Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bored? Who? Me? Never

It’s definitely winter.  Winter seems to have taken a grip on most of the country.  The fleeting snowbirds are feeling it just about everywhere.  Even sunny Arizona did not escape the cold temperatures.  Looking at the forecast for the next few days, relief does not appear to be coming soon enough. 

- Phoenix area

Not all RVs are equipped to withstand extremely cold temperatures or extremely warm temperatures.  When temperatures dip below freezing there is a good possibility pipes may freeze along with the water pump and anything else exposed to the cold, cold air.  It’s not fun.  We’ve never had pipes freeze but we’ve had friends stuck in cold areas who have.  We did wake up this morning to a temperature of 48F in our motorhome.  Now that’s even way too cold for me!  Someone turned off the furnace last night.  I’m not going to mention names but it wasn’t me.

Friday we stopped by and visited with Terry’s mom for a while.  She hopes to be back in her own home later today. She’s recovering nicely from her surgery but still has a huge patch over her eye
.  Only time will tell if doctors were able to remove all that they hoped to remove.  She’s a feisty lady for her age (almost 86) but things like this definitely take a toll.  I didn’t dare take a picture of her.  That would not have gone over well at all.

Even Duchess needed covers -- 

I’m thankful that it’s Christmas time.  With the colder than normal temperatures and being around an area that we’ve spent a good deal of time at in the past, it’s easy to get in the dumps.   At least with Christmas I have shopping to do, presents to wrap and holidays to look forward to.  In other words, even though I’m keeping pretty busy I could get pretty bored right now.  Oops … actually I am.  So, what did I do? I sent Jim and Sandie an SOS and now we're meeting for an early dinner.  I'm going to eat myself into a good mood after a stop at the Mesa Swap Meet.

The kayaks are sitting on the ground in back of the motorhome.  We took them off the Jeep because it’s a little difficult to maneuver in parking garages with them on.  Most parking facilities are limited to a 7’ clearance and with the kayaks on top, we definitely go beyond that.    Our journey south this year has had a few disruptions … some good and some not so good.  In addition the weather hasn’t been warm enough to think about paddling in a lake or river.  So, why did we bring them along?  I can’t fly them back to Washington.

Have you ever noticed how Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer formats blogs differently?  You may think it looks good on Chrome but not so good on IE.  The spacing may (or may not) be different on the other ones.  I've noticed differences at times and then at other times .... not at all.  What one do you use?  I normally have been using Chrome but am having a little trouble with it on the Surface Pro.  I hope change isn't in the air there .... but it might be.

‘Tis life on the road.

  Thanks to the interstate highway system, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything.


  1. I have recently been having trouble reading my blogs using Google Chrome. They are all opening in HTML and you can't read anything. So i got out of it, opened IE and all is well. hmmmm Is a weather report suppose to be covering the first part of your blog so I can't read it..... or is that part of the blog?

  2. Ha, it was me, I just wasn't reading "around" the weather report. :)

  3. Sure glad I brought lots of layers with me to Arizona this year but sitting here with my hood up while typing on my computer sure feels weird. Not supposed to need a hood inside our homes, are we?

    I use Safari but mostly read right on Feedly which formats differently than Safari. I know that because I come over to Safari to comment. The ones that bug me are the ones who assume you read in full screen mode so I either have to change my format or bounce back and forth because the text does not resize to fit my window. At least yours wraps correctly.

  4. What the heck is Feedly? I use Safari and maybe that's why I don't find Live Writer friendly. I know we talk about it all the time but you really must sit down with me one day.

  5. Those temperatures are looking pretty good to us right now, anything above freezing would be good. Right now our water pump is frozen, hope no damage done, we will see.

  6. Where is all this Global Warming when we really need it? Wish some of that hot air in DC would do some good for a change... ;c)

    I guess with all this wintery weather that means you have a good excuse to go shopping, you can't have enough sweaters!

  7. It's FREEZING here in Yuma also and the temps are going even lower over the next few days. But after Tuesday (I think) it will be back up to the High 60's to low 70's. Can't wait !!

    I strictly use IE because that's what I'm used to. But now I can't get G-Mail etc. on that anymore ??? So I use Firefox to read my Blog. With Firefox all the fonts are smaller ????

  8. Thank you for the update on Terry's mom. We will keep her in our prayers for a complete recovery.

    Duchess cracks me up! How cute.

    When I taught web design in high school, that was our biggest challenge. I had my kids check every website, every time we put up a new page. They would have to massage the HTM L all the time to make that one page look good in all browsers. It is a ton of work.

  9. I use Firefox - that's it. Just Firefox. Sure was good to see you guys today for a great dinner. Hopefully we helped you with some of your boredom.

  10. I also use Firefox and don't seem to have any problems with blogs. This cold weather is sure widespread - and it isn't even officially winter yet! We are SO COLD here is Oregon. Setting new record lows almost every day.

  11. Best wishes for Terry's Mom and for warmer temps down south very, very soon - hey, we're headed that way this Wednesday!

    I've been a Chrome addict for a few years now simply because of its speed and clean look. All browsers render pages a bit differently because of the way they handle Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). IE used to be a real dog of a browser but lately its become one of the best again. I may have to have another look at it. Firefox? It's having trouble keeping up to the 'big dogs' (Google and Microsoft).

  12. Heck here in Pahrump, NV most of us would kill for temperatures like that. Currently 18 degrees here. And this is an area with an average winter time low of 28. We haven't seen much over 40 in the last week either. Please SOMEONE remind me why I came SOUTH.



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