Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy, Happy Day

Happy Thanksgiving.  Today is the day some of us will eat more food in one day than we have in the last week. So, I want to wish you all a very happy eating day.


My flights yesterday were like a breeze.  Everything worked as planned even though going through Dallas made for a very long travel day.  There were empty seats on both planes and even one first class seat from Dallas to Portland that I laid claim to.

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My Private Limo 

Bags didn’t take a detour and end up in some far away airport.  There was no damage to contents.  Even my private limousine showed up at the right airport, at the right time to whisk me away.
Yes … it was definitely a good travel day.  I'm thinking Mr. Murphy was busy with the nasty weather on the east coast.  Now I hope Saturday morning will be just as good when it’s time to return.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!   And, Happy Birthday to me!

‘Tis life on the road.

You’ve got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.


  1. A very special day to you for both reasons! :c) Glad you didn't end up in Timbuktu! :cD

  2. Wow a double celebration all in one day! Happy, Happy to you, enjoy your day!
    And make sure you eat too much.

  3. Happy Happy birthday and Thanksgiving. Smooth traveling makes for a super wonderful day.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving. Glad your flights went smooth.

  5. Happy Birthday Jeri. I'll be sure to toast your day with a nice glass of Wine later.


  6. Enjoy your birthday and your Thanksgiving - happy day to you.

  7. Double good wishes to you. Look forward to hearing your stories on Sunday.

  8. I hope you had a wonderful celebration for your birthday. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Happy birthday and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  10. WOW....happy birthday to you too. We celebrated your birthday yesterday too. Glad all your flights worked out super for your special day!


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