Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vegas -- Winds and More Winds

The winds came in strong force through this area on Monday.  Actually, they started Sunday night.  They howled and howled some more all through the night.  I can sleep through most things but with these winds I finally gave up around 4:00am and got up.  The winds were expected.  We knew they were coming but it still didn’t make it any more pleasant.

We’ve been in winds in the desert before.  This time we were pretty protected.  We had a motorhome on each side of us so as long as they didn’t leave a lot of loose stuff out to blow into us, we had shields. 

The winds blew all day long and they blew hard.  The trusty weather forecast indicated straight winds would be pushing the high end of the 30’s most of the day.  Depending when and where you were in the Las Vegas Valley gusts would range from about 60 to 80 mph.  Now those are strong winds.  Thus, we decided not to go anyplace.  We just dug in and waited for them to die down.


However, not every RVer did the same thing.  During the strongest part of the storm we had two large motorhomes pull into the Elks  I could not believe that anyone would be driving in this stuff, let alone someone driving high profile rigs.  Other than perhaps having difficult controlling your vehicle on the road, there also is the chance that someone else might not be able.  Wind damage can be major just like some of the pictures on this blog show of past wind damage. 


One of the arriving motorhomes had traveled less than 20 miles from another park.  However, the other motorhome came in with damage.  Evidently the wind caught the top of his roof and ripped a seam open .  It was enough that at one point he even noticed the roof lifting.  Aargh!   Worker-bees were out trying to duct tape the approximate 18” (?) opening so he could get back on the road until he could get it permanently fixed.

Tuesday was peaceful. Monday plans with my cousin had been moved from Monday to Tuesday because of the winds.   I’m not sure where the blowing winds went but at least it’s not around this area. Even the blue skies have returned and in a couple days the cold spell the winds brought with it will be over and perfect weather will return again.

IMG_5129We’ve been here, done this before but it’s still fun to walk along the Las Vegas Strip.  My cousin, Shelley, and I did just that.  Matter of fact, we made it an all day event.  Lunch was spent at Serendipity’s but I’m sure we walked everything we ate off. 

IMG_5127I did have one more thing that evening – another fruit smoothie.  It was a little bit of the Lite Cranberry-Raspberry juice, a banana and frozen strawberries … nummy!

‘Tis life on the road.

A bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn.


  1. Some of your wind came here. Not all of it though. I'm just rocking a bit. But the rains are sure coming down hard. I think I may have to go chase my door mat once it all stops. At least, I hope that's what has been knocking on my rig.

  2. Awesome header photo.

    Those photos are terrible of what the wind did. We try never to drive in any windy conditions.

    I want that smoothie!!!

  3. High wind is never a good thing to try traveling in. Almost as bad as trying to travel in SNOW. There, I'm now used not one but 2 FOUR letter words in my comment, please don't tell Steve. See you tomorrow.


  4. So glad it's gone. The wind, that is.

  5. Glad you stayed put!
    I have only been to Vegas once...last March, and so enjoyed all the lights! Quite spectacular!

  6. I sure can't imagine driving my rig in those winds. I would be terrified and looking for the first place to pull over before the winds decided to take matters into its own hands with my rig !!

  7. Holy smokes.... those flipped semis really give me the creeps. We had once 70mph wind in Wyoming and stopped, turned the small side into the wind at a gas station. After the wind went down, we continued on to Denver and saw 4 semis across the I-25. Whoa...

    1. Absolutely cannot believe that RVers don't heed the wind warnings. We saw pictures on the news of several semis over-turned by this week's winds.

  8. There is no way we would travel in those kinds of winds. Did you see the terrible pile up on I-10 yesterday? We had just come through there about two hours before the accident and the wind wasn't bad at all. We had some head wind but probably only about 20 mph. I love your picture of the Bellagio - it looks more like a painting than a picture.

  9. Great pics of Las Vegas. Winds of 80mph will blow over any rig on the highway I think. Pretty crazy stuff.

    You were smart to stay put!

  10. The best place in those high winds is exactly where you are. We have been to Vegas too but cn still be fun to wander the strip, taking in the sights.


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