Sunday, November 10, 2013

Techatticup Mine and Nelson, Nevada


I’m sure most of you know who this good looking young man in the rescue swimming gear is.  Some of you have even met him personally.  It’s been almost a year since we’ve seen him.  That will soon change.  We’re certainly looking forward to seeing Justin again.


We took a short ride Saturday to the town of Nelson, Nevada.  Ever been there?  Ever heard of it?  Well, our GPS hadn’t even heard of it.  Thank goodness the directions were easy and I already knew how to get there.  It’s an easy drive .. just 25 miles south of Boulder City.  The town of Nelson has canyons on all sides.  El Dorado Canyon is just a few miles farther down the road.


Of course, we had to visit El Dorado Canyon first.    The road is mostly paved except for just the end which connects at the Colorado River.  I had read online that deserters from the Civil War used to hide in this area.  The deserters were from both the North and the South.  Now neither of us could figure why they would travel this far to hide.  It was certainly a long way from any battlefield.


We were glad we hadn’t counted on needing any fuel in Nelson.  By the looks of the gas pumps, we figured they had been dry a mighty long time.


We also didn’t need any lodging.  These soon to be totally converted buses will eventually be used as overnight lodging for guests.  Pretty cool, huh?

nov912 nov911

There were plenty of water troughs around but I had my own bottle of water and Terry had his Diet Coke, of course.  Thank goodness we weren’t thirsty.


We were also thankful we didn’t need any local transportation.  Some of them didn’t look in the best of shape.  .


Obviously, this place is a photographer’s paradise.


Quite a few movies had been shot in this little town.  When we looked around we could certainly see why even though we had never heard of it before.


Nelson is also home to the old Techatticup Mine.  Lots of gold has been mined from this place.  However, no souvenirs were given.


The mine was interesting but I much preferred the town. 

nov9a1 nov9a2

After a while it was time for us to get into our own wheels and head back to the modern world.


‘Tis life on the road.

Drive into your future looking at the open road ahead rather than into the rear-view mirror of your past.


  1. Now that sounds like a real fun place that we would love to visit.

  2. What memories your post brings to mind...we did the same excursion last March when we visited Las Vegas. When we were there we didn't get a picture of the plane as there was some filming being done...a rock band was there!

    Justin looks great. I know you are so happy to be seeing him soon. Norfolk, right?

  3. Something new to put on my list for our next visit to Vegas. Yippee!!! Love those buses. Justin looks fantastic and all grown up. You are going to have such a great visit with him.

  4. Great photos.

    Justin looks like a combination of you and Terry.

    1. HAHA Well, Sabrina had an awful lot to do with that too!

  5. Thanks for the tour and great pics. Hope your Grandson gets home soon so you can see him again.

  6. Nope, Can't say that I had ever heard of Nelson, Nevada before. But it sure looks like a place I'd like to wander about in.

  7. Wow, Justin is no longer a kid! Hope he gets home soon!

    Loved the town. Thanks for bringing me along through your pictures.

  8. Great picture of Justin, a true American Hero! We're glad that young people just like him are watching over us and keeping us safe and free!

    Loved your pictures, we have to visit this place, looks like our kind of town... :cD

  9. Even though we lived in Las Vegas in the 90's, I've never heard of Nelson. Thanks for the tour and great photos!

  10. Cool header photo.

    I have never heard of Nelson or Techatticup Mine. What a neat place to spend a couple of hours. I like the guy that greeted you in the


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