Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Not Happy Campers And Another Flight

Wsune finally found the sunshine.  That’s what we wanted to find when we started south about six weeks ago.  It feels more like we crossed the border from Washington into Oregon months ago and not just weeks ago.  Obviously not everything has worked as planned.  We didn't go where we thought we would and we didn't get the weather we hoped we would.

Thus, when we pulled into the Phoenix area ... we thought things were coming together.  We also figured we’d dig out the monthly fee and settle in for a WHOLE month.  However, once we pulled in to where we had planned to stay, we changed our mind.  We decided we weren’t going to do it this time either.  We were a little disappointed with what we saw.  It’s not that we hadn’t been here before.  We had.  Then, we had been content with the RV facilities, pleased with the location and the price.   However, everything seems to have gone downhill.  Other than the sunshine, that is.  The sun was shining and that we were happy about.

Utility trucks have moved in and junk has been allowed to accumulate around other sites. We can tell by the flat tires on the RVs that some have no plans to move in the very near future.  We paid for a week.  That’s enough time to get back from my Thanksgiving travels and look for another place toaa1 stay.    Are we Happy Campers  …..  nope but it works.

First on the agenda is figuring out my flight to Portland.   As Mr. Dahl reminded me, the busiest travel day of the year is just ahead.  There was a time I would refuse to fly during this period.  However, revenue  passengers don’t stand-by as often for earlier flights because they now get zapped with a big fee.  Obviously, I like that because it means I can usually tell how full a flight is before I decide to “try” for it.  However, bottom line …. if there isn’t a seat available, I don’t go.  There’s a good chance I might be hanging around in Texas waiting for the last leg of my flight north. 

swJustin sent some souvenirs back with us so those souvenirs need to get to his folks.  Thus,  I have to check bags.  Some airlines charge extra for those bags.  Since I don’t want to pay that fee I’m limited to the airline I can hitch a ride on.  The last 7 legs of flight this month have worked as planned so maybe the next 4 will too. 

Of course, there may be one more problem tomorrow …. it’s called stormscross in the east.  That may work in my favor or it may work against me.  Here’s hoping the planes get where they’re supposed to but not necessarily the people who are booked on them.

My fingers are crossed.

 ‘Tis life on the road.

You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive.


  1. That's too bad that they've let the place go to pot like that. And good luck with the flights. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Won't you be glad when all this travelling is over and you guys can settle and enjoy your Winter ??

  3. Good luck with the flight. Don't think I would want to be traveling that way this week but it sure gets you where you want to go. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Good luck with you flight and safe travels.

  5. Mr.Dahl??? Did I do something wrong to bring on this formality? :cO

    I just get such a kick out of how you are able to work around all the "fun" of air travel and actually get where you want to go when you want to get there. You need to write a "How To" book. If it were me I'd probably end up in Timbuktu! :cD

  6. My fingers are crossed and a prayer said for safe travels. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Good luck with your air travel. It sounds like it could be complete chaos if the weather reports re back east are correct. That just might work out well for you though.

  8. It's horrible here. We are moving early this morning.

  9. I hope it all falls together perfectly for you and we all get to give thanks for you safe and timely return.


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