Monday, January 20, 2014

Busy at Quartzsite

We have continued being busy, busy, busy.  Today we start the juggling again.  We have three RVs moving out.  They’ll be moving to another group for a few days but come back and forth for jan20_6special get togethers we have here.  We also have a couple more RVs who will be joining us in the next day or two.   The shuffle continues.

Foretravel with a new paint job.

We have a many talented folks with us.  Mary Jane (MJ)  is one.  She has been offering tours inside her 5er.  It’s definitely worth a peak.  She also has painted some of her own pictures and worked with polymer clay.  These are just two of her projects.


Here are a couple views inside her rig. 
Check out the roll top desk in her bathroom

Janice got started at woodcarving three years ago when she was at Quartzsite with our group.  Look at what she can do now.

Sunday we had our own little swap meet.  Folks started hauling out things they had accumulated and no longer wanted.  They were put on or around tables.  Then, we drew numbers and one by one some of the items jan20_8were taken away by the new owners.  We had many new and used items.  Some things were pretty popular such as the Wilson’s Trucker Antenna, new shower head, 19” TV and speaker system, Garmin GPS, soda stream machine and the list went on and on.   We’ll hold the leftovers until Thursday to see if more items disappear.  After that everything will be loaded up and taken to the local thrift store.  What fun this was!  I’ll post a few more pictures and an update in a day or two.  There were a lot of unwanted items … obviously.  If you’re close and want some stuff, come and get it.

Afterwards Sue and Paul threw a margarita party which included lots of snacks.

jan20_11 jan20_9

Even though the weekend is now over, it doesn’t mean the activities will stop.   Monday a few of us are heading towards the desert to explore some of the mines.  We’re going to learn how to find those big chunks of gold.  Yep … we’re going gold digging.

‘Tis life on the road.

Two wrongs don't make a right  ..  but three lefts do.


  1. You sure have some talented friends! And your very own swap meet...great idea!
    Gold digging...enjoy.

  2. Always so much to see and do here in the desert, keep having fun!

  3. Such fun visiting with you guys yesterday. I'LL BE BACK !

  4. What a hoot. Paul is sitting outside right this minute carving a tree spirit similar to the one Janice did.

    The swap meet sounds like so much fun. Great idea!!!

  5. Maybe you could put out the leftovers on Wednesday and I will bring ours. If you can busy lady.

  6. If you do actually find some gold in them 'thar hills I just might make an emergency trip over to the Q.

  7. Are we going to see you on the next season of "Gold Rush"? :cD


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