3. Prayers to you and the family Jerri for strength, comfort and patience. I know this has been a very long and stressful time for you. I will be honest and say, I am happy to read that he did not suffer too long.

    As fast as you can talk, I think you will only need one day to explain to Terry's aunt all she will need to know about

  4. Our thoughts are with you during this time...hope to see you both in Q...we just arrived today and plan to be here until the first of February before heading east.

  5. We will keep you in our prayers for this tough time. Hope that you have much fun and get to relax in Q, your personal batteries certainly need recharging. The desert is good for that.

  6. Looking forward to seeing you in Q.

  7. Be seeing you soon, and thinking you both will enjoy some unwinding time in the desert!

  8. Take care, Jerri, and pleas accept our condolences on your loss.

    Here's hoping your plans fall in place and you are back in blogland soon!

  9. You've had so much going on, and you are so good to "be there" for your family. Now it's time for you to head to Quartzsite and chill out. Or I guess I should say, warm up, and relax. The weather here has been beautiful. A bit windy right now, but we haven't had much wind at all so far this season. The weather has been perfect. Looking forward to seeing you. :)


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