Sunday, October 20, 2013

Waking Up to Gunfire

Smile all the while for life is just a mile. Enjoy the journey before it is over.

IMG_5092I’m guessing it’s hunting season around places in Northern California.  The reason I’m guessing that is I heard guns going off early Saturday morning.  This isn’t the first time we found ourselves in an area with rifle packing hunters.  We had a similar situation in Florida a few years ago.  However, those hunters were much more determined than these.  Or, maybe they weren’t as good a shot and kept trying.

I waited until the fog started to lift before I dared ventured out.  I didn’t want either Duchess or I mistaken for anything they might be trying to shoot.   After all we were parked in a big field and there was no way this place didn’t have deer venturing around. I just didn’t want any _oct181hunter to get excited and have that trigger finger go into action before the eyes could clearly see we weren’t what should be the target.  I lost a cousin that way once.  There is absolutely no way I trust any hunter with a gun. 

Trees of Mystery – Paul Bunyan & Babe

Our plans are always subject to change.  All we need is some little incident to “trigger” that change.  Thus, we decided to let the hunters hunt and we moved on down the road about 85 miles. I checked the Eureka Elks out from the aerial view online and decided it would work just fine for a couple days.  It also meant we would have full hookups for a change.  Yippee!!  The last time we had full hookups … water, electric AND sewer … was when we were mooch-docking at our son’s place.  Even though our solar has been working great, we don’t use our microwave or anything else that heats without turning on the generator.  What a treat this is!

Belonging to the Elks has certainly opened up a lot more places to stay with our motorhome and at very reasonable prices.  We’re so glad we’re members and have so many options just about everywhere.  Some have hookups and others just offer a great place to overnight. 

 Eureka Elks RV Parking

The fog has plagued the Washington, Oregon and California coasts for the last few days.  The fog in some places has been very dense and in others not so bad.  Moving down the coast didn’t clear out the fog as we had hoped.

Remember these people at the Florence Elks?
Remember these people at the Mill Casino in Coos Bay
_oct17a1_thumb[3] _oct17a7_thumb[3]
Guess who also showed up at the Eureka Elks?  Mary and Chet!

Later in the day the fog did lift but we know when we head out again Monday morning it’ll be back_oct182 to make our drive a little more difficult.

We’ve been working on a plan for this journey south since our other plan didn’t work out very well.  I think we have one now and we know lots of sun will be in our future.  It also means we’re going to have to start making some reservations too.  I hate making reservations but at least the ones we make can also be cancelled.

‘Tis life on the road ….. (on the road south, that is).


  1. Ha, ha, stalkers. Hope you find the sun soon. Hugs!

  2. We have a campground at Styx River Alabama with a shooting range just half a mile down the road. First time camped there it was a little unnerving, we almost got used to, just hoping that all those shooters were on the range.
    You do enjoy those Elks campgrounds.

  3. Waking up to gunfire? Thought maybe you'd made a wrong turn and ended up in the Bronx! ;c)

    Looks like you have a Lazy Daze shadow! Hope they didn't follow you to the Bronx...

  4. We saw that big blue ox too. What a hoot.

    We parked at the Eureka Elks too. Good place for visiting the area.

    Might as well invitie Mary and Chet to join us at the Q. They seem to be following you anyway.

  5. I really do HATE guns. I sure wouldn't stay around if I heard gunfire.

    My solar is also working fantastic !! Sure no regrets with that expense and it's paid for itself many times over already. I don't miss hook-ups at all.

  6. We went through that area in 2009. Loved the Mystery of Trees.

  7. The only time we've heard gunfire was at a KOA here in Apache Junction. I would have been moving down the road with you. I'm sure glad you and your stalkers have gotten to know each other. That's just too funny. Hopefully sunshine is in your near future.

  8. Glad to see that your 'herd of Elks' is sticking together while travelling south. Just watch out for those hunters though as Elk's are a prime target!!


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