Monday, December 9, 2013

Seafood and a Massage

This is December and winter is still ahead of us.  However, many places have already had major winter storms. We’re hoping most of it is behind.  We head south hoping to find warm weather and we haven’t found much of it yet.  Well, I guess the weather we’re in would be considered balmy to those even a few hundred miles north.  Our favorite weather man is predicting that soon it’ll warm up.  Sometimes “soon” doesn't come fast enough.

When we are in the Phoenix area we have a list of favorite restaurants we like to go to.  Everyone has favorites.  One of our favorites in Apache Junction is the Eastern Buffet.   I sent a message to Jim and Sandie because we know they like that place too.  There were no arguments from them and we met there on Saturday. 

Normally we don’t really care for buffets because it seems many of them allow the food to sit out too long. Well, with the seafood at this place, the food doesn’t sit very long atdec9_2 all. 

This was just one of my plates 

Not only did we feed our faces, we also sat and planned events for our upcoming group adventure in Quartzsite.  So many groups meet there each year. We look forward to seeing familiar faces and making new friends.  We will certainly miss those that are not close enough to attend.

I mentioned we had a list of restaurants we like to visit when we're in this area.  These include the Texas Roadhouse, Joe’s BBQ, Elephant House, Cracker Barrel and, of course, the Eastern Buffet.  We’ve got all those covered now except for the Texas Roadhouse.  I feel a steak coming.


Terry had a different type of appointment on Sunday.  He scheduled a massage at the Arizona School of Massage Therapy.  For $25 he received a super 50 minute massage!!  He was certainly a happy camper when I picked him up.

We have another week to stay at our current location.  After that we’ll probably be moving a little south but just a little.  Eventually, we’d like to put our kayaks in the water but now we’re having trouble figuring out when we’re going to be able to do that.  Our little calendar is filling up too fast and not necessarily with places that are kayak friendly.  Maybe we need to bring out our little eraser and start using it.  After all, we brought the kayaks along for a reason.  


‘Tis life on the road.


  1. We're going to miss ya'll in Q this year, too. Our plans sure have us grounded waiting on those VA appointments. Hoping for next year to have this all behind us!

    Seafood is good for you, low in calories and fat. Pile it on, please! :c)

  2. Sure hope you guys get a chance to put those kayaks in the water soon.

  3. But, now we know not Logan's. Don't think that place will go on our favorites list. Although they didn't chase us out so they have that going for them.

  4. Now I'm excited about the massage place. Just may have to treat myself and maybe Jim. You definitely need to get those boats wet - well if it ever warms up enough.

  5. We had just watched an Arizona School of Massage commercial before I read your blog. Crab looks yummy.

  6. Winter weather kayaking could be interesting.

  7. Al ways enjoy different places for good food. A catching up with friends. We will be in Q for a few weeks too, love it there. Missed it last year.

  8. sweet tip on the Arizona School of Massage, on our list for next years travel out west...

  9. I'll pass on the Massage parlor but I'd definitely go for the seafood buffet!!


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