Monday, October 14, 2013

Oregon's Scenic Byway

People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be

The weatherman did a great job in predicting that the sunshine would return and the rain would go away.  The 40% chance of rain on Saturday only took place in the morning.  By noon most of the clouds were heading east and the blue skies had returned.  Now we just hope that the forecast for the next ten days is accurate.  Even though the sun is shinning it’s still a lot cooler than what we like.  Our Mr. Heater works pretty hard in the morning and also in the evening.  We’d certainly like to have a little warmer weather.  We know it’s just ahead of us.  However, not so sure we’ll get to it quickly on the route we’ve chosen.  We may just have to change our plans …. or , we may not.

Surfers were out on Saturday.  The waves were high and they were riding them.


Others had packed the beaches around town.  The sun was shining and the area was full of people taking advantage of the nice day.  Of course, we were right there with them.

Well, we were right there with them until we discovered there might be a crack in the top of our radiator.  We were right.  There was but we were lucky as we found a place that had the right one in stock and was able to replace it a couple hours later for a mere $557.61.  Aargh!! 

We dropped the Jeep off to get it fixed.  Then, with a loaner car went back to the motorhome and waited for the job to be done.  While Terry walked Duchess I grabbed $16 and went to the casino. Within about ten minutes  I hit a jackpot.  It wasn’t difficult to hit that “cash out” button and leave the casino.  My cash out amount was $607.00!!  It was enough to pay off the radiator.    I know 000_oct141the casinos want you to put your winnings back in but I also know if I had, the casino would have taken most of it back.  It was a good day and I was happy.  I wanted to leave a winner and not a loser.

Toni cooking dinner.

Part of the problem with winning at a casino is if you’ve done it once, you figure you can do it again.  Sunday I finally gave in and grabbed a $20.  Again, I left a winner with an extra $61 more in my pocket than I had walked into the casino with.  Will this luck continue?  We know it won’t but it sure is fun thinking it might. 

Later in the day we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with Toni and Doug.  Toni wanted to put a turkey on and have a full Thanksgiving dinner.  She likes to cook and we like to eat.  What a team000_oct142 we are.  Needless to say, her meal and the company couldn’t have been better.  The buffet at the casino was great but the meal Toni prepared was even better.

Newport Bridge from Old Town.

Monday we were on the road again.  We moved down the coast a bit. 

Oregon’s Scenic Byway is hard to beat.  Almost every curve on the road brought another gorgeous ocean view.  If we had tried, we couldn’t have planned nicer weather for this trip .

Miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches.

We only traveled about 70 miles south but it took us close to 3 1/2 hours to do that.  That tells you a little about the road, the views and the stops we made.

Terry couldn’t understand why I wanted more pictures.  He figured I had probably already taken a thousand of them.  Hmmm .. maybe I had.

It was so hard not to take pictures.  The views were awesome.

It was also difficult to figure out which ones to post.  I certainly knew I couldn’t post them all.

We’re not quite sure how long we’ll stay on this coastal route until we turn inland.  However, decisions don’t need to be made today or tomorrow.  We’re settled in for another few days now so the decision can wait.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. That is so neat that you won enough to pay for the radiator. I call that a huge win. And sunshine, and turkey, and good company. You are doing something right.

  2. Wow, that was awesome that you hit it big and paid for the radiator repair. Glad you are enjoying the Oregon coast as much as we are!

  3. Nothing like a huge turkey dinner with friends, the bonus of winning your radiator at the casino and awesome scenery along the coast does it get much better?

  4. Your pictures bring back memories of 2005 when we ran down the coast. was so wonderful.

  5. It was your lucky day!

    That sure is a beautiful drive! Decisions......yes, they can wait!

  6. Beautiful photos of the Oregon Coast - sure looks nice with all that blue sky.

    Good move on leaving the casino while you're ahead. It's tough to do but the best gamble.

  7. What is it about the Oregon coastline that steals your heart? I don't know, but it did.

  8. And they had your radiator in stock--that amazes me as much as winning. :)

    Love Toni's new table and chairs.

  9. Gorgeous header!

    I want to pay at that casino. Odds seem to be pretty good. Nice hit, Jeri!

    I would love someone to cook for

    There is just so much beauty along that Coast. I couldn't put my camera down either.

  10. You are my mentor! I am so much better at not making those kind of decisions anymore. Well Doug had something to do with it too.


  11. Keep that kind of winning up and you can buy a new motorhome. That is if the casino will let you in after all those winning streaks!

    Any tips for latching on to a winning method like yours?


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