Monday, October 7, 2013

Is It The End or The Beginning ?

Tourists don't know where they've been, travelers don't know where they're going.

Sabrina' made this necklace for Toni.
I'm thinking I want one too
Sunday marked the “Last Supper” for us.  It was the last supper we would be sharing with our whole family for the next few months. Actually it wasn’t even a supper.  It was a lunch.  We met at Masthead Restaurant in Longview.  They serve an amazing Seafood Chowder.  However, since it’s so rich usually a cup of the soup works just fine.  I was a pig and ordered a full bowl plus their fish and chips.  My lunch was delicious but I couldn’t eat it all.  Sharing is what we did.  Tammi got a piece of fish and so did Jordie.

We’re definitely travelers because we have no idea where we’re going ….. However,
not all who wander are lost!

Remember my recent blog on customer service?  Well, our service was definitely lacking from the wrong food item Terry was served and getting his meal after we were all finished to being given the bill for another table.  I would have preferred to pay their table’s ticket over ours but wasn’t sure we’d be able to get away with it.  The other table only had four people and might have noticed.  After all, we had nine on our ticket.

We had another reminder that day of the same blog.  I tried to contact Microsoft regarding error messages on a program I had just purchased.   First I was sent to India, then transferred elsewhere and my third transfer informed me Microsoft was having trouble with their phone lines.  Then …. I got a “click” and was back to dial tone.

The supper was definitely a signal to the end of summer.  Again, it was our Last Supper with family for a while. So, what is the Beginning part ?  Well, it’s the beginning of our winter travels.  We met Toni and Doug in Longview and the initial leg of our journey south will be with them.

Toni had indicated she wanted to stay at the RV park we had previously mentioned.  It sits right on the Columbia River.  Usually this little park is near empty and a great place to stay.  We’ve even met quite a few other RVers there.  However, we were very disappointed when we pulled in with them behind.  It was packed and it was packed with hunters!  Cars, trucks and people were everywhere!!  The only thing we could hope as we pulled away was that we hoped the group of hunters didn’t party and drink all night.  Either way ….   we didn’t want to remind Toni or Doug to be good as these folks all had guns!!  I’m not sure they’ll ever believe us in the future now when we tell them what a great park we’ve found.

‘Tis life on the road.


  1. Seriously I do not feel comfortable here. The hunters aren't noisy but there are lots of guns around. So far no dead animals.

  2. You have inserted a beautiful header photo. Love that! Happy trails to the south.

  3. For years I used to feed two groups of hungry hunters in my restaurant during the season. It seemed strange to see them standing by their trucks with their guns here in Canada. We were given a lot of game meat as tips at the end of their season, venison, moose, wild turkey all excellent once they told me how to cook it.

  4. Another beautiful necklace by Sabrina.

    I am not crazy about being around so many guns either.

  5. Sounds like quite a confused restaurant what with the wrong food orders and the incorrect billing.

    Last supper's with family are always a bit difficult when heading south but that fades pretty fast it seems once we all hit the road.

    Just wondering if your grandson is still stuck on his ship over in the Mediterranean or if they've been cleared to make their way home yet?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. He is still "stuck" over there. However, we know they do have a tentative plan and we know about the tentative time-frame. However, the big word there is "tentative". Everything is always subject to change.

  6. I'm not sure they'll believe you either--we all know how you like to "embellish". :)

    Sounds like the Navy writes their plans in Jell-O, too.

  7. We had the same restaurant problem at Catlins in Puyallup. Usually we are happy with food and service. So we chocked it up to Fair time. Are you at Columbia Riverfront RV Park or the one just down the road also with a great view but less money? have a wonderful winter.

    1. They were at County Line Park which is west of Longview. We're actually mooch-docking in our son's driveway.

  8. Ah, yes. Needs of the Service. Been bitten by that line many times. Hopefully, Justin will have the patience to see it through and get home soon for a well deserved rest. We're proud of him as you certainly are. He is an example of what is right with America.

    Guns and booze. Not a good combination for animals or people. :c(


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