Friday, November 1, 2013

Snowbirds Moving South

The cold front that followed the wind has finally come and gone.  Temperatures probably won’t be pushing the middle 80’s here again until 2014 rolls in but at least they are pleasant in the mid 70’s for now.  However, even those temperatures aren’t expected to last as another cold front is due in next week with temperatures plummeting down to the 50’s!  It’s expected to be a short lived cold spell as after a day or two our trusty little weatherman is telling us we’ll be basking in the sunshine as they zoom way up to the mid and upper 60’s again.

The floor in our RV has finally been repaired and replaced.  It hasn’t been all play and no work.  Terry has finished most of this project.  At least the flooring that got soaked with the leaky hot water heater and leaky bathroom pipe is no longer there. Why is it you can never buy everything you need for each project in just one trip to Home Depot?  We ended up going back at least four times?  Why is that?  

oct30a1This is the time of year you reunite with folks you've met in the past.  It's the time Snowbirds start their migration south.

Okay, so this picture isn't the best but it was the best out of four our waitress took. Two of them had her fingers on the lens and the other one was so blurry even sharpening didn't help.

Wednesday we met Denise (Sassy’s blog) at the Railroad Pass Casino for dinner.    She’s been working her way south from British Columbia since about the middle of October.  It was just six months ago we said “goodbye” to her in Arizona.  Not only did we eat a little we also had to check out those slots. After all this was a casino.  Neither of us left much behind.  It’s just entertainment and she had a lot of entertainment for the 85 cents she left behind.  On the other hand the casino paid me to have fun as I left with $56.98 more than I started with.  I’d much rather win than lose.  

We finally said “See Ya” to Denise.  She's on her way to Quartzsite.  That's where we'll see her again in January  …. along with a few thousand more people.

oct31a1 oct31a2

The town of Boulder City is full of  little shops and fun places to visit.  On Thursday we decided to check out some of the antique stores in the historical district.  It’s a great walking town.with a lot to check out.  In addition to all the unique shops, there are also several museums, lots of eateries and even the Lake Mead information center.

Ever see one of these?  The featherweight machines were pretty popular for many, many years.

When Halloween rolls around we always wonder if we’ll have knocks at our door with the familiar “Treat or Treat”.  Should we buy candy or should we not?  That definitely is the big question on Halloween.  Well, Thursday was the day and we didn’t have a knock on our door.  We had a text instead.   Joe had finally arrived and pulled his motorhome in fairly close to ours.   

Since it was way past lunch time and none of us had eaten, it didn’t take long to decide to head into town and look for a place to eat.  We ended up at the Boulder Dam Brewing Company.   We sat outside and basked in the gorgeous Nevada sunshine while we chatted, gossiped and caught up on our activities over the last year.

We felt since it was his birthday we had no choice but to appease him – you have to blame someone!!    So, next stop was the Elks Halloween Party.  The place was packed, food was served and entertainment was in the form of a professional karaoke team.  In other words, it was a great evening.   

 Next party on the agenda is that on Friday night with Steve and Carol.   They will only be in town a night or two but we couldn’t let them get away without sharing a meal even though we know it won’t be long until we’ll see them again in Quartzsite too.

‘Tis life on the road.

It's so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and say the opposite.


  1. Gotta love meet all these people on the road again. We can enjoy almost all this weather as long as the sun is shining.

  2. We enjoyed Boulder when we visited there as well. It's a nice little town to walk around in. Sure sounds like a lot of folks are heading to the Q this year.

  3. Lucky you to just sit and have so many classmates pass through to go eat with you. Wish I was there. I THINK I'm leaving here tomorrow and heading towards Q.

  4. I've decided my next RV project will take place in the Home Depot parking lot. That way I'll save time and gas!

    Give Steve and Carol a big hello from us!

  5. It just shocked me at how many young waitress and waiter cannot use a camera. Most of them can only use their phone camera...sad!

    You always leave a winner. I want to sit by you the next time we go to a casino together.

    We stayed in Boulder for a month and never got to the Boulder Dam Brewing Company.

    Say hi to Carol and Steve from us. Wonderful people.

  6. It was so great seeing you guys again and a great time in the Casino.

    Hey what's this about floor damage and a leaky hot water tank ?? Did I miss a post ??

  7. Sorry we can't get together with you guys and Steve and Carol. I am feeling better now. See you tomorrow.


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