Saturday, November 23, 2013

Williamsburg and End of Visit with Justin

After gathering up Justin on Monday at the pier, eating and changing clothes, it was soon time to tell Terry’s brother good bye.  He was heading back to Roanoke and the three of us were left to entertain ourselves.  We found that was no problem at all.

Justin wanted to pick up his bags as there was no way he intended to stay on base while we were just down the road at the Navy Lodge.  It seemed all we did for a while was eat.  I mentioned we had eaten at Joe’s Crab Shack for lunch.  Then, we at at Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner.  We definitely ate and ate.

He wasn’t used to a BIG bed!

__nov2111Tuesday we took another little ride a bit north.  The sun was shining but being outside was still a little cold.  The wind was blowing and we bundled ourselves up.  Our trip north took us to visit Colonial Williamsburg.  After getting the program for the day, the first thing Justin wanted to see was the “storming of the Governor’s palace”.  We toured some of the old buildings and watched reenactments of the times.

Phone needed to be reactivated

Shield’s Tavern was where we had decided to go for lunch.  We had to eat there because the founder of the Colonial tavern, James Shields,  was an ancestor of Justin’s.  He actually wanted to reclaim the tavern but thought it best to not make a scene.  We wandered around the town checking out the different stores and displays but soon headed back to the hotel.  It was just too cold to hang around as long as we had originally planned.  

DSC08924We hadn’t made any plans for the evening but soon came up with a plan.  It had been a long time since Justin had been to a movie so that’s where we decided to go.   There was a movie theater right down the road.  Two of the movies were thrown out for consideration … Gravity and Thor.   We opted for Gravity.  MISTAKE!!  There were great reviews for Gravity and two great stars so how could that be a bad choice?  It was.  Graphics were great but all three of us were very disappointed.    Matter of fact, there were only two people in that whole movie and most of the time was spent breathing.  Since we were all very disappointed with it ….. we decided to stay and also see Thor.  That one we liked.

Time was getting short.  Wednesday was departure day.  We decided not to make any plans for the day.  Hanging out and more eating was all that was on the agenda.  Boy, I’m going to have to start another diet just to get rid of all the food I’ve piled on over the last few days.  At least I decided to get on the scales when I got back just to see how much I needed to lose to make up for the last four months when I've been diet free.

DSC08943 DSC08947

Eventually, it was time to think about heading to the airport.  Justin dropped his bags back off at the ship but we dropped him at the local NEX.  He still wasn’t ready to spend a lot of time on base and on the ship. 
The flights looked good so we weren’t too worried about whether we’d DSC08931get a seat or not. We knew it would be a very late night.  Our body time zone was really confused.  Arrival in Las Vegas was 11:00 pm but were our bodies saying it was much later?  We were definitely tired.  

We still weren’t through for the day.  Instead of driving the 90 mile round trip later in the day to pick up Duchess, we checked to see if we could pick her up then.  We figured Shelley’s cats would be happy to see her leave.  We finally crawled into bed around 2:00 AM (PST)  … regardless of the time zone, it had been about a 22 hour day.

Shield's Tavern
Restaurant area

What’s next???  Well it’s time to start thinking about another flight.  This one will be the flight to  Portland for Thanksgiving.  First we need to think about moving a little farther south.  It’s raining and the wind is blowing and it’s downright nasty here.  We have one little issue.  We took the kayaks off the Jeep while we were in Las Vegas because parking garages around here don't accommodate that height.  In order to leave we need to get out in that nasty weather and put them back on.  Like I said, it's nasty and cold outside.  However, there is a little window according to our trusty weatherman.  It's arriving around 10 AM today.  So, on top the kayaks will go and we'll be heading down the road around noon  ..... we think.  A least that's the plan.

Time to head back to the ship 

‘Tis life on the road.  

I'm all about sharing the road with other drivers—as long as they use the part that's behind me.


  1. A 22 hour day - I'm exhausted. But you got to spend time with Justin. That's worth it.

  2. Fabulous blog! Love the pic at the top. WOW! You lucky devil!

  3. Justin is one lucky grandson. You obviously are so close. You did so much for that boy. I am certain he appreciates it.

    Rain, rain, rain here.

  4. We really enjoyed our visit to Colonial Williamsburg. It was much warmer then too.

    What great fun y'all had. I am sure Justin was so thrilled be able to spend so much time with y'all. Hope his next leave is much sooner than this last one.

  5. Sounds like a very busy time you have had, now back to Portland for more food?
    Wow you sure are moving around.
    Travel safe.

  6. I'm glad you had a great visit with Justin. I'm also sure he really appreciates your being there! Nice looking young man!

  7. You certainly treated your hero to a great time and lots of great chow! Certainly sweet of you, but then that's what grandparents are for! :c)

    I think that is to bad that Justin didn't take back Shields. The least they could do is cut him in on some of the profits...

    I know you had a very long day with all that flying, but just think how much longer it would be if you had to drive! :cO

  8. I know, I know, it was supposed to be "too". A pox on my slow fingers!!!


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