Monday, November 4, 2013

Pigging Out on Seafood

nov4a4One thing you can count on in casino country and that’s a great seafood buffet on Friday nights.  That’s exactly what we found at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas.  We jumped in the Jeep with Joe and headed into town.  Our plan was to meet friends, Steve and Carol.  In addition to plenty of conversation we chowed down on lots of succulent crab, shrimp, clams, mussels and a whole lot more.  Actually you could say we really did pig out.

nov4a2 nov4a3

The next night we returned to the Brewery Pub in Boulder City.  Joe, Toni, Doug and cousin, Shelley, joined us for another meal out.  The weather’s been gorgeous and sometimes when it’s nice, we pick the restaurant by whether or not it has outside seating.  That was our last meal out for a while.  We’ve more than contributed to the local economy and the restaurant business.  We also don't want to pack on more pounds so we’re back to eating in for a nov4b1while.

We figured it was time to get our little Treks down off the bicycle rack and do a little riding.  We definitely need a little exercise especially with all that food we've be putting away. At least they say that exercise helps.


We’ve been wondering what to make of this truck.  Notice that it is plugged in.  Temperatures haven’t dipped below 45 at night so why does he plug it in?

fujitsuI mentioned a while back that my laptop has developed a problem.  I really, really hate changing laptops.  It’s not just transferring all the data.   It’s also hoping you can re-authenticate all the software loaded on it. My laptop is only two years old but the flashing screen isn’t fun.  The drivers are up-to-date, the registry clean and there are no viruses. I even connected another monitor to my laptop.  Now if it were a software issue, the other monitor would probably flash when the laptop flashes.  It didn’t.  Thus, it's probably hardware.  How long will it take to really give out?  That's a big question.

The good news is it doesn’t flash all the time.  The other good news is if my screen totally blacked out,  I’d be able to use a monitor.  When Terry upgraded his laptop last month we thought we would give his 3 year old laptop to someone who needed it.  Now I’m just going to hang on to it for a spell.

Things will be quiet around here for a while.  Steve and Carol headed off to Zion.  Joe left for Yuma and the Lairds will be heading a little farther south on Monday.

‘Tis life on the road.
Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.


  1. That seafood looks so delicious.

    Technology is awesome when it works properly but when it doesn't....grrrrrr!

  2. Jim said to tell you that truck is a hybrid and they are charging it's battery - NOT! Not a clue. I notice there's no plate in front of Terry. Such willpower.

  3. Sorry we missed that seafood. Looks yummy. Sorry we missed Steve and Carol too but we will see them soon.

  4. The food was good, but the company was GREAT. Looking forward to catching up with all of you again soon. Now you just have to entertain Cousin Shelly. :-)


  5. No idea why that truck would be plugged in. The screen issue could be simply a loose wire or connection but there's nothing cheap about fixing laptops. They seem to be making them like Bic lighters.

  6. Food looks great - darn I love seafood - I shoulda' stuck around.

  7. My Mac laptop started having random screen blackouts. I don't have an external monitor so I panicked. But the blackouts stopped just as suddenly as they started. I have no idea why but I sure am relieved.

  8. What a fun time...friends, adventures, and yummy food! Doesn't get any better! Well, except for the computer stuff...

  9. Excellent looking seafood,and time with friends. Good luck with your laptop.


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