Sunday, December 22, 2013

Home For the Holidays

We moved into our first real RV park of the season on Tuesday.  I really had to think about that.  It’s true.  We hadn’t stayed at an RV park since …. since … since …  golly, I can’t remember.  We’ve done a lot of overnighting at many Elks and we’ve stayed at casinos but not a real park.  Geez .. it’s been a long time.  However, we do have plans for a couple REAL parks with swimming RV1pools and hot tubs in our near future.  I can hardly wait for those.

Elks Parking

We pulled into the RV park in a slot in Casa Grande right next to our friends, Toni and Doug.  We were here exactly one year ago and in almost the same spot.  Duchess remembered.  She knew exactly where the dog walk was and she led the way.  It’s amazing what dogs remember.

Toni had us over for a fantastic dinner one night and the next we were off to Creative Café.  This is a little hidden treasure off the beaten path in Casa Grande.  It’s not a chain restaurant and well worth the visit.

Our planning was good because the next day we had one heck of a wind storm come through and it brought buckets of rain.  The whole park lost power and we even got to test out our new batteries with the solar.    We were actually thinking we might need those kayaks to glide down the roads but thank goodness the rain stopped before the floods were high enough.

The week has flown by.  Saturday night we had our own little Christmas party with our friends.  We pigged out on pie, told stories and talked about everyone we know.  We also talked about Duck Dynasty -- a very hot topic right now.  It was a great evening but soon came to an end as Sunday was expected to be a very early morning for us with a jaunt to the airport.  The good thing though that early morning departure didn’t turn out to be quite as early as I thought because I changed flights.  I figured there was no sense trying to get on a flight that was already oversold … there was no sense in that at all.

No matter where home really is, home is always with family over the holidays.  If we didn’t spend it with them, it wouldn’t seem right.  However, the problem with this is lots of other people feel exactly the same way.  This, of course, means flights aren’t easy. I’ve had to consider one flight only to have it fill up and lean another way.   Since Terry really has to be in Portland early on the 24th for a doctor’s appointment, we actually broke down and bought him a ticket.  Eeek!!  We don’t like doing that at all.  That meant I would be the only one left to struggle on getting from point A to point B and back again.  Oh well … Sunday is the day and I hope I don’t spend all day at the airport looking for just one empty seat  --  been there, done that.

So, now here I sit overlooking the runways.  Watching the take offs and landings has always been interesting to me.  First there was a US Airways flight, then an American, followed by a United and Southwest.  I'm just hoping that the next Alaska Airlines jet that heads down that same runway has me on board.

Tis life on the road.

Some national parks have long waiting lists for camping reservations.  When you have to wait a year to sleep next to a tree, something is wrong.


  1. Lovely blog. You seem to have lost a day somewhere along the line, or maybe I did. Our little party and a lovely one at that was last night. Thanks.

    1. You are right! I had to make a few changes. The days got ahead of me .. or, was it behind me?

  2. Not having your retirement benefits, Dave had to pay for his flight. He's discovered he likes Southwest. Hope you get to Portland in a timely manner and back home again safely.

  3. Oh you are so, so right. Just being with the family is plenty enough for us.

    Carrie flies in today and the party begins.

    Here is wishing you two dear friends a very blessed Christmas.

  4. Good luck with you flight plans, we scrapped ours and stayed right here. Live video works well for us and is much less expensive.

  5. Sure hope you are soon on a plane headed north. Have a fantastic Merry Christmas.

  6. With all those flights you take, you're lucky to remember what time zone you're in, let alone what day it is. In case you do loose track, Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family! :c)

  7. What a crazy life you have !! LOL

  8. You fly around more at Christmas than Santa's reindeer! Have a safe and happy flight followed by a wonderful Christmas.


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