Thursday, January 16, 2014

Here Comes the Quartzite Gang

More and more motorhomes, 5ers and trailers are pulling into Quartzsite.  The closer we get tojan15_2 the Big Event and Big Tent, the more folks start streaming in.  Until now the streets haven’t been too packed and traffic manageable if not even easy.  However, I’m certain we will definitely see a difference in a day or two.

One line that was rather long was the one for haircuts.  Terry stood in it and stood and stood.  He was ready to give up but we figured even that line would end up getting longer so better then than later.

Wednesday morning we had two RVs in our area.  Tom and Diane secured one end of our selected site and we secured the other end.  However, it didn’t take long for a gang to move in and fill up a lot of the space we were trying to hang onto.  We had a big area but we also needed it.  Of course, the gang that arrived was the one we were waiting for.  Nine arrived on Wednesday and on Thursday that number should increase to 12 or 13 with three or four more perhaps on Friday.  Some will stay a few days as they hop from group to group and others will stay for a couple weeks.  That’s how it works.

One by one they got set up

The group is a little different than we had last year.  We haven’t seen some of these folks in two or three years.  It’s a good group and catching up with each other is always a lot of fun.  As the time moved on through the day, one by one another chair was moved towards the middle of our make-shift circle.  It didn’t last long before the chairs were moved again around the campfire ring.  It was our first campfire of the year.  There will be many more to follow over the next ten days or so.

Even though I did post previously that we didn’t have a rowdy bunch, I would be proven wrong on that night and any other night that a full moon peaked up through the semi-dark sky.  It seems some of these folks felt it necessary to “howl” at the moon. Would I do that?   Or, would I admit it especially when I said we weren’t rowdy?  Unless you were sitting around the campfire with us, you will never know the whole story.  Rowdy?  Maybe for a howling minute or two.

We had quite a group around the first fire on the first real night.  The conversation always ends up on future eating events and planned activities for everyone.  This night was no exception.  It’s  nice when everyone pitches in with ideas especially when it comes to food and fun things to do.  The only thing is no one knew Robert’s Rules of Orders.  Or, maybe a more accurate statement to make would be even if they knew them, no one abided by them


It was a great time and more of those times are certain to happen over the next few days.


‘Tis life on the road.

Natives who beat drums to drive off evil spirits are objects of scorn to smart Americans who blow horns to break up traffic jams.


  1. Robert's Rules of Order around an campfire? I'd love to see that accurately implemented. :c)

    Where does moon howling fit into those rules of order? Never seen that, but at many meetings I was stuck in in the past, I would have loved to have done that...

  2. Yup, things are in full swing, now! :)

  3. get anymore people, you are going to have to have a campfire down at each end of the group.

    Isn't that moon just a beauty!

  4. Your group is growing and growing I think ours will level off at 4 rigs.
    We went to the dump station today and saw your Jag twice, once there and then by the gate greeting some more friends.
    You will be busy.

  5. I just pulled in about an hour ago - just across the road. Not even set-up yet. See ya soon !!

  6. It's starting to look a little crowded out there in boondockville - almost sardine like actually.

    Howling at the moon after dark? Definitely sounds rowdy to me as I've never heard anyone in our civilized, quiet RV Resort ever, ever do that!!


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